3G Cardio 80i Treadmill


The 3G Cardio 80i Treadmill has an ingenious design which allows a user to not only fold the treadmill upright but also fold the treadmill flat to the floor and stored away under a bed. When folded flat to the floor, the 3G Cardio 80i Treadmill has a shallow height of only 9.75″.

Starting with a heavy-duty 3.0 HP motor, nearly a 60” running surface and the stability of a treadmill twice its price, the 3G Cardio 80i Treadmill will impress all users. With a capability of reaching 11 mph maximum speed and an intense 15% maximum incline, it would be very tough for someone to outwork this treadmill.

The console comes with eight built-in workout programs that include programs like fat burning, heart rate, climbing, and interval training. The display screen displays essential workout readouts like time, distance, speed, calories burned, etc. The console area has two water bottle holders and two built-in speakers.

The 3G Cardio 80i also has soft suspension on the treadmill belt. This is ideal for a high-intensity cardio workout so that users can safeguard their joints and muscles. This treadmill has won awards as the softest design for the best running and walking treadmill on the market, thanks to its high-quality suspension system.

3G Cardio 80i Treadmill
3G Cardio 80i Treadmill

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Product: 3G Cardio 80i Treadmill

Price: For a great deal on this treadmill, merely go here on Amazon

Warranty: Frame lifetime / Motor lifetime / Parts 5 years / Labor 1 years

My rating: 9/10

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80i Frame

One of the most important qualities that a running treadmill must offer is a heavy frame and deck, to supply maximum stability. The assembled weight of this particular treadmill model is 225 lbs (102 kg), weight which plays a significant role in its stability.

On top of that, the rear base rests on cushioned stabilizers, which furthermore enhance its stability. The front base rests on a set of wheels, which facilitate the relocation of the assembled machine.

The frame of this treadmill is steel made, coated with anti-corrosive paint. The very few acrylic parts are the side rails, the motor cover, the dashboard of the console, and the console masts covers.

Compared with the 3G Cardio Elite, the 80i model has a smaller footprint. It’s actually about 10″ shorter, taking only 74″L x 33″W (188 x 84 cm) of floor space.

On top of that, it offers a folding design. As its name suggests, it can be folded flat to the floor, with the console masts and console folding down, over the deck. However, the deck can also fold up, like the Horizon T101-05 Folding Treadmill for example, as it features a folding mechanism based on two pneumatic cylinders.

3G Cardio 80i Treadmill

When folded flat to the floor, the treadmill’s height reaches only 9.75″ (24.7 cm). Thus, you can even store it under the bed if your bed has over 10″ clearance.

The fact that it features a folding design indicates that this treadmill is for home use. Also, this particular aspect makes it an excellent choice for small apartments.

Deck and running surface

The 3G Cardio 80i is one of the very few treadmills with a fold-flat design, that can withstand running. Its deck features sturdy construction, being able to hold users up to 325 lbs (147 kg).

The deck incorporates a suspension system which renders the run much smoother, reducing up to 30 percent of the impact on your joints. It uses high-grade, precision crowned rollers, with sealed bearings, made for lifetime use.

This treadmill uses a multi-ply tread belt, resistant to stretching. It offers a running surface of 58″L x 18.5″W (147 x 47cm), which is a bit small for taller runners. The average running treadmill surface starts at 60″L x 20″W (152.4 x 51 cm).

However, even a 6’4″ (193 cm) runner shouldn’t feel crammed on this treadmill, during a running session with a high-speed setting.

3G Cardio 80i Treadmill

80i Motor and incline

The 3G Cardio 80i treadmill comes with a 3.0 HP heavy-duty motor. This motor is powerful enough to support prolonged workouts at the highest speed settings, without overheating even if the user is close to the maximum specified weight capacity.

It can supply speeds up to 11 MPH, and starts a 0.5 MPH. The speed is adjustable in increments of 0.1. This makes the transition from one level to another smooth, and you can select the pace that’s most comfortable to you.

This motor is far from being a noisy one. And along with the cushioned deck which absorbs quite a bit of the cadence sound, this treadmill is reasonably quiet run.

This treadmill also offers a motorized incline system. The incline ranges between 0% and 15%. This means it can provide a maximum slope of approx. 11°. The incline is adjustable in increments of 1%.

Even though the incline supplied by this treadmill isn’t exactly close to the power incline offered by commercial treadmills, it still diversifies the number of possible workouts by a lot.

Also, keep in mind that running at 11 MPH, and using the maximum incline setting of 15% on this machine, will offer quite a challenge. A non-professional runner shouldn’t last more than a couple of minutes with these settings.

Since this treadmill features a series of on-board programs, by using one of them, speed and incline will adjust automatically.

3G Cardio 80i Treadmill
3G Cardio 80i Treadmill

This fitness machine requires to be connected to a standard three-prong outlet, on a 110v power circuit, of at least 15 amps, and preferably 20 amps.

It comes with a power cord with a standard plug, not an adapter. The power cord connects to the motor case near the front base.


The console features a display of approx. 6.5″ diagonal, with integrated blue backlight, to offer a better reading even in a darker room. It tracks speed (in MPH), distance (in miles), time, pulse, and calories burned. It also indicates the current speed and incline levels.

There are eight preset programs on the console, including Warm-Up, Fat Burn, Heart Exercise, Summit Climb, Long Distance Run, Rolling Hills, Speed Interval, Speed Burst. These will adjust incline and speed automatically, depending on the current segment of each one of them.

There are also two user profile settings, which give you the possibility to create and save two distinctive custom workouts. Each custom workouts features 16 sections, and you will have to set up a speed and incline level for each segment.

3G Cardio 80i Treadmill

Also, you can assign a time goal for each custom workout. Of course, just like any other treadmill, this one offers a Manual mode, which allows you to freely adjust incline and speed as you want, during your workout.

Each one of the eight preset programs has its key on the console, and for the user programs, there is only one key. Incline and speed can be adjusted gradually, via the UP/DOWN arrow keys.

However, there are also quick keys for incline and speed adjustment: 0,3,6,9,12,15 for incline, and 2,4,6,8,9,10 for speed. The console has a Stop key, great to have in case you want to pause your workout without resetting your data and resume it later. And just as any other treadmill, it features the safety, magnetic key.

One last aspect to mention here reflects the pulse reading capability of the console. The unit can only read pulse via the sensors integrated into the machine’s handlebars. It’s not telemetry enabled, in other words, cannot read pulse via a chest strap transmitter.


The console supplied with this running machine isn’t a fancy one. It incorporates only two amenities, which are its sound system and a bottle/accessory holder. The integrated sound system is compatible with most MP3 players, smartphones, and tablets.

The sound it can render is not bad, way better than the music provided by the average tablet or phone speakers. But like in most fitness machines that feature a sound system, volume adjustments can be made from only from your device. The console has no volume adjustment keys.

3G Cardio 80i Treadmill
3G Cardio 80i Treadmill

80i Assembly and Maintenance

One of the best parts regarding the 3G Cardio 80i treadmill is that it doesn’t require any assembly. It comes fully assembled and folded. So, you only have to unbox it, unfold it, plug it in, and start running.

Maintenance doesn’t require much. Just like any other treadmill, its deck may require lubrication every 3 to 6 months, depending on how often you use it.

For each lubrication, it’s recommended to use approx — 30-40 ml of a silicone-based lubricant. Also, especially if you have pets, vacuuming under the deck and cleaning the tread belt with a damp cloth is necessary.

Details and Specifications

  • Assembled dimensions: 74L x 33W x 49H inches (188L x 84W x 124H cm)

    3G Cardio 80i Treadmill
    3G Cardio 80i Treadmill
  • Assembled weight: 225 lbs (102 kg)
  • Tread belt dimensions: 58L x 18.5W inches (147L x 47W cm)
  • Maximum user weight: 325 lbs (147kg)
  • Motor: 3.0 HP
  • Incline: Automatic, 0%-15%
  • Deck cushioning: Yes
  • Speed levels: 0.5-11 MPH.
  • Training programs: 8 preset, two user profiles, and manual mode
  • Pulse sensors: Yes
  • Amenities: Sound system, bottle/accessory holders
  • Warranty: Frame lifetime / Motor lifetime / Parts 5 years / Labor 1 years


  • Dual folding technology – can be folded flat to the floor (only 9.75″ tall), or up, via the pneumatic cylinders;
  • High user capacity for a folding treadmill – 325 lbs;
  • Solid frame and deck;
  • The deck incorporates suspensions and shock-absorbing elements;
  • Motorized incline, with up to 15% ramp;
  • 3.0 HP, heavy-duty motor, fit for running, not just jogging or walking;
  • Offer speeds up to 11 MPH;
  • Eight preset programs, and two custom user programs;
  • Easy to use, comprehensive controls on the console;
  • Integrated sound system;

    3G Cardio 80i Treadmill
  • Pulse sensors on lateral grips;
  • Its operation is quiet and smooth;
  • No assembly required;
  • Little maintenance required;
  • Excellent warranty plan.


  • The console is not telemetric;
  • Minimalistic console;
  • No media shelf.

3G Cardio 80i Treadmill Summary

If you’re looking for a treadmill with a non-conventional construction, and space-saving design, the 3G Cardio 80i Treadmill deserves your consideration. Additionally, it can support running, not just jogging or walking.

It’s a treadmill that can supply speeds up to 11 MPH and incline up to 15%, offering a broad training spectrum for cardio, stamina, strength, interval training, and of course, weight loss. And lastly, it’s a durable machine, aspect which is pretty much backed up by its consistent warranty plan.

I hope you found this article helpful and informative. If you have anything that you’d like to share or any opinions about my website, please do speak up. I look forward to your comments, questions, and the sharing of ideas.

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