Bodycraft SPT-Mag Cycling Bike | It’s Perfect for At-Home Use

The Bodycraft SPT-Mag Cycling Bike is made and warranted for health club use but is perfect for at-home use. The Bodycraft SPT-Mag uses Magnetic Resistance, which offers extremely quiet, maintenance-free operation (no pads to replace). Bodycraft uses Eddy Current magnetic resistance (the best type).

The Bodycraft SPT is a choice of Cycling Classes at the gym. The SPT indoor cycle gives you the same feel as cycling on the road with a bicycle. And will provide an excellent cardiovascular workout with low impact on your joints.

The Bodycraft SPT-Mag features a 46 lb flywheel, which creates a secure, quiet, vibration-free workout, and features adjustable magnetic resistance that simulates actual riding. The heavy-duty steel frame comes double coated using a multi-phase process to prevent rust and corrosion. The padded seat can be adjusted fore and aft, as well as height.

The multi-grip handlebars are fully adjustable for the perfect fit. The kevlar belt drive mechanism provides silent and smooth pedaling. The bike certainly seems to have everything needed to be a spin bike. You can get the workouts to the intensity you want, from moderate to very intense.

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BodyCraft SPT-Mag
BodyCraft SPT-Mag

Product: BodyCraft SPT-Mag Indoor Club Cycling Bike

Price: For a great deal on this bike, merely go here on Amazon

Warranty: In-Home: Frame lifetime / Parts 5 years / Wear items one year / Labor 2 years (see the commercial warranty below)

My Rating: 9.6/10

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Details and Specifications

  • Assembled dimensions: 42L x 24W x 47H inches
  • Assembled weight: 116 lbs
  • Supported weight: 350 lbs
  • Handlebars: 4-way adjustable
  • Seat: 4-way adjustable
  • Drive mechanism: Belt
  • Resistance: Manual magnetic

    BodyCraft SPT-Mag
    BodyCraft SPT-Mag
  • Fitness console: Not included
  • Bottle holder: Included
  • Warranty:
    – Commercial: Frame 10 years / Parts 3 years / Wear items 90 days / Labor 90 days
    – In-Home: Frame lifetime / Parts 5 years / Wear items 1 year / Labor 2 years

SPT Frame construction

Since it’s a commercial-grade exercise bike, its frame is heavy-duty steel tubing. Most parts of its structure are steel-made, except for several covers.

The mainframe features a corrosion-resistant and scratch-resistant paint finish. The colors used are black for the main body, grey for the seat’s upright bars and handlebar, while the seat and handlebar’s horizontal adjustment sliders have a chrome finish.

The BodyCraft SPT-Mag indoor cycling bike offers exceptionally sturdy construction and exceptional stability. Not only that, but its center of gravity is also situated pretty low. It’s base bars are also equipped with adjustable stabilizers, each stabilizer featuring a large rubber cap.

Plus, the whole bike weighs approx. 116 lbs, which is more than twice the average road bike’s weight, also plays a significant role in its overall stability.

So, as a small conclusion here, even if you’re close to the bike’s maximum weight capacity, it still shouldn’t wobble or move when you also exercise if you undertake a more demanding spin workout.

BodyCraft SPT-Mag

On the other hand, moving the bike shouldn’t be too difficult; its front base bar has two large wheels facilitating its relocation.

Compared to other cardio training machines, such as treadmills or ellipticals, this exercise bike isn’t significant. It won’t take too much usable space. With the frame completely assembled, it takes 42″L x 24″W of floor space. It’s advisable to maintain at least two feet of clearance all around it for safe operation, entry, and exit.

Last but not least, the BodyCraft SPT-Mag bike has quite an aesthetic, professional-looking aspect. This can serve as a motivation factor.  It’s a rock-solid item of fitness equipment.

Seat and handlebars

The SPT-Mag indoor cycling trainer from BodyCraft Fitness has a 4-way adjustable seat. Its upright post is oval, while the horizontal slider is hexagonal. Due to these shapes, it is almost impossible for the seat to turn sideways.

The seat’s upright bar and horizontal slider offer quite many adjustment positions, with increments of approximately half an inch. Differently put, the bike can accommodate users between 5’0″ and 6’5″  with no problem.

The saddle is an elastomer cushioned model, featuring a longitudinal groove to promote healthy blood circulation during seated workouts. It offers optimal comfort, but overall, it’s not a saddle built for comfort. It’s a slim spin seat, and almost any new user to spinning will find it uncomfortable at first. However, its support is improvable with a gel cover. Also, the connection system to the slider is standard; thus, compatible models are widely available.

BodyCraft SPT-Mag
BodyCraft SPT-Mag

The BodyCraft SPT-Mag exercise bike offers a more versatile handlebar. Not only that, but its handlebar also integrates a middle loop aero bar. It also has two lateral drop-down grips, which multiplies the workout postures you can adopt during your workouts.

Like the seat, the bike’s handlebar is 4-way adjustable (up, down, forward, and backward). A layer of high-density foam entirely covers it to provide a non-slip, secure grip. Its horizontal slider is also hexagonal, while its vertical post is oval.

Both the seat and the handlebar are effortless to adjust. As the large lock levers, easy to grip and turn. Therefore, changing the bike to your size shouldn’t take more than a minute.

SPT Resistance system

As I’ve mentioned earlier, the BodyCraft SPT-Mag bike has an eddy current (magnetic) resistance system, consisting of a magnetic brake placed over the flywheel and connected to the main’s adjustment dial bar of the frame.

The brake is not motorized, so the bike doesn’t require a power source to generate resistance. It’s a manual magnetic brake, and as you turn the dial clockwise, the magnets in the brake’s construction will come closer to the flywheel, increasing the resistance.

The brake knob also has the function of an emergency brake. The brake uses full contact with the flywheel by pressing it down, instantly stopping it if necessary. You may be required to do this if you repeatedly alternate regular pedaling sessions with backward pedaling sessions.

BodyCraft SPT-Mag
BodyCraft SPT-Mag

The brake doesn’t have pre-determined resistance settings. You “tighten” it until you obtain the resistance that you feel adequate for your workout.

Drive elements

The first aspect to mention here is that the BodyCraft SPT-Mag bike has a belt drive system. This feature comes with two main advantages. One, the pedaling motion is tranquil, almost silent; second, the belt doesn’t require any lubrication, so the bike’s transmission part is maintenance-free.

The integrated flywheel is bi-directional. Thus, it gives you the possibility to pedal backward with the same resistance provided by the selected level. The bike doesn’t offer the opportunity to coast, though.

The flywheel weight isn’t specified. However, it’s a mid-range flywheel with a load somewhere between 30-40 lbs. It’s perimeter-weighted and delivers an extraordinarily smooth motion and a consistent momentum, perfect for spin workouts of all sorts.

Just like any other spin bikes, the BodyCraft SPT-Mag bike has an extremely sturdy, 3-piece crankset. Even if you’re close to the maximum weight capacity, you should be able to pedal while standing up with no problem. The bike’s Q-Factor isn’t the narrowest, but at 175 mm, it’s still tight enough to eliminate any lateral stress on the ankle and knees during your workouts.

BodyCraft SPT-Mag

Finally, a heavy-duty, metallic alloy set of pedals is (included)with the bike. They’re dual-sided, featuring toe cages with straps on one side. Furthermore, you can also use them on the other side without the cages.

However, they do not have SPD clips for spin shoes. Yet, they’re standard pedals featuring 9/16 threads, which means you can easily find replacements for them.

SPT Assembly and Maintenance

Most of the bike is pre-assembled; however, some parts do require construction. You will have to attach the base bars, the seat upright post, the saddle, the handlebar upright post, the handlebar, and the pedals. Assembly shouldn’t take longer than 20-30 minutes.

The included manual will guide you step-by-step through the assembly process. All the instructions are pretty clear and straightforward. Also, all the tools required for the assembly comes with the bike.

Since it’s a belt-drive bike, the BodyCraft SPT-Mag bike’s transmission doesn’t require any lubrication or maintenance. The only care necessary for this bike is keeping it clean. Also, periodically checking to see if all the parts are well-tightened.


  • Sturdy steel frame, with an impressive weight capacity of 350 lbs;

    BodyCraft SPT-Mag
    BodyCraft SPT-Mag
  • Bases with adjustable, rubberized levelers;
  • Transport wheels on the rear base;
  • 4-way adjustable seat;
  • A 4-way adjustable handlebar, with a multi-grip design;
  • Drop-down grips on the handlebar, a feature that many other spin bikes don’t have;
  • Frictionless, wear-free, magnetic resistance;
  • Balanced, perimeter-weighted flywheel for a smooth pedaling motion and solid momentum;
  • Heavy-duty crank made for spin workouts;
  • Durable, metallic alloy pedals with toe cages;
  • Standard 9/16 threads on the pedals;
  • Narrow (175 mm) Q-Factor, minimizing the lateral stress on the ankles and knees;
  • Smooth and quiet belt drive, great for apartment use;
  • The bottle holder included;
  • Easy to assemble;
    Little maintenance required;
  • Excellent warranty.


  • The fitness console does not come included with the bike;
  • The pedals do not have SPD elements.

Note: The Bodycraft SPT-Mag bike does not come equipped with a console. However, it’s available as an accessory from Bodycraft. Its name is SP-C-BC VC-1 Computer w/Comprehensive Feedback and sells for around $99 (as of doing this review).

It gives Speed, Time, Distance, Calories, Heart Rate, and Odometer. You can set yourself Time, Distance, or Calorie goals, which can count down to zero.

BodyCraft SPT-Mag Indoor Bike Summary

The BodyCraft SPT-Mag bike is a commercial-grade indoor cycling trainer, featuring a frictionless magnetic resistance system and a belt drive. It has an extremely sturdy frame and an impressive weight capacity of 350 lbs.

Furthermore, it also excels in micro-adjustability, with a 4-way adjustable seat and handlebar. Thus, it’s a rock-solid bike, perfect for all kinds of spin workouts, for light to intense cardio training, weight loss, endurance gain, and intervals.

It would be good if it came with a computer as a standard to monitor and track performance. That aside, this is a perfect bike for home use (and gym) that is robust and durable, providing the basis for many years of low impact and intense (or moderate) cardio workouts. It offers outstanding value for the price.

I hope you found this article helpful. If you have anything you’d like to share or opinions about the content on my website, please speak up. I look forward to your comments, questions, and the sharing of ideas.

5 thoughts on “Bodycraft SPT-Mag Cycling Bike | It’s Perfect for At-Home Use”

  1. I’ve worked in two fitness centers that had this same model – maybe an older version, but these bikes are among the best out there. We had five of them. They were in such high demand (we were a small box club), and they’re far better than the recumbent bikes. My only gripe about them involved the handlebar adjustments – for some odd reason, the lever was hard to get to comply. Other than that, I thought they were great. Excellent cardio workout as far as bikes are concerned. 

  2. Hi, thanks for taking out time to post this review on Bodycraft SPT-Mag Indoor Club Cycling Bike. Now that the entire World has been shutdown restricting people to their homes, this fitness equipment is vital to keep the body and mind fit. I like the aspect that says it has a balanced, perimeter-weighted flywheel for a smooth pedaling motion and solid momentum. This is a perfect recommendation at this point.

  3. I hope this bike is as durable as it looks, but I do have a question, why does the Bodycraft SPT-Mag bike not come equipped with a console? The other features of this bike are fantastic, such as the adjustable magnetic resistance that simulates actual riding. The benefits of its usage are excellent.

    • Hi Wilson, to keep the cost down the Bodycraft SPT-Mag bike does not come equipped with a console. However, it’s available as an accessory from Bodycraft. Its name is SP-C-BC VC-1 Computer w/Comprehensive Feedback and sells for around $99 (as of doing this review).

      Stay safe, and be well!


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