Bowflex TC200 TreadClimber | Ideal for all Personal Fitness Levels

The TC200 TreadClimber cost about the same as a top-of-the-line treadmill or elliptical. But how does this measure up in practice? TreadClimbers are for walking workouts, where you can use a combination of incline and resistance levels to control your routine’s intensity. This makes the TC200 ideal for all personal fitness levels.

Due to the Shocks’ lower belt speed and manual adjustment, the TC200 TreadClimber has fewer workout programs than you would expect from a treadmill or elliptical at this price. However, you can still choose from one of 3 goal-oriented programs, interval training and the Just Walk workout. You receive a fitness score based on an estimate of your VO2 max and data from your past workout performance.

The TC200 features a more massive console, more advanced LCD screen, intuitive menu system, multiple user profiles, and BowflexConnect performance tracking are just a few of the features now available. Being a G.O. (Goal Oriented) console also allows you to take advantage of an interactive program designed to help you achieve future fitness goals.

You can track speed, time, distance, calories burned, and pulse while monitoring your personal fitness goals through one of four customizable user profiles on the bright LCD. The display screen is an interactive, fully backlit LCD equipped with Bluetooth connectivity that syncs with the free TreadClimber app (as well as other favorite fitness apps).

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Bowflex TC200 TreadClimber
Bowflex TC200 TreadClimber

Product: Bowflex TC200 TreadClinber

Price: For a great deal on this hybrid, merely go here on Amazon

Warranty: 3 years – covers everything.

My rating: 9/10

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Details and Specifications

  • Assembled dimensions: 55L x 31.5W x 59H inches (139.7L x 80W x H cm)
  • Assembled weight: 202 lbs (91.6 kg)
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs (136 kg)
  • Speed range: 0.5 – 4.5 MPH
  • Resistance: 12 levels set manually
  • Incline system: No
  • Deck cushioning: EasyStep™ Shocks
  • Console: display tracks time, distance, calories, and pulse, plus a fitness score, four user profiles, USB port
  • Extras: Tablet holder, accessory holders
  • Warranty: 3 years – everything 100%

TC200 Frame construction

The Bowflex TC200 treadclimber features a steel frame with durable construction. As opposed to most treadmills, it features a considerably smaller footprint. With the frame fully assembled, it takes only 55″L x 31.5″W (139.7 x 80 cm) of floor space.

However, it’s advisable to assign at least 20″ (~51 cm) of clearance on each side and 79″ (~200 cm) at the rear for safe and unhindered operation. The TC200 machine doesn’t fold. However, its rear base does integrate transport wheels, so you can quickly relocate it after your workout.

The TC200 delivers excellent stability. First, it weighs ~ 202 lbs (91.6 kg), with its base being the most substantial part. On top of that, its front base features two adjustable stabilizers, which allow you to perfectly level the machine on any surface, or any floor. However, I advise placing it on a rubberized mat to prevent any damage to the floor.

Bowflex TC200 TreadClinber

The Bowflex treadclimber TC200 comes with two durable decks set at an incline of approx. 30°. The maximum elevation of each treadle is 14.5″ (36.8 cm). Therefore, it’s advisable to use the machine in a room with a ceiling 20″ higher than your height.

The dimensions of the treadle belts are not specified. But as a general idea, the width of one belt is approx. 10″, while its length is approx. 40″. However, since this is a treadmill designed for walking, it should accommodate users of all heights, allowing a healthy, normal stride. Also, the machine has a user capacity of 300 lbs (136 kg).

Easy Step™ Shocks

TreadClimbers are for walking workouts, where you can use a combination of incline and resistance levels to control your routine’s intensity. This makes the TC200 ideal for all personal fitness levels.

After stepping onto the machine, you can use the console to start the belts moving at speeds between 0.5 and 4.5 mph. The hydraulic cylinders set the resistance level on each side of the frame, which affects the Treadles’ movement.

The Treadles themselves are the platforms that the belts wrap around and work similarly to the treadmill’s running deck. The main benefit of the TC200 is that the Treadle rises to meet your footfall, resulting in a lower impact workout. This is something Bowflex calls their ‘Easy Step’ Shock system.

The Easy Step™ Shocks are adjustable. By adjusting the dial, you can define their range of motion, with the minimum setting being the easiest and the maximum setting is your best option for high-intensity cardio. This results in a more intense workout.

Of course, it is advisable to set the same travel level for each of the shocks to obtain an equal cushioning for each deck.

Bowflex TC200 TreadClinber
Bowflex TC200 TreadClinber

TC200 Motor

The exact specs and power of the engine equipped on the Bowflex TC200 treadclimber are not specified. It’s a reasonably decent motor, though, and even if you’re close to the maximum 300 lbs (136 kg) weight capacity, it shouldn’t lose performance or overheat during the most extended workouts.

The speed range offered by this Bowflex treadclimber is 0.5 – 4.5 MPH. The console has keys for 0.1 MPH increments and 0.5 MPH increments, so you can easily find a pace that fits best to your stride. If the selected belt speed setting on the console is 2 MPH, both treadles will move at 2 MPH.

When in use, the motor itself does not generate any noise. However, you’ll hear the treadles and your cadence, but the noise generated is lower than when running at full speed on a running treadmill.


The Bowflex TC200 treadclimber features a mid-range console, equipped with a 7″ LCD with a blue LED backlight. The display tracks time, distance, calories, and pulse. The current speed setting is also displayed, while its mid-section covers the workout segment display. The speed and distance can either be English or metric units.

The fitness console is available using the built-in touch sensors or a telemetry chest strap (wireless). As soon as the console receives a heart rate signal, the Zone Indicator Light will activate. The light color is your current heart rate level, with pale green to show a resting heart rate and red to indicate a high-intensity workout.

If you prefer to work out within a specific heart rate range, you can use the built-in Heart Rate Zone indicator. This displays which heart rate zone you’re currently in, ranging from Zone 0 (no heart rate supplied) through to Zone 4 (80%+ of your maximum heart rate).

Bowflex TC200 TreadClinber

You can also use the Quick-Select controls to adjust the belt speed in increments of either 0.1 mph or 0.5 mph. Unfortunately, you must set up the resistance level before you step foot on the machine.

The console unit offers four user profiles. For each user profile, you can input personal data such as age, weight, and gender to benefit from a more accurate calorie reading.

Due to the Shocks’ lower belt speed and manual adjustment, the TC200 TreadClimber has fewer workout programs than you would expect from a treadmill or elliptical at this price.

However, you can still choose from one of 3 goal-oriented programs, interval training and the Just Walk workout. Furthermore, you’ll receive a fitness score based on an estimate of your VO2 max and data from your past workout performance.

Five workout programs

  • Just Walk – The equivalent of a ‘manual’ program on an exercise bike, treadmill, or elliptical. This is the default program on the TC200.
  • Calorie Goal – Set a target number of calories you want to burn during the current workout (default 300).
  • Time Goal – Set a target duration for your workout (default 30 minutes).
  • Distance Goal – Set a target distance for your workout (default 3 miles).
  • Interval – The console will provide you with prompts for when to increase and decrease the belt speed. None of the workout programs will adjust the belt speed automatically.

Awards and achievements

Seeing your fitness score improve is undoubtedly motivational. However, Bowflex has taken this a step further by including Awards. These are earned at different stages of a workout.

Bowflex TC200 TreadClinber
Bowflex TC200 TreadClinber

Individual awards will also span multiple workouts and include:

  • Every 100 calories burned.
  • Worked out three days in a row
  • Worked out five days in a row
  • Fastest 3 miles
I think that awards will be an incentive to increase performance and maintain a regular fitness routine and is an excellent idea. As of today, I haven’t seen an award incentive such as this on any other piece of fitness equipment.

When you complete your workout, you can sync your data to your BowflexConnect and MyFitnessPal profiles.


The console unit also comes with a USB port, allowing you to save your workout data on a USB flash drive and transfer it to your MyFitnessPal account. The USB port doubles up as a docking/charging port for your smartphone or tablet.

The console doesn’t have features such as a sound system or a cooling fan. However, it does integrate a tablet holder and two large accessory holders.

TC200 Assembly and Maintenance

Although the assembly of this Bowflex treadclimber isn’t complicated, it may take more than an hour. The machine’s base, with the treadles and motor, comes pre-assembled. However, you will still have to pull the wires through the frame, attach the console masts, the console, the hydraulic shocks, and several covers.

The included manual provides clear and concise assembly instructions, and there’s also an official YouTube video that shows all the assembly steps for this machine. Tools for assembly are also included, except for a Phillips screwdriver.

For maintenance, you have to lubricate the treadles periodically. The recommended lubricant is 100% pure silicone, available in most hardware stores. If the machine uses less than three hours per week, lubrication is necessary every three months.

Monthly lubrication is required if the treadclimber is in use for more than five hours per week. Other than this, it’s also advisable to periodically check for loose parts and bolts and keep the belts clean.


  • Heavy-duty construction – can support users up to 300 lbs;
  • Adjustable stabilizers;

    Bowflex TC200 TreadClinber
    Bowflex TC200 TreadClinber
  • Transport wheels;
  • EasyStep™ Shock absorption system, featuring two adjustable cylinders;
  • Speed increments of 0.1 MPH and 0.5 MPH offering the possibility to find the perfect pace for your workout;
  • Dynamic workout programs allowing for daily adjustments to your workout goal;
  • Free TreadClimber App with integrated Bluetooth 4.0 Connectivity;
  • Four user profiles;
  • Fitness Score function;
  • Award function to keep you motivated;
  • A USB port for charging your tablet or phone and for workout data transfer to your MyFitnessPal account;
  • EKG pulse sensors integrated into the handlebars or via HR chest strap;
  • Wireless chest strap included for heart rate;
  • Tablet holder included;
  • Accessory holders integrated into the console;
  • A smooth and quiet operation;
  • Easy to assemble;
  • Little maintenance required;
  • Excellent warranty.


  • No sound system.

Bowflex TC200 TreadClimber Summary

The Bowflex TC200 is a mid-range treadclimber featuring an innovative 3-in-1 design.  You’ll get the benefits of an elliptical, treadmill, and stepper all in one compact, space-conscious machine. It has a durable construction with a weight capacity of 300 lbs and a speed range between 0.5-4.5 MPH.

Its console offers a choice of five workout programs, four user profiles, a fitness score function, and an awards function to keep you motivated. A USB port is also available, so you can either charge your phone while exercising or save your workout data on a USB flash drive to transfer to your MyFitnessPal account.

Studies have shown that the Bowflex TreadClimber TC200 can help you burn 2.5 times more calories in less time than traditional cardio machines—and feeling less strenuous all the while. If you’re looking for a machine that’s easy to use, low-impact, and not too advanced, this could be the pick for you.

I hope you found this article helpful and informative. If you have anything you’d like to share or opinions about the content on my website, please speak up. I look forward to your comments, questions, and the sharing of ideas.

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  1. Nice review! I’m personally a competitive badminton player which has made me pretty good at running with all the training I have to do. The Bowflex TC200 Treadclimber looks like a great product I could use for training. I’ve been hesitant to buy any treadmill related products, however, because most can’t handle sprints. I love sprints a lot more than long-distance running. Do you know of any treadmills that can handle sprints?

    • Hey Kevin, I don’t know of a treadmill that would be good for sprints. I recommend a bike especially a fan bike where you could perform HIIT training or something like a 4 minute Tabita where you go hard for a time, then a short rest, and go hard again. I hope this helps.

      All the best!


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