Tabata Bodyweight Exercises | Work up a Killer Burn

As fun as it is to slam battle ropes, swing kettlebells, hoist heavyweights, there’s absolute power in Tabata Bodyweight Exercises for working up a killer burn using just your body. Think about it: If you’re 140 pounds, you’re pressing that much weight away from the floor every time you do a push-up.

When you’re using only your body weight as resistance, it’s pretty much impossible to cheat but easy to progress. These workout circuits incorporate total-body compound exercises designed, so you quickly build up some heat and engage your core almost every set.

Traditionally a Tabata workout is broken into 4 minutes rounds every 4 minutes following the same max-effort work format for 20 seconds followed by 10 seconds of complete rest repeated eight times. However, more exercises can be added to create a longer workout. The only adjustment you need to make to the format is to add a minute of rest between exercises.

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HIIT Workouts for Men | Become a Fat-Burning Machine

These HIIT Workouts for Men disprove one of the most common misperceptions about exercise being necessary to spend hours busting your butt and sweating buckets to obtain benefits. Instead of working longer, work smarter by using short intervals of extremely high-intensity exercise.

HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training, and there’s a reason everybody’s talking about it: it works! HIIT involves repeated bursts of high-intensity exercise interspersed with low-intensity recovery periods. This enables you to achieve improved muscle tone, fat burning, strength building, endurance, and cardio fitness, all in less time.

The reason HIIT is so effective is that it produces excess post-oxygen consumption or EPOC. EPOC raises your resting metabolic rate for twenty-four hours or more after your training session. Thus, it turns your body into a fat-burning machine.

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At-Home Workouts for Seniors | Getting Started

Without a doubt, regular exercise is right for you at any age. But if you’re entering into the golden years, At-Home Workouts for Seniors is even more critical, especially if you want to keep doing all the things you enjoy.

When it comes to exercising at home, having a game plan can help you stay motivated and on track to meet your fitness goals. If you’re working with a fitness trainer, physical therapist, or other exercise specialists, they will likely have a routine for you to follow.

But if you’re on your own, designing an exercise program that includes cardiovascular exercise, muscle strengthening, and balance training should give you a well-rounded fitness routine. This includes dancing, tai chi, low-impact sports, walking, weight lifting, and more.

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HIIT Workout Routine for Women

Can’t seem to find the time to exercise? Well, this HIIT Workout Routine for Women doesn’t require you to work out for hours and hours a week to lose weight, build strength, and improve your overall health.

You can complete a calorie-torching HIIT workout in just 15 minutes—and you don’t even need to go to the gym to do it. The key: compound exercises, which are double-duty moves that fire up multiple muscle groups at once, allowing you to maximize your limited workout time.

Compound exercises are some of the best ways to get a body-transforming workout fast. These efficient movements require the use of multiple muscle groups at once. The best compound exercises help you build strength, tone your abs, arms, and legs while also getting your heart rate up—all in a single, super fun sweat session.

The following HIIT workout routine for women consists of eight highly effective compound exercises that strengthen your arms, legs, and core muscles and challenge your balance and coordination.

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