Does the ProForm Pro 5000 Treadmill have the features you want?

The ProForm Pro 5000 treadmill is a powerful, well-priced, feature-packed machine, and is well worth your consideration when you are looking for a great treadmill to bring home. It does take up a good chunk of floor space when in use, but it can be folded up quickly, so that may be less of an issue.

To power you through whatever type of workout you are doing, whether you are doing a walking exercise with iFit Coach or going on a long run during your marathon training, the Pro 5000 treadmill motor can power you through it. This motor is a 3.75 CHP Mach Z commercial motor, and it can output plenty of power.

You don’t just have the iFit Coach membership (free for one year) programs to get you through your workouts. This treadmill comes with 50 onboard exercise programs! Among these programs are inclined workouts, ones that focus on calorie burning, speed workouts to help you get faster, high-intensity exercise programs to get you toned faster, as well as mixed workouts that target several types of exercise in one.

With the attractive, 10 inch HD touchscreen built into the Pro 5000 treadmill, you get a range of benefits. First, you have an easy way to navigate the various options available on this treadmill, whether you want to go through the pre-programmed exercise programs, scroll through your workout data, or log into your user profile.

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ProForm Pro 5000 treadmill
ProForm Pro 5000 treadmill

Product: ProForm Pro 5000 treadmill

Price: For great deals on this treadmill, merely go here on Amazon

Warranty: Frame: Lifetime / Motor: Lifetime / Parts: 5 years / Labor: 2 years

My rating: 9.5/10

Amazon Affiliate Disclosure: I may earn commissions from purchases made through links in this post.


Since it’s a treadmill in the light commercial range, the ProForm Pro 5000 has quite a massive construction. Its net weight is approx. 290 lbs (131 kg), therefore it requires at least two people for transport and assembly.

But on the other hand, all this weight plays a significant role in its overall sturdiness and stability. Running on, it feels like running on a professional gym grade machine.

Since it’s a running treadmill, its footprint is rather large. It takes 77″L x 39″W (195.5 x 99 cm) of floor space, and with the tablet holder installed, it’s approximately 70″ (178 cm) high.

Therefore, it may not be the most appropriate fitness machine for a smaller room, or in general, if storage space is an issue.

Nonetheless, its frame has a folding design. The deck folds up, being secured by a hydraulic latch. This folding system also assists with the lowering of the deck, preventing it from dropping hard on the floor. With the deck folded up, the machine’s length reduces to half.

ProForm Pro 5000 treadmill


The frame of the deck and the sustaining front frame of the machine are steel. There are several PVC parts in the machine’s construction, but mostly, they fulfill a cosmetic or protective role.

For example, the front lateral bases of the frame, as well as the rear feet of the deck have PVC protective covers. The side rails of the deck are also PVC made, but the structure right underneath them is steel. All the machine’s steel parts feature corrosion-resistant coating, black. The only silver painted parts are the upright bars that sustain the console.

The rear feet of the deck integrates adjustable stabilizers with rubber caps. The front bases of the frame are equipped with small wheels to facilitate the relocation of the folded machine.

The machine’s deck has an extremely sturdy construction. It’s built to support users up to 300 lbs (136 kg). It integrates 2.5″ balanced and precision-machined rollers for optimal belt tension, which reduces wear and tear. They also provide an excellent grip on the belt, without skipping.

The ProForm Pro 5000 treadmill offers a 60″L x 22″W (152 x 56 cm) running surface. Thus, it’s a machine that can accommodate users up to 6’5″ (195 cm) with no problem. It uses a 2-ply, heavy-duty belt, designed for many years of use.

ProForm Pro 5000 treadmill
ProForm Pro 5000 treadmill

The deck also integrates two cushioning cells, which reduce at least 20% of the overall running impact. Therefore, a run on this treadmill is more forgiving than a run on asphalt or concrete, promoting more extended and more consistent workouts.

Incline & decline

This ProForm treadmill comes with a motorized incline – decline system, consisting of a small motor and a lever both situated at the front of the treadmill. Incline and decline adjustments can only be made from the console of the machine while it’s connected to a power circuit.

Also, if you will be using one of the onboard workouts or an iFit workout that involves incline and decline, the deck’s angle will adjust automatically.

The machine offers 12 levels of incline, from 0% to 12%, and three levels of decline, from -3% to 0%. These adjust in increments of 1%. The console features keys for quick and gradual incline adjustment.

One last aspect to mention here regards the machine’s overall step-up height. At 0% incline, the running surface stands approx. 9″ (23 cm) above floor level. The maximum incline setting will elevate by a few inches, as well.

Therefore, to avoid any ceiling height issues, make sure that the room where you’ll be using this machine has a ceiling height at least 20″ higher than your height.


The ProForm Pro 5000 has a heavy-duty 3.75 CHP motor. This means it can withstand long-run workouts with no problem. Even if you’re close to the maximum weight capacity, and also if you use the highest speed settings, the motor shouldn’t overheat or lose performance. The engine has a small flywheel to provide a smoother and more stable motion.

The machine’s motor supplies a speed range of 0.5-12 MPH. Speed can is only adjustable from the machine’s console. Just as for the incline and decline, there are keys for gradual and quick speed adjustment. The arrow keys for the gradual speed adjustment are bi-functional. If pressed once, they will adjust speed by 0.1 MPH; if you press and hold a key down, the tread belt’s velocity will change in increments of 0.5 MPH. The fact that you can adjust speed in increments of 0.1 is quite a plus, as you can easily find the most comfortable pace for your workout.

ProForm Pro 5000 treadmill

The motor itself does not produce a high level of noise. It’s pretty quiet. But just as for any other treadmill, your running cadence will generate some noise. Differently put, in an apartment building, your neighbors will hear you running.

Last but not least, the treadmill requires a standard 120V circuit. It comes with a standard power cord with a grounding pin for American-type outlets, not an AC adapter. It’s recommended the use of a surge suppressor; however, this is not supplied with the box. The power cord plugs into the machine at the front base. There’s also an ON/OFF switch function.


The Pro 5000 comes with a 10″ Smart HD touchscreen, multi-panel LCD. This means it can show multiple workout metrics on-screen simultaneously, so you don’t have to scroll through them all the time. The display also has a blue LED backlight, which offers excellent readability.

The fitness computer indicates time elapsed, calories burned, distance, pace, pulse, and the number of vertical feet that you have climbed. Speed and incline levels are also displayed. The MyTrail function displays distance as a 400 m (1/4 miles) trail, keeping track of the laps you’ve covered.

There also are goal setting functions for calories, time, distance, and pace, which means you can set up a target value for each one of these metrics, and work your way up towards that value.

The console features 50 onboard workout programs, which will automatically adjust speed, incline, and decline. These pre-set programs cover workouts for users of all levels, including intervals, peaks, climbs, weight loss, etc.

However, the console is also iFit enabled. It integrates an iFit module; thus, you can wirelessly sync it with your tablet, phone, or laptop to connect to iFit. This way, your workout data will transfer into your iFit account instantly; you’ll also be able to use iFit workouts, video trails from different places in the world, and even compete with other users.

ProForm Pro 5000 treadmill
ProForm Pro 5000 treadmill

The console unit can monitor your heart rate. The front handlebars feature stainless steel pulse sensors. However, the console can read your pulse wirelessly via a Bluetooth HR chest strap transmitter, an accessory, which is (supplied) with the treadmill.


Apart from the fitness-oriented features and functions, the machine’s console unit also integrates several amenities. Among these, I can count workout fan, sound system, tablet holder, and accessory trays.

The CoolAire fan includes two fans, situated at the base of the console, and angled upward. It has three-speed settings, and its controls are on the left of the console.

The sound system consists of a large speaker, right under the quick keys for incline and speed. This sound system is compatible with most smartphones, tablets, or MP3 units, including Apple and Android devices. The quality of the sound rendered by it is quite impressive.

The machine’s dashboard has two trays molded in its surface, one on each side. However, there’s also an accessory tray that requires connecting under the console, between the two upright masts. These offer a lot of storage space for your small accessories, water bottle, etc.

Finally, there’s a tablet holder that attaches to the top of the console, so if you place a tablet on it, it won’t cover the workout display.

Assembly and Maintenance

The most mechanical parts of the machine, such as the motors, along with the deck and belt, come ready assembled. Therefore, the assembly consists of adding the console masts and the console.

Assembly itself is quite a straightforward task, as the supplied manual provides comprehensive instructions for it. An Allen wrench is (included), but you will also need an adjustable wrench and a Phillips screwdriver for it. Also, for unboxing and assembly, two people are required, as the machine is heavy.

ProForm Pro 5000 treadmill

Maintenance requires the periodic lubrication of the belt. Also, it’s recommended to keep the belt clean, free of fibers, sand, or other objects that may get into the motor.

Details and Specifications

  • Assembled dimensions: 77L x 39W x 70H inches (195.5L x 99W x 178H cm)
  • Tread belt dimensions: 60L x 22W inches (152L x 56W cm)
  • Product weight: 290 lbs (131.5 kg)
  • Supported weight: 300 lbs (136 kg)
  • Motor: 3.75 CHP
  • Incline: Automatic, 0-15%
  • Decline: Automatic, -3% – 0%
  • Deck cushioning: 2-cell
  • Speed levels: 1-12 MPH.
  • Console: 50 onboard programs, iFit ready
  • Amenities: Sound system, cooling fans, accessory trays, tablet holder
  • Warranty: Frame lifetime / Motor lifetime / Parts 5 years / Labor 2 years


  • Light commercial quality, sturdy construction;
  • Folding deck, with a soft-drop assist mechanism;

    ProForm Pro 5000 treadmill
  • Cushioned deck;
  • Motorized incline and decline;
  • Commercial-grade motor, 3.75 CHP;
  • 60″L x 22″W running surface, being able to accommodate users up to 6’5″;
  • Up to 12 MPH speed;
  • Speed increments of 0.1 and 0.5;
  • Large, crowned rollers, 2.5″ supplying a consistent and constant grip;
  • 2-ply, commercial quality belt, stretch-resistant;
  • 10″ smart HD touchscreen LCD;
  • 50 pre-set workout programs;
  • Trail distance function;
  • Goal setting functions;
  • iFit enabled, which opens superior progress measuring possibilities, a wide array of custom workouts, running via Google Maps, competing with others, and more;
  • Sound system compatible with most smartphones, tablets and MP3 devices;
  • Bluetooth HR chest strap transmitter included;
  • CoolAire fan included;
  • Tablet holder included;
  • Multiple accessory trays;
  • Quiet machine;
  • Fairly easy to assemble;
  • Little maintenance required;
  • Excellent warranty package.


  • iFit membership not included;
  • Heavy machine, difficult to handle.

ProForm Pro 5000 Summary

The ProForm Pro 5000 is a treadmill with light commercial construction, equipped with a powerful, heavy-duty 3.75 CHP motor. It has a motorized incline/decline system, and an advanced console with 50 onboard programs, which is also iFit Coach ready. It’s a machine for users of all levels.

It’s excellent for consistent cardio workouts, muscle toning, stamina and strength training, intervals, and of course, for losing weight. Its onboard workout database includes several weight-loss oriented programs. Finally, considering that it’s a machine pretty close to the range of specs of commercial ones, but costs around $1,500, it has an excellent price/value ratio.

I hope you found this article helpful and informative. If you have anything that you’d like to share or any opinions about my website, please do speak up. I look forward to your comments, questions, and the sharing of ideas.

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