FDF E-520 Fluid Rower | Unrivaled Natural Catch and Resistance

The FDF E-520 Fluid Rower is part of the Evolution series by First Degree Fitness, and it is a champion indoor water rower designed for the health club or commercial gym environment. The E-520 water rowing machine’s shorter length, higher seat, and fitness monitor ensure robust performance, perfect for any fitness level.

The FDF E-520 Evolution offers unrivaled natural catch and resistance, featuring FDF’s patented Variable Fluid innovation for instantly adjustable resistance at the turn of a lever. With this in mind, the dual water tank resistance system delivers a massive range of resistance to suit every rower, from seniors to professional athletes and personal training.

The Interactive Performance Monitor (IPM) with a USB port allows for online connectivity. Thus, you’ll be able to use various compatible online apps, such as the NetAthlon 2 XF for Rowers, to compete with others or train solo in a virtual 3D environment.

The IPM displays time, speed, distance, stroke rate, calories per hour, watts, 20-level adjustment, and pacer. The IPM gives you a quick start, manual programs, and interval training, and it’s telemetrically fitted with a Heart Rate receiver. Unfortunately, the HR chest strap sells separately.

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BodyCraft VR500 Commercial Rower | Engages All Major Muscles

Boasting more than a decade of development and technical research, the BodyCraft VR500 Commercial Rower is one of the market’s most professional fitness equipment pieces. Professional athletes often use this machine during their training sessions; efficient, durable, and packed with handy features.

The VR500 is slightly more expensive than the Concept2 rowers, but it’s worth every cent again. Indeed, with this machine alone, you can benefit from a challenging full-body workout that will engage every major muscle group for rapid and efficient weight loss.

You can quickly expect to lose more than 10 pounds in just a few weeks. Indeed, the machine provides a deficit of approximately 1000 calories or more in only one hour at high intensity.

The VR500 is a rowing machine made for commercial use, offering various features and functions. But one of its most essential qualities is that it combines air resistance with magnetic resistance to deliver superior workout possibilities and a resistance “feel” similar to the rowing of a real boat.

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Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine | Unmatched Quality

The Concept2 Model, D Indoor Rowing Machine with the PM5 fitness monitor, is the best-known and biggest-selling quality rowing machine around – and for a good reason. It’s a solid, reliable rower and will last you for years, even with regular use.

Concept2 is an air resistance rower, which means its action is smooth and closely replicates rowing on the water; it will also adjust to your effort involving the faster you row, the higher the resistance. In other words, it doesn’t matter how hard you pull; it will match your strength with no problem.

The construction is substantial and will put up years of a punishment without complaint. Furthermore, this Concept2 Model D indoor rowing machine is used in gymnasiums worldwide and is built to last. In addition, they’re also the first choice for most rowing clubs and serious rowers – which says it all!

The rowing position is excellent, and the seat is very comfortable, even for long sessions. If you’ve used a rower at a gym, it was most likely a Concept2. Unfortunately, many gym users buy a budget rower for home use and are disappointed – because it doesn’t feel like a Concept2.

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WaterRower Club Rowing Machine | Expertly Crafted in the USA

The WaterRower Club Rowing Machine is a beautiful and expertly crafted piece of exercise equipment made in the USA. The Club model is made from solid Ash wood and stained with black and rose stains with a Danish oil finish. The premium Ash hardwood does double duty as it absorbs vibration and sound while you’re working out.

Add the resistance created by the flywheel paddles moving through the water in the enclosed tank, and you get a very ergonomic, natural-feeling workout. You regulate the resistance by how hard and fast you row.

It can handle a user weight of up to 1000 lbs (wow) and features an S4 Performance monitor that helps track your progress; the WaterRower Club Rowing Machine is one of the best rowing machines you can buy. And Finally, the machine’s frame flips upright and is easy to relocate or store when not used.

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Sole Fitness SR500 Rowing Machine | Achieve Your Desired Goal

I feel Sole Fitness has been successful with the release of the Sole Fitness SR500 Rowing Machine. It provides excellent dual resistance technology with excellent build quality and comfort. The SR500 is a rowing machine that will give you a complete total-body workout.

The Sole SR500 is a dual air and magnetic resistance rowing machine. This powerful eddy current magnetic-air system allows for “the best of both worlds” resistance. The combination of excellent high and low-end rowing resistance provides a remarkable rowing stroke that’s smooth and natural.

The Sole SR500 Rowing Machine has 16 levels of adjustable resistance. In addition, the rowing machine adds more magnetic resistance as you change from level 1 to 16. Therefore, it is a great feature that allows users to find a suitable resistance to achieve their desired workout. Users of any age or fitness level should have no problem finding the perfect resistance.

The SR500 features a 5.5″ LCD that lets you choose from 12 exercise program modes. These include time, distance, and interval workouts, plus custom-made conditioning and one with tension controlled by your heart rate. Built-in Pulse receiver; however, the chest strap is sold separately.

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Sunny SF-RW5515 Magnetic Rower | Realistic Rowing Motion

The Sunny SF-RW5515 Magnetic Rower is a magnetic resistance rowing machine from Sunny Health & Fitness. Magnetic rowers differ from Air, Water, and Hydraulic-Piston rowers in that they provide a virtually silent row while offering a smooth, realistic rowing motion.

This magnetic rowing machine conveniently provides an eight-level tension knob to switch your workout’s intensity. With a simple twist, you can increase or decrease magnetic resistance so your training can remain challenging and active throughout your routine. In addition, this rower features oversized, textured pedals with safety straps to provide the user with a non-slip surface and security.

With the equipped fitness monitor, tracking your progress on the Sunny SF-RW5515 Magnetic Rowing Machine Rower is simple. The featured LCD tracks time, stroke count, total stroke count, and calories burned to keep you focused on achieving personal fitness goals.

This rowing machine remains stable no matter how intense your performance level is. In addition, the Sunny SF-RW5515 Magnetic Rowing Machine provides a cushioned seat with a comfortable rowing experience.

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Concept2 Model E Indoor Rower | Perfect Fit for Users of all Levels

Built from robust and long-lasting materials, the Concept2 Model E Indoor Rower is fitness equipment for commercial, heavy-duty use in gyms and army training bases. Now adapted for domestic use, this rower brings visible and consistent results to its user’s overall physical health.

This model has a clear advantage over the similarly-priced rowers boasting an impressive user capacity of up to 500 pounds. This rower also features a 20-inch frame height, which positions the user at an optimal angle for a workout. This angle also enhances the gravitational pull, which, in return, allows you to benefit the most from your training session.

The Concept2 Model E Indoor Rower is a high-quality piece of machinery designed to deliver a complete body workout for individuals of any age and fitness level. The flywheel design maximizes the smooth operation of each stroke and minimizes noise. In addition, the rowing machine is exceptionally portable, breaking down into two parts to store and provide casters for mobility.

The backlit Performance Monitor 5 (PM5) sets Concept2 rowers apart from the competition. It includes games and workouts, along with plenty of session feedback. Wireless connectivity makes transferring workout data easy. You can also save the data to a flash drive for use with your apps.

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