Stamina 35-1405 ATS Air Rower | Air Transfer System

The Stamina 35-1405 ATS Air Rower is an affordable and efficient rower designed for your comfort and convenience. The 35-1405 has an angled and oversized sliding rail made of chrome that facilitates smooth and comfortable seat gliding. The durable steel frame makes the rower sturdy and robust, with a capacity to handle a maximum user weight of up to 250 lbs.

The Air Transfer System (ATS) on the Stamina 35-1405 is simple to operate. Simply pull harder to up the resistance and ease off for less. No matter your intensity, your stroke will feel smooth and efficient thanks to the padded rowing handle and a durable metal chain.

The 35-1405 features a multi-function LCD that tracks speed, distance, time, calories burned, stroke per minute (SPM), and row count for you to manage your workouts according to your preferences. It has a sizeable LED-backlit screen with a scan mode that displays each data set for approximately six seconds before moving onto the next set.

The Stamina 35-1405 ATS Air Rower comes designed to match your pace. The smooth-sliding, foam-padded seat is contoured to provide maximum comfort during movement on the seat rail. The textured footplates and adjustable nylon straps make this rower an excellent fit for users of all shapes and sizes.

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Stamina 35-1405 ATS Air Rower
Stamina 35-1405 ATS Air Rower

Product: Stamina 35-1405 ATS Air Rower

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Warranty: Frame 3 years / Parts 90 days

My rating: 8/10

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Details and Specifications

  • Assembled dimensions: 78.5L x 19.75W x 31.5H inches (199L x 50W x 80H cm)
  • Product weight: 63 lbs (28.5 kg)
  • Supported weight: 250 lbs (113.3 kg)
  • Frame: Steel, foldable
  • Footrests: Adjustable, with straps
  • Resistance type: Air
  • Console: Basic
  • Warranty: Frame 3 years / Parts 90 days

    Stamina 35-1405 ATS Air Rower

35-1405 Frame

The frame is mostly steel, with a few acrylic parts (such as the caps on the bases and footrests). Since it’s steel-made, it’s pretty durable. All metallic parts have a chrome, shiny finish, giving the frame quite a nice look.

The frame only has two bases, both featuring rubbers stands on each end, to maximize the machine’s stability, and of course, to prevent any damage to the floor. However, since the machine is not exactly light, and you’ll be on top of it, it’s always a good idea to place it on a mat.

Even though it’s a bit less long than other rowers, it’s still a pretty big machine, with an assembled footprint of 78.5″L x 20″W (199 x 50 cm). The frame is foldable. The front part with the fan can be folded backward, on top of the sliding rail. The folded rower cannot be stored vertically like other rowers. But still, when folded, its length becomes 46″ (117 cm), saving you some space.

The front base of the rower comes equipped with transport wheels. This makes it quite easy to move while in the folded position.

The gliding rail is also steel, and it’s long enough to accommodate users up to 6’4 ″ (193 cm). However, even though it’s steel-made, it can only support users up to 250 lbs (113.3 kg). So, this isn’t precisely a heavy-duty machine, not designed for heavy-set users. The rail is slightly inclined, not fully horizontal. This results in a better workout for the legs and a faster recovery motion.

Seat and footrests

The seat equipped on the Stamina ATS 35-1405 is as comfortable as it gets. It’s foam padded and features a molded, ergonomic design. It uses smooth sliding, ball bearing rollers to move across the rail.

Stamina 35-1405 ATS Air Rower
Stamina 35-1405 ATS Air Rower

One last aspect regarding the frame components refers to the footrests. They’re size-adjustable and can pretty much accommodate feet of all sized. They also feature heel guards and straps to secure feet in place during workouts.

35-1405 Resistance system

One important aspect regarding the resistance system of this Stamina rowing machine is the fact that there’s no adjustability to the overall resistance. The rower does not feature an air damper like other models, and you cannot adjust the amount of air that enters and leaves the flywheel chamber to increase or decrease the overall resistance.

However, since it’s an air rower and involves a fan-shaped flywheel, the resistance varies with each stroke, depending on how hard you pull. In other words, the consistency of your workout is related to the amount of strength you put into each stroke. Each rowing motion supplies a natural rowing feel, similar to rowing an actual boat.

Another essential aspect of being mentioned here is the level of sound emitted by this rower. Although it’s not exactly a loud machine, like most air rowers, each stroke creates a “wooshing” sound, a bit louder than the sound made by water rowers or magnetic resistance rowers. Nonetheless, it’s far from being loud enough to be heard by your neighbors in an apartment building, for example.

The drive system of this machine involves a chain, not a nylon strap. It’s pretty similar to a bike chain, and you can be sure it will never wear out or break. The chain is attached to a simple, straight handlebar, which features a rubber foam grip, offering a comfortable and secure grip.


The Stamina 35-1405 ATS air rower includes a console. Even though it’s a pretty basic one, it does keep track of most values that anyone would want to know during their workout. It displays the number of strokes per minute (SPM) and total strokes (COUNT), distance, speed, time, and calories.

Stamina 35-1405 ATS Air Rower

The console has only one button (MODE), and it’s quite easy to operate. It’s powered on by the movement of the seat or by pushing the button. It automatically shuts down after 4 minutes of inactivity on the rower.

When it shuts down, all values are saved, and if you want to reset them on your next workout, you have to hold down the button for several seconds. This performance monitor uses two AA batteries, which should be (supplied) with the machine.

35-1405 Assembly and Maintenance

The 35-1405 ATS rower does not come fully assembled. However, there aren’t many parts to put together; the task is far from being complicated and shouldn’t take more than half an hour. The fan is pre-assembled to the rail.

So you’ll need to connect the rail to the front base, slide in the seat, attach the rear base, the footrests, and the console. The tools for assembly and a pretty comprehensive owner’s manual come with the box.

Maintenance doesn’t require much either. Since it’s a chain-drive machine, the chain must be lubricated now and then. You must keep the rail clear of debris to prevent any damage to the rollers and rail itself. Also, make sure that no liquids reach the console, as it’s not waterproof.


  • Steel frame, with pretty solid construction;

    Stamina 35-1405 ATS Air Rower
  • Leveling rubber feet to prevent floor damage;
  • Rail long enough for users up to 6’4″;
  • Space-saving, foldable frame;
  • Molded and padded seat, for comfortable workouts;
  • Extra smooth, ball bearing rollers;
  • Adjustable footplates;
  • Air resistance, supplying a natural rowing feel;
  • Chain drive made to last a lifetime;
  • The fitness console comes included;
  • Easy to assemble;
  • Easy to maintain;
  • Excellent price/quality ratio.


  • No damper for overall resistance adjustment. However, just as in any air rower, resistance is proportionally increased with the amount of strength you pull;
  • It doesn’t monitor heart rate.

Stamina 35-1405 ATS Air Rower Summary

If you’re looking for a quality and affordable air rower for home use, the Stamina 35-1405 ATS is one of the best choices you can make.

Even though it doesn’t include all the bells and whistles a commercial-grade rower has, it most definitely can provide you with the training set you need for a consistent rowing workout. It’s an excellent machine for your daily cardio, muscle toning, and stamina building. It has quite a sturdy construction and won’t break so quickly, and it also won’t break the bank.

I hope you found this article helpful and informative. If you have anything that you’d like to share or any opinions about my website, please do speak up. I look forward to your comments, questions, and the sharing of ideas.

4 thoughts on “Stamina 35-1405 ATS Air Rower | Air Transfer System”

  1. Hello Robert, building one’s stamina is a good part of exercising, and most people who love to work out lack the strength to keep up with the process, and it sad actually. I have been willing to get some home equipment which I can use to exercise at home and understanding this isn’t a bad idea. The durability of parts is something I look forward to as much as natural means of composing the pieces together. The pull, is the force adjustable?

    • Hello, Bella,

      No, the resistance is not adjustable. However, since it’s an air rower and involves a fan-shaped flywheel, the resistance varies with each stroke, depending on how hard you pull. The harder you pull the more resistance, the easier you pull is less resistance.

      All the best!


  2. Hello, and thank you for the great review of the Stamina 35-1405 ATS Air Rower.  I always preferred a rowing machine over a stationary bike or stair climber for a cardio workout.  I also like that you get the benefit of activating different muscle groups too.  A nice combination of toning, fat burning and improving cardiovascular activity.  It looks like it would be a great piece of equipment for a home gym.



    • Hey David,

      Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. I rather like a rower too for cardio workouts.

      All the best,



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