ShareVgo SXB1000 Semi-Recumbent Bike | Foldable Design

Premium quality at an affordable cost! The ShareVgo SXB1000 Semi-Recumbent Bike features Bluetooth connectivity compatible with ShareVgo Fitness App, easy assembly, and a compact foldable design for space-saving and storage. So you can always have a fun and effective workout in the comfort of your home. So why spend your money and time at a fitness gym?

The SXB1000 features a durable and sturdy x-type steel tubing frame that combines cylindrical, oval, and rectangular tubes in its construction. The structure and seat have a maximum user weight capacity of up to 250 lbs (113.3 kg). This bike also comes equipped with a whisper-quiet 8-level manual magnetic resistance system easily controlled by a large tension knob.

Monitoring your progress towards your fitness goals is accessible on the ShareVgo Fitness App, with an intuitive dashboard that includes workout time, distance, calories, average speed, heart rate, and BMI. In addition, the calorie burned calculation is more accurate based on gender, age, weight, pedal speed, and tension level—a straightforward measurement of your fitness goals.

The ShareVgo fitness app provides fun and challenging workout programs to keep you engaged. They consist of an open goal, six distance-based, and six challenging workouts. Be involved by sharing your results and competing with others. Sync with Apple Health. Unprecedented visibility of your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly indoor cycling exercise progress.

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Exerpeutic ExerWork 2000i Folding Bike/Desk | Highly Versatile

The Exerpeutic Exerwork 2000i Folding Desk Exercise Bike is a bike and a highly adjustable desk in a semi-recumbent folding package. It can be used as a bike, a desk, or a bike and a desk simultaneously, or even as a standing desk. This versatility makes it an excellent option for users to get the most from their exercise equipment.

The 2000i desktop is robust, holds up to 44 lbs, and is 4-way adjustable. You can tilt it forward and back through 3 angle adjustments and move up or down through 5 different height settings so that a user of any height can work on it. In addition, it will go high enough to be used as a standing desk when you need a break from sitting.

The Exerpeutic ExerWork 2000i is Bluetooth enabled, so you can connect to the MyCloudFitness app to track your progress. You can choose from 24 workout programs and three-goal settings (time, distance, and calories burned). It is also compatible with the MyCloudFitness heart rate chest strap. Unfortunately, this accessory does not come with the bike and sells separately.

The 2000i has a large cushioned Airsoft seat that is 2.5 inches thick and 15 inches wide. The foam padding is soft, and the seat’s size and shape should work well for most users. In addition, the Airsoft seat claims to have “aerodynamic healthcare technology” that allows air to breathe through the fabric to help keep you cooler for longer.

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Lanos Folding Exercise Bike | 10-Levels of Magnetic Resistance

The Lanos Folding Exercise Bike has been built using the highest quality steel and requires minor assembly. This exercise bike has a maximum user weight capacity of up to 330 lbs (150 kg). In addition, pull the knob, and the bike easily folds to half its size. Then, maneuver using the transportation wheels and place them in a closet for storage.

Featuring a new and improved 10-level magnetic resistance control system, the Lanos Folding Exercise Bike allows you to set your standards to meet personal goals at your own pace. In addition, the precision-balanced flywheel offers a smooth ride that won’t interfere with music or entertainment at any intensity level.

This Lanos Folding Exercise Bike has a fitness monitor to track your time, speed, distance, calories burned, and heart rate. In addition, the integrated HR pulse sensors track your heart rate conveniently without delay directly from the front handlebars.

The Lanos folding exercise bike has optimal seating to sit comfortably while completing your daily workout routine. The cushioned seat is adjustable to your body and weight type and supports the back support. Then, slide your feet into the Lanos exercise bike’s slip-resistant pedals and begin cardio fitness.

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Ativafit F8 Upright Bike | Great for Light Cardio Training

The Ativafit F8 Upright Bike features an X-type folding frame design that is sturdy and stable, with a maximum user weight capacity of up to 265 lbs (120 kg). In addition, the space-saving folding capabilities make the workout bike the perfect choice for those who do not have much room.

Effectively track your fitness progress using the featured multi-function digital fitness monitor. The easy-to-read LCD tracks time, distance, speed, calories burned, and pulse. The monitor is not telemetric, so you’ll need to hold the integrated HR pulse sensors in the handlebars to track the pulse. Measuring your pulse is an essential tool for exercising correctly and efficiently.

The Ativafit F8 upright bike comes equipped with 8-levels of manually adjustable resistance to meet your exercise intensity requirement. In addition, the R8 features a belt drivetrain for smooth and quiet operation. Thus, you can watch television or listen to music while using it.

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Ativafit X8 Upright Bike | Eight Levels of Magnetic Resistance

The Ativafit X8 Upright Bike features an X-type frame that combines physical balance theory in the design; you can feel the bike is sturdy while exercising. It has a large comfortable seat with a maximum user weight of up to 300 lbs (136 kg). The bike folds easily to store with the folding capabilities when not in use.

The X8 bike comes equipped with eight-level manual magnetic resistance and a belt drive system for smooth and quiet exercise to meet all of your demands. But, of course, it is up to you to choose an easier or more difficult workout for burning calories.

The Ativafit X8 upright bike features a fitness monitor with an IPAD bracket that effectively tracks time, speed, distance, calories, pulse, goals, and scan so that you can monitor your fitness progress. Monitor and maintain your target heart rate by tracking your HR pulse through the sensors integrated into the handlebar. Measuring your pulse rate is an essential tool for exercising correctly and efficiently.

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Ativafit R8 Upright Bike | 3 Position X-Type Folding Frame

The Ativafit R8 Upright Bike features an X-type folding frame with three-position settings. These are semi-recumbent, upright, and folded. In addition, the bike locks in either of these positions by the small adjustment bar under the seat. Furthermore, the frame and seat have a maximum user weight limit of up to 250 lbs (113 kg).

The R8 has eight manual magnetic resistance levels, so you can adjust the level according to your needs, making it perfect for cardio workouts. In addition, the resistance bands included with the bike allow you to target the biceps and triceps while maintaining a full range of motion.

The Ativafit R8 upright bike has a fitness monitor that effectively tracks your time, speed, distance, odometer, calories burned, and pulse. Holding the integrated HR pulse sensors in the front handlebars (besides the fitness monitor) provides the pulse reading function. Unfortunately, the monitor is not telemetric and cannot sync with a wireless HR chest strap or armband.

The R8 features a comfortable seat and backrest covered with durable vinyl material that helps relieve pressure points in the tailbone due to exercising. Although the entire seat is adjustable, unfortunately, the backrest has no reclining function and does not adjust independently from the rest.

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Circuit Fitness AMZ-150BK Upright Bike | Conveniently Folds Away

The Circuit Fitness AMZ-150BK Upright Bike features a premium steel frame that combines design and performance. Its high-grade construction is steel tubing reinforced with a powder finish to ensure durability, and the bike has a maximum user weight capacity of 250 lbs (113 kg).

Designed for fitness enthusiasts of all skill levels, the Circuit Fitness AMZ-150BK comes with a manual magnetic resistance mechanism with eight preset levels that simulate the effect of biking in different terrains.

The large LCD fitness monitor keeps track of speed, distance, calories, and pulse. Also, use the scan to see each mode periodically. You won’t make progress if you can’t track it! In addition, the AMZ-150BK computer works together with the pulse sensor (located on the handlebars) to follow your heart rate. Monitoring your heart rate zone allows you to maximize the efficiency of your workout.

The Circuit Fitness AMZ-150BK foldable bike comes equipped with durable soft padding for your long bike workouts. In addition, the knob under the seat adjusts the seat’s height, so you’re comfortable while you work out on the AMZ-150BK Foldable Bike.

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