TYTAX M1 Home Gym Machine | The Ultimate Home Gym

Look no further than Tytax M1 Home Gym if you are looking for the ultimate home gym for high caliber workouts in the comfort and privacy of your own home. The M1 is an innovative machine because of its rugged build, its safety, and its versatile functionality.

The Tytax M1 comes with all that you will need to perform more than 400 available exercises, including many different activities that other top-quality equipment will not allow you to complete. This enables any user category, from beginning to advanced, to train at precisely the level they need to reach.

You will find many standard features on the Tytax M1 system. Including an adjustable sliding bench, a counter-balance system, multiple safe spotting methods, and an accessory rack that’s useful for storing various equipment options – with more than ten add-ons available, the Tytax M1 is not your ordinary exercise system.

Just a few of the exercises you can do on the M1 includes the following. A horizontal leg press, seated vertical leg press, assisted squats, low row, cable crossover pec fly, lat pulldown, assisted pull-ups/chin-ups, dips, leg extensions, curls, seated and standing calf raises, and much more. All of these exercises can be performed with or without a counterbalance.

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