The Stamina X Fortress power tower is known as the most versatile power tower made by Stamina. It is designed to provide a workout to every muscle aiming a total body workout through its multiple workout stations. It has four pull-up stations to strengthen the arm and back muscles.

For further challenges, users can use stronghold grips. The X Fortress power tower offers triceps dips with adjustable dip bars while vertical knee raises are for the ripped midsection. The push-ups and rows target the strengthening of arms and chest.

The build quality of Stamina X Fortress Power Tower is strong, sturdy, and powerful with a solid steel frame construction. This substantial building is beneficial in providing stability to users while performing advanced strengthening exercises. It can support maximum user weight up to 250 lbs.

The Stamina X Fortress power tower is one of the most affordable mid-range models available at the moment. It has much more to offer than a basic model, as it integrates multiple workout stations and accessories, providing support for a much broader spectrum of exercises.

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