BodyCraft X4 Home Gym | For the Discriminating Homeowner

BodyCraft is known for its top exercise equipment, and the BodyCraft X4 Strength Training System is no exception. Whether you’re looking to lose fat or gain muscle, the BodyCraft X4 can help, with four different workout stations, meaning you could have four people exercising at once.

The BodyCraft X4 allows for a full-body workout, with an entire spectrum of upper and lower body exercises available. With high, mid, and low pulley systems, you can perform rows, pulldowns, and more.  There’s also plenty of pressing exercises available and equipment for abdominal workouts. If you can’t do a training on the BodyCraft X4, it probably doesn’t even exist.

This machine has four separate weight stacks of 200 lbs of resistance, so beginners and advanced workout enthusiasts will be covered.  You can even double up the strength for a maximum of 400 pounds on the leg press. It can accommodate multiple users or quicker transitions for the single user.

The X4 Strength Training System is an extremely versatile home gym. Every possible traditional dumbbell or barbell exercise is reasonable with the multi-purpose X4 home gym. The X4 is a commercial rated gym making it an ideal choice for clubhouses, fire stations, hotels, corporate gym, or a fitness enthusiast who wants only the best for his/her home gym.

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