WaterRower Club Rowing Machine | It’s a Best-Seller

The WaterRower Club Rowing Machine is a real water rowing machine that has everything you would expect from a good water rower. Buying this WaterRower machine, you will be pleased with how quiet and smooth the exercise is. Not only is the sound way less than air-resistance rowers, but it’s also way more pleasant.

The WaterRower Club Rowing Machine is a beautiful and expertly crafted piece of exercise equipment made in the USA. The Club model is made from solid Ash wood and stained with black and rose stains with a Danish oil finish. The premium Ash hardwood is doing double duty as it absorbs vibration and sound while you’re working out.

Add on to that the resistance that is created by the flywheel paddles moving through the water in the enclosed tank, and you get a very ergonomic, natural-feeling workout. You regulate the resistance by how hard and fast you row.

It’s able to handle a user weight of up to 1000 lbs (wow) and featuring an S4 Performance monitor that helps track your progress; the WaterRower Club Rowing Machine is one of the best rowing machines you can buy. And Finally, the machine’s frame flips upright and is easy to relocate or store when not in use.

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FitDesk v2.0 Exercise Bike | Delivers an Effective Workout

The desktop of the FitDesk v2.0 Exercise Bike is the perfect size to hold a laptop or magazine. It has a non-slip surface, and a strap for securing your computer.  There’s also a small drawer that is suitable for holding a cell phone, stationery, and the like.

While quite lightweight, FitDesk v2.0 has a solid feel. Its durable powder-coated steel frame and aluminum and steel gearbox components should provide security and years of reliable operation. This innovative design allows you to exercise while performing all of your desk-related work. Who doesn’t wish they could burn calories while they’re sitting at a computer all day?

A well-balanced flywheel, twin belts, and precision sealed bearings ensure smooth pedaling that won’t impede your online activities. The high-velocity wheel also guarantees whisper-quiet performance, so people in your vicinity will not be distracted when you pedal.

It’s ironic that even with all of the time-saving devices that are available these days, many of us feel we have “no time” for ourselves. Work and life can keep us very busy, with our resolution to regularly exercise getting put on the backburner. The FitDesk v2.0 offers the ultimate solution to this perennial problem, enabling us as it does to work – or play – and exercise at the same time.

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Lifecore R100 Rowing Machine | Built to Last

The LifeCore R100 Rowing Machine is a perfect blend of two resistance types! With both air & magnetic resistance, users are sure to receive a smooth, consistent rowing stroke. Air resistance is excellent because it provides a smooth rowing motion and variable resistance. ‘Variable’ resistance means your rowing intensity determines the resistance level.

Magnetic resistance is excellent because it uses a magnetic brake system to create resistance. This is ‘adjustable’ resistance because you use the monitor or adjustment knob to increase or decrease resistance. With this in mind, the R100 has 16 different levels of adjustable resistance, which makes this rower ideal for people of all fitness levels.

The Lifecore R100 Rowing Machine comes with a multi-function performance monitor that has a large LCD blue/green backlit display. The monitor tracks various fitness data such as Strokes per minute, Pulse rate, Watts, Time/500M, Total time, Total number of strokes, Meters rowed, and Calories burned.

Being “commercial grade” means it’s is built like a tank. It’s designed to take daily abuse from being used multiple times a day in gyms and fitness centers. Every part on the rower is made to last from the solid steel fan and flywheel to the industrial-grade nylon strap and seat.

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Sole SR500 Rowing Machine | The Best of Both Worlds!

I feel Sole Fitness has been successful with the release of the Sole SR500 Rowing Machine. It provides excellent dual resistance technology with great build quality and comfort. The SR500 is a rowing machine that will 100% give you a complete total-body workout.

The Sole SR500 Rower is a dual air and magnetic resistance rowing machine. This powerful eddy current magnetic-air system allows for “the best of both worlds” resistance. The combination of excellent high and low-end rowing resistance provides an overall great rowing stroke that is smooth and natural.

The Sole SR500 Rowing Machine has 16 levels of adjustable resistance. As you change from level 1 up to 16, the rowing machine adds more and more magnetic resistance. This is a great feature that allows any user to find a suitable resistance for them to achieve their desired workout. Users of any age or fitness level should have no problem finding the perfect resistance.

A 5.5” LCD lets you choose from 12 exercise program modes. These include time, distance, and interval workouts, plus custom-made conditioning and one with tension controlled by your heart rate. Built-in Pulse receiver, however, the chest strap is sold separately.

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Sunny SF-RW5515 Rower | Realistic Rowing Motion!

The Sunny SF-RW5515 Rower is a magnetic resistance rowing machine from Sunny Health & Fitness. Magnetic rowers differ from Air, Water, and Hydraulic-Piston rowers in that they provide a virtually silent row while offering a smooth, realistic rowing motion.

This magnetic rowing machine provides an eight-level tension knob to switch up the intensity of your workout conveniently. With a simple twist, you can increase or decrease magnetic resistance so your workout can remain challenging and active throughout your routine. This rower features large, textured pedals with safety straps to provide the user with a non-slip surface and security.

Tracking your progress on the Sunny SF-RW5515 Magnetic Rowing Machine Rower is simple with the Digital Monitor screen! Exercising with your rowing screen display will showcase the count and time to keep you focused on achieving any personal fitness goals.

No matter how intense your performance level may be, the stability of this rowing machine will never be compromised. The Sunny SF-RW5515 Magnetic Rowing Machine also provides a cushioned seat that gives the user a comfortable rowing experience.

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