Body-Solid Endurance T25 Treadmill | Stands Out From the Competition

The Body-Solid Endurance T25 Treadmill combines quality, convenience, and state-of-the-art design to create one of the top home-focused treadmills on the market today. Built with a two hp continuous duty and four hp peak motor, the T25 treadmill has a speed range of 1 – 10 mph while also featuring 0 – 12% incline settings for intense, calorie-burning workouts.

Designed for users with space restrictions, the T25 quickly and easily folds while also offering transport wheels to allow expedient movement. In addition, the T25 comes equipped with large 2″ diameter sealed-bearing rollers, a broad 20.5 W” x 57″ L (52 W cm x 145 L cm) running space, and a maximum user weight limit of 275 lbs (125 kg).

User-friendly features like easily-adjustable quick keys for speed and elevation and an LED console displaying incline, speed, level, times, calories burned/pulse rate, program, and distance make the Body-Solid Endurance T25 treadmill stand out from the competition.

Integrated heart rate controls and monitors ensure users have all the necessary information for an optimal calorie-burning workout. The T25 also features built-in speakers and 3.5mm audio input. Finally, a significant stop button with an emergency stop safety key adds safety and peace of mind to any workout.

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Bowflex Treadmill 7 | Increase the Intensity with 15% Motorized Incline

The Bowflex Treadmill 7 challenges your best effort, entertains your escapist needs and keeps you accountable for the long haul. Walk, jog, or mad dash from one daily challenge to the next on the 20″ x 60″ running path with Comfort Tech deck cushioning and speeds up to 12 MPH. The speed and incline easily adjust with the touch of a button.

Elevate your running experience with a 15% high-performance motorized incline. You’ll challenge your best effort and beat the boredom of flat workouts by walking or running through the hills. In addition, the Treadmill 7 comes equipped with a fitness console to track Time, interval, distance (km or miles), speed, calories burned, burn rate (calories per minute), heart rate, etc.

The Bowflex Treadmill 7 features adaptive workouts to keep you endlessly challenged. Experience daily tailored workouts that automatically adapt as your fitness improves. The fitter you get, the harder they get. Simple enough? It is. It’s the workout plan that plans itself. JRNY Membership Required

Explore outdoor adventures from inside your living room. Hike, run, or sprint through 50+ scenic destinations around the planet—super-friendly virtual coaching. Follow along with structured coaching that guides you through the highs and lows of every workout. Choose a trainer who inspires you for the days you need an additional pick-me-up. JRNY Membership Required

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Horizon Fitness 7.8 AT Treadmill | Sprint 8 20-minute HIIT Workout

Power your workouts on the Horizon Fitness 7.8 AT Treadmill with a 4.0 Continuous-Duty Horsepower motor and 500-pound thrust incline motor. Together, they create the most responsive drive system available on a treadmill. That means faster changes and a smoother, more efficient run.

You’ll experience faster, smoother transitions between intervals using QuickDial controls on the Horizon Fitness 7.8 AT treadmill. On the right, roll the dial forward to increase speed and roll it back to decrease speed. On the left, roll it forward to go up the hill and roll it back to come back down.

Achieve maximum results in less time with the Horizon Fitness 7.8 AT Treadmill Sprint 8 20-minute high-intensity interval training workout, proven to burn up to 27% body fat in just eight weeks. In addition, Sprint 8 is more efficient than a basic HIIT workout because it engages fast-twitch muscle fibers and naturally stimulates Human Growth Hormone (HGH).

Advanced, multi-device Bluetooth connectivity syncs your device to your treadmill’s integrated speakers to stream media with crisp, vibrant stereo sound. Now it’s easy to follow along with your coach’s prompts, tune into your favorite show, or sweat it out to motivating music. Don’t let a low battery slow you down. The rapid-charge USB port keeps your device fully powered during long runs.

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Bowflex Treadmill 22 | Equipped With a 22″ Touchscreen Console

Exceptional for its price class, the Bowflex Treadmill 22 will make an excellent addition to any home gym. It’s the top machine of Bowflex for a reason. This high-end machine built to last delivers all the features and connectivity anyone could want out of a home treadmill.

Some high-end features include a 4.0 CHP drive motor for serious running, a robust variable cushioning system, a three-ply workout belt, and a large workout surface. The workout belt is extra roomy at 22″ wide and 60″ long, giving any user enough room to run at top speed in comfort.

The 22″ LCD color touchscreen is backlit for easy viewing and is Bluetooth enabled. The Bluetooth connectivity lets users export data to other mobile apps for tracking fitness activity. It tracks time, distance, speed, incline, total calories burned, average calories burned per minute, and heart rate.

The Bowflex JRNY digital fitness platform also has Bowflex Treadmill 22 (Subscription required). Hike, walk or sprint through 50+ scenic destinations from around the world. First, take an adventure through these destinations from around the planet. Then, explore them at your speed from the comfort of home.

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Spirit XT285 Folding Treadmill | Peace of Mind in a Fitness Machine

With its quality design and high performance, the Spirit XT285 Folding Treadmill from Spirit Fitness is a good investment if you want comfort, convenience, and peace of mind in a fitness machine. If you are willing to spend on a treadmill with great aesthetics, good quality, and decent features, then the Spirit XT285 folding treadmill is the right choice.

The Spirit XT285 comes equipped with a 3.0 HP continuous-duty motor for demanding workouts but still provides a smooth and quiet operation. Combined with a frame manufactured with commercial-grade steel, the machine’s durability is at its best.

With a 7.5″ backlit LCD screen, the display on the XT285 is easy to see while using it in dim or bright light. It shows time, distance, pace, calories burned, pulse, incline level, speed level, the program’s grid in use, and a message center at the bottom.

Having an incline that goes all the way up to 12% and a maximum speed of 12 mph is a great feature. Having the extra couple of notches of pitch can make a huge difference. For speed, having an extra couple of mph is vital. The extra bit of speed allows many users actually to sprint instead of doing a quick jog. That also means interval-type training is much easier to do.

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Bowflex Treadmill 10 | Perfect for Achieving the Results You Want

The Bowflex Treadmill 10 is an all-around impressive treadmill from Bowflex for home use – it has the specs to serve a whole household for many years. Overall it stands out for exceeding competitors’ deals and adding a mix of other features you won’t see anywhere else.

The T10 will elevate your running experience with a -5% to +15% high-performance motorized incline. You’ll challenge your best effort and beat the boredom of flat workouts by walking or running through the hills.

The Bowflex Treadmill 10 has a 10″ HD touchscreen and 13 unique training programs with four user profiles. Examples of overall goals for the different programs are calorie burn, speed, and cardio endurance. In addition, heart rate monitoring is available with wireless (HR armband included) and integrated pulse sensors.

JRNY™ digital platform takes you on an adventure through 50+ scenic destinations from around the planet. Explore them at your speed from the comfort of home. For stats sharing, the T10 console is Bluetooth enabled. You can track all of your workout stats through the JRNY app, but you can also link the treadmill to other popular fitness apps via Bluetooth.

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HCI Fitness RTM RehabMill | Offers Specific Rehabilitation Features

The HCI Fitness RTM RehabMill treadmill was developed with the help of Physical Therapists and offers specific rehabilitation features such as quick select keys for speed and incline, height-adjustable parallel handrails, contact heart rate, and built-in programs.

The RehabMill has a super low starting speed of 0.1 MPH with small 0.1 increments to ensure comfort and confidence while recovering. The top speed of the RehabMill is 12 MPH. Increase the incline in 1% increments or use the quick keys to select a pre-set elevation.

The RTM RehabMill has a low step-up height of 7.5” and adjustable full-length handrails that make the RehabMill safe and comfortable for users. This RehabMill has a 21” Wide x 59” Long walking belt suitable for walking and running. The RTM RehabMill features a heavy-duty deck to support users up to 400 lbs (181 kg).

The HCI Fitness RTM RehabMill treadmill comes equipped with a sizeable 10″ display with an LED backlight for improved readability. It indicates time, distance, speed, incline, step count, calories burned, METs, and pulse. However, it only reads your pulse if you hold on to the sensors integrated into the machine’s front handgrips.

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Horizon 7.0 AT Treadmill | With Rapid Sync Motor and Drive System

The Horizon 7.0 AT Treadmill features a 3.0 Continuous-Duty Horsepower motor and the most responsive drive system available on a treadmill. Its steel frame, which supports up to 325 lbs, immediately sets it apart from treadmills that rely on plastic. In addition, the running deck is 20″ x 60,” which is suitable for runners with longer strides.

The Johnson Digital Drive System featuring Rapid Sync Technology ensures no lags or delays between speed and incline changes. Thus ensuring faster changes and a smoother, more efficient run, so you’ll never fall out of step with a fast-paced interval running class. Furthermore, the speed option is 0-12 mph—incredible for interval training, and the 7.0 AT has an incline of up to 15%, which is good enough for most users.

Get a workout on the Horizon 7.0 AT Treadmill that’s personal, powerful, and connected. Say goodbye to boring workouts by connecting to motivating media and guided classes. Advanced Bluetooth connectivity syncs your device to your treadmill’s integrated speakers to stream media with crisp, vibrant stereo sound.

Now it’s easier than ever with the 7.0 AT to connect to the content that moves you, control workouts, and capture data that keeps you on track for your goals. The options are endless with the Smart 7.0 AT Treadmill by Horizon Fitness.

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Horizon Fitness T303 Smart Treadmill | Perfect for HIIT Interval Training

The Horizon Fitness T303 Smart Treadmill features a solid steel frame that makes it a heavier, more durable machine able to stand up to constant, heavy footfalls. This treadmill has a maximum user weight capacity of 325 lbs (147 kg). In addition, its 3-zone variable response cushioning helps to reduce the impact on your joints.

The T303 deck size of 20″ x 60″ is longer than the average residential treadmill and will accommodate taller runners and those with longer gaits comfortably. Featuring a 3.0 CHP drive motor, the T303 lets you run like the wind and allows for high-intensity interval training and conditioning. The 0-12 MPH speed range is more than adequate to attain a more advanced runner’s fitness goals.

You can keep on top of your workout data via 3 LED windows and a user-friendly backlit LCD screen that displays calories burned, distance, heart rate, incline, pace, segment time, speed, and total time—looking for a more interactive workout? Just sync the T303 with your tablet via Bluetooth and use the free AFG Pro Fitness app to control your exercise.

The Horizon Fitness T303 smart treadmill comes with eight preset workout programs. Aside from manual mode, these include Fat Burn, Hill Climb, My First 5K, Distance, Heart Rate, Calories, and Interval. Although the quantity of programming is slightly light, the included programs cover the necessary bases for users to remain challenged and motivated without an external connection.

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