FTC Affiliate Disclosure

Disclosure as Required by the F T C

I have committed to do my best to comply with the new FTC guidelines and regulations concerning Product reviews and customer testimonials. Therefore, I feel it necessary to make the following statement.

  • This site’s intent and purpose are to provide consumers with information and additional resources to help them make informed buying decisions.
  • Please be advised that this site may generate a commission from third-party retailers to sell products and services.


Every single testimonial cited on this site was provided by individuals of their own free will and offered genuine and honest opinions. I did not solicit these testimonials, and providers of these testimonials gain nothing as they were never compensated in the past; they are not paid in the present, nor will they ever be compensated in the future.

Additional Testimonials

On some occasions, I may feature additional testimonials generated and used by permission from leading online retailers such as Amazon.com, eBay, and others.

Affiliate Disclosure

honestexerciseequipmentreviews.com provides people with well-researched, timely, and value-adding content covering a range of topics. I also monetize this website in various ways, as explained below, to cover our costs and earn a legitimate income for my efforts.

Affiliate Marketing

The primary way I monetize this website is through affiliate marketing.

When a visitor clicks on any one of the affiliate links and makes a purchase with the particular vendor, I make a commission. I only personally recommend products that I believe are of high value based on my personal experience with the product or insight after researching it thoroughly.

Only a minimal number of links placed on this website are affiliate links. Links at the bottom of each post take visitors to additional content throughout this website or link to relevant and useful external sites.

Amazon Associates

I may place Amazon, a third-party affiliate marketing network, advertisements on this website. I will earn a commission when a website visitor clicks on one of these ads and proceeds to purchase on the Amazon website. Amazon uses cookies to ensure I get a commission when our website visitors buy a product after clicking one of our Amazon affiliate links. Learn more about the use of cookies by reading the Amazon Privacy Policy.

Google Adsense

From time to time, I may place Google Adsense advertisements on this website. I earn a small amount of revenue from this for x amount of impressions and click on one of these ads. Google optimizes these ads to show you the most useful and relevant ads through the use of cookies. Learn more about the use of cookies and Google Adsense advertising policies by reading Google’s guidelines.

Additional Sources Of Income

At my sole discretion, some pages on this website may contain third-party affiliate marketing sponsored links and advertisements with whom I’ve partnered. I may also use different monetizing methods, such as CPA marketing, which pays a fee when a visitor completes an action, such as filling out a form.

How Does This Impact You?

It’s important to understand that my receiving a commission or revenue of any kind will not make the product more expensive for you in any way whatsoever. The product vendor or advertising partner pays my commission.


I published this page to explain to our visitors how I monetize this website and explain its concept. I hope this helps and if you have any questions, please contact me, and I will be happy to assist you.