STAR POWER EP120101 Elliptical Trainer | Effective Cardio & Low-Impact

The STAR POWER EP120101 Elliptical Trainer helps you exercise your hips, quads, and calves instead of your knees, hips, and feet. For instance, elliptical cross-training provides effective cardio, low impact workout that includes upper body exercises. In addition, the elliptical trainer uses premium stainless steel, which provides a 330 lbs (150 kg) maximum user weight limit.

The EP120101 provides 16 manual magnetic resistance levels, making it ideal for users of all fitness levels. Young people can exercise to build an envious body shape, and parents can improve cardiopulmonary vitality.

The STAR POWER EP120101 elliptical trainer comes equipped with a fitness monitor that displays the Time, Speed, Distance, Calories Burned, and Pulse. In addition, the precisely calibrated data will provide a practical reference to your exercise plan. The monitor is battery-operated and does not require an electrical connection.

The EP120101 exercise machine ensures an outstanding loading capacity and stability with the anti-slip and adjustable pedals. Even when training on uneven ground, the Star Power elliptical maintains stability using the two adjustable feet. In addition, it’s easy to move with two rubber transportation wheels on the front base tube.

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Body-Solid Endurance E5000 Elliptical Trainer | Space Efficient Platform

The Body-Solid Endurance E5000 Elliptical Trainer is the perfect blend of research, engineering, performance, and technology. Patented technologies provide a stable, space-efficient platform to perform rigorous low-impact full-body workouts.

Combining a natural stride, quality manufacturing, and superior programming has created the latest evolution in cardio training. The E5000 uses an internal generator eliminating any power requirement. Designed for extreme durability, the E5000 offers a commercial warranty.

The Body-Solid Endurance E5000 elliptical trainer offers various program modes, including a Quick-Start Mode, 6 Preset Program Modes, 5 HRC (Heart Rate Control) Programs, and two User Profile Modes. The six program modes are Mountain, Hill, Random, Interval, Interval Mountain, and Interval Speed Training.

In addition, it has a 2-window, color LED display with easy-to-use functional buttons and program controls. The message window displays Time, Distance, Speed, Stride/Min, Calories Burned, Pulse, Resistance Level, and Calories/Hour. The 10 X 14 LED profile window displays Program Profile, Tension Bar, Heart Rate Bar (HR Programs only), Lap Progress Display, and Lap Counter.

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Sunny Carbon Pro SF-E3981 Elliptical | Burn Calories More Efficiently

The Sunny Carbon Pro SF-E3981 Elliptical trainer is an excellent rear-drive system for low-impact cardiovascular exercise. It’s great for users of all fitness levels and anyone needing recovery training after surgery or starting an in-home calorie-burning exercise routine.

With ten levels of magnetic resistance, you will be able to change up your workouts to help you reach your health and fitness goals! The 13 lb (5.9 kg) flywheel located in the elliptical rear enables you to balance toward the machine’s center, making it a smoother position for the user. In addition, with the 16-inch stride length, you’ll burn calories more efficiently at an optimal performance rate.

The Sunny Carbon Pro SF-E3981 Elliptical comes equipped with a fitness monitor that features an LCD that tracks time, speed, distance, calories burned, RPM, and pulse. The pulse reading function is hand-grip contact only. The steadier & more prolonged elevated heart rate is during a workout; the more calories get burned, the more weight you lose.

In addition, the SF-E3981 features full-motion handlebars that engage your upper body for a full-body exercise by moving using your arms, shoulders, chest, and back muscles. Keep your feet moving safely with the SF-E3981 textured non-slip foot pedals that accommodate all sizes.

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Cubii JR2 UnderDesk Elliptical | Increase Mobility/Strength While You Sit

This updated Cubii JR2 UnderDesk Elliptical includes eight resistance levels letting you burn calories, improve mobility, and increase strength while you sit. Furthermore, the newly designed ZeroGravitii Flywheel offers a smoother rotation while you pedal. The Cubii JR2 increases energy expenditure by over 5x compared to standing.

The JR2 trainer comes equipped with a fitness monitor that tracks your calories burned, time, strides per minute, and distance pedaled. Cubii Studio+ is their new wellness platform that includes live and on-demand exercise classes. Expert trainers teach all of the various workout classes.

The Cubii JR2 UnderDesk Elliptical lets you get fit while you sit. Using the Cubii JR2 burns calories and activates more than 50% of your body’s muscle groups. Unlike any other Cubii elliptical, the Cubii JR2 includes built-in adjustable foot straps. This exclusive feature provides a more steady stride and is perfect for users who want to feel more connected to every stride.

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Body Champ BR2117 Elliptical Trainer | Loaded with Options and Comfort

Take your fitness and wellness to the next level with this Patented Body Champ BR2117 Elliptical Trainer. With distinctive features and capabilities for its value, you can experience fully customizable workouts every time in your home’s convenience and comfort.

This Body Champ BR2117 Elliptical trainer offers reliable tools to maximize every workout session. Loaded with options and comfort, you can engage your core and upper body (arms, chest, triceps/biceps) with the center U-shaped handlebar for a fixed-grip or the full-length elliptical handlebars for dynamic alternating movement.

Enjoy versatility with the bidirectional foot pedals that give you both forward and backward motion capability. In addition, the BR2117 comes equipped with eight levels of magnetic resistance to increase and decrease workout intensity. The Body Champ BR2117 Elliptical also features a fitness monitor that tracks time, distance, odometer, speed, calories, and pulse.

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Exerpeutic 4322 Magnetic Elliptical | Provides the Challenges You Need

Are you looking for an elliptical to shed a few pounds in the comfort of your home? The Exerpeutic 4322 Magnetic Elliptical trainer will fit your exercise needs. Additionally, the large exposed flywheel will provide extra smooth momentum for better performance. So get started and get fit with the Exerpeutic Elliptical Trainer.

It comes equipped with a fitness monitor that features a backlit LCD to track time, speed, distance, calories burned, pulse, odometer, RPM, and watts. The monitor is also Bluetooth enabled and compatible with the free MyCloudFitness App available on iOS/Android to track and monitor your workouts.

Featuring 24 preset workout programs, 16 levels of motorized magnetic resistance, and three workout goal settings, the Exerpeutic 4322 Magnetic Elliptical trainer, can provide you with all the challenges you need to push your limit.

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Merach 526 Elliptical Trainer | Effective Cardio for your Upper/Lower Body

The Merach 526 Elliptical Trainer gives you a gentle and low joint impact yet effective cardio workout for your upper and lower body. It is ideal for your entire family to exercise and improve their health. Everyone could get appropriate and adequate aerobic exercise, from beginners to advanced trainers.

The 526 elliptical comes equipped with a 20-pound (9 kg) smooth magnetic flywheel that supports front and bidirectional rear movement, which exercises the front and back muscles of the body and quickly burns fat. In addition, the flywheel uses super-smooth premium alloy bearings, adopts magnetic control, and does not need a connection to an additional power supply.

The Merach 526 elliptical machine features eight levels of manual magnetic resistance, a scientific 14-inch (35.5 cm) stride, and a maximum weight limit of 350 lbs (159 kg). Using the cross trainer can effectively burn the upper and lower body fat, enhance the endurance and strength of the arm, waist, and leg muscles, and improve cardiopulmonary function.

During your training, the Merach 526 elliptical trainer fitness monitor LCD can display critical exercise data such as pulse, speed, distance, time, and calories burned in real-time to help you adjust your exercise intensity. In addition, there is also a device holder to place a tablet or smartphone on it, which is suitable for watching online videos while training.

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Sunny SF-E3872 Underdesk Elliptical | Fight Against a Sedentary Lifestyle

The space-saving Sunny SF-E3872 Underdesk Elliptical machine can help get your legs moving in a forward motion with a low impact on the joints. Excellent for increasing blood circulation, joint range of motion, and improved lower body muscular endurance.

Use the tension knob to select eight levels of belt drive magnetic resistance paired with a low-maintenance design to provide a wide variety of exercise intensities to fit your specific needs. Keep your momentum up and your feet moving safely. Non-slip foot pedals accommodate all sizes, while the grip ensures safe footing during workouts!

The Sunny SF-E3872 Underdesk Elliptical comes equipped with a fitness console to keep track of your time, speed, calories, and distance. Or choose the scan function to scroll through all variables while working out. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a pulse reading function, so you’ll have to use a separate device to track the pulse.

The SF-E3872 arrives fully assembled! Convenient pre-assembly means you can save time, money, and energy on putting together your elliptical; unbox and begin your fitness journey! This low-profile and compact exercise machine is for use anywhere you choose to sit. Lightweight and equipped with a transportation handlebar.

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XTERRA FS3.5 Elliptical Trainer | Provides an Outstanding Elliptical Feel

The XTERRA FS3.5 Elliptical Trainer utilizes synchronized upper and lower body movement to provide an ultra-smooth total body workout. The patented front-drive design maximizes your space use with a small footprint while delivering compelling and biomechanically correct training.

And with a smooth belt-drive system, friction-free magnetic resistance, 17″ stride length, and aluminum track wheel system, the FS3.5 Elliptical delivers a quiet and effective workout. In addition, the FS3.5 is engineered for toughness, durability, and years of maintenance-free performance, providing an outstanding elliptical feel at an exceptional value.

The fitness monitor comes equipped with a large, easy-to-read blue and yellow backlit LCD screen that displays everything from speed and distance to calories and heart rate. In addition, the 24 preset and four heart rate programs with 24 levels of resistance are sure to challenge users of all fitness levels.

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