ADVENOR Magnetic Rowing Machine | Perfect for all Family Members

The ADVENOR Magnetic Rowing Machine comes with upgraded steel and wear-resistant material. Moreover, with the added sturdiness of the front and rear stabilizer, this ADVENOR rowing machine gives you a safe and stable workout.

The ADVENOR Magnetic Rowing Machine provides a top-of-the-line rowing experience. With a smooth and quiet flywheel controlled by a large tension knob, you can adjust the magnetic resistance from Level 1 to Level 8. Thus, making it perfect for all family members.

VIGBODY HL-5230 Indoor Cycling Bike | Minimalist and Modern Design

It not only provides a robust workout, but the ADVENOR rowing machine is also a great home storage solution that works with front-mounted wheels, which allow you to move it quickly. This rowing machine folds up to half of the assembled size. Therefore, this rower is perfect for those looking to maximize space efficiency.

The ADVENOR Magnetic Rowing Machine features a large ergonomic cushion, fully padded seat larger than regular models. Oversized non-slip foot pedals with a safety strap design ensure your safety during workouts. The anti-slip-resistant pulling handle with a soft padded foam grip provides comfort during your workout.

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VIGBODY HL-5230 Indoor Cycling Bike | Minimalist and Modern Design

The VIGBODY HL-5230 Indoor Cycling Bike is a break from the old-fashion design, conventional indoor bikes. It has a minimalist and more modern design which many users have found impressive because of its eye-catching appearance and ease of use.

The bidirectional 35 lbs (15.8 kg) flywheel is not bad for a home-use exercise bike and is more than enough for your needs. Increase or decrease the intensity of your workout for the desired challenge level with the tension resistance control knob attached to the frame. It’s perfectly customizable to all user skill levels.

The VIGBODY HL-5230 Indoor Cycling Bike comes equipped with a simple fitness console that features an LCD that displays valuable workout statistics for distance, time, speed, and calories burned. This helps you track your performance and measure progress every step of the way.

The HL-5230 padded seat has an ergonomic design that adjusts horizontally and vertically to accommodate most body types and sizes for maximum user comfort and safety. The height adjustment ranges are from 33.5” to 38.5”.  Additionally, the seat has a hollow ventilation design that allows air permeation and circulation for enhanced comfort.

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XTERRA ERG650W Rowing Machine | Authentic Feel and Sound

The XTERRA ERG650W Rowing Machine will help you get the most out of your training. I was also impressed by the build quality. The heavy-duty dual aluminum covered rails provide a quiet, smooth, and efficient workout while withstanding a lifetime of regular use. This machine has a maximum user weight capacity of up to 350 pounds (159 kg).

Its core is a water tank and a durable, multi-bladed impeller to give you the most effective workout possible. With this in mind, XTERRA took that idea a step further and angled the tank at 45-degrees for an increased range of resistance. As a result, the ERG650W water tank provides an authentic rowing feel and soothing sound.

The XTERRA ERG650W comes equipped with a large 5.5″ fitness console that tracks the usual workout data you would expect, including time, distance, stroke rate, and pulse. No matter what your goals are, the ERG650W rower includes 15 workout programs to keep you engaged. In addition, there are programs to track your strokes, target calories, distance, and more. Once you get your training going, you can even race against the computer to see who wins.

The seat is very comfortable, and it slides smoothly and quietly up and down the angled rails. The seat is also 15″ off the floor, which gives it the feel of a commercial machine, plus it makes it easy to get on and off. Your feet are held securely in place with wide footrests and thick bands. And lastly, the handle has a suitable diameter, is well-padded, and sits nicely in the hands.

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Efitment RW025 Magnetic Rower | Provides Consistent Full-Body Workout

If you’re looking for a quality rowing machine for home use, but you’re on a budget, the Efitment RW025 Magnetic Rower might just fit your needs. It features one of the lower prices in this wallet-friendly category. The RW025 from EFITMENT ticks many boxes, particularly for beginners taking their first steps in the world of at-home cardio machines.

The RW025 features a minimal footprint, so it doesn’t require a lot of space, while it also folds up and wheels away for simple storage. Although taller users may find the dimensions a little too compact, it’s excellent for average height users.

The Efitment RW025 features eight manual magnetic resistance levels, which means the overall experience is consistent, smooth, and quiet, even though the resistance levels seem a little arbitrary. Still, this is an excellent unit for getting in a decent rowing workout at home for the low price.

The RW025 comes equipped with an LCD monitor that tracks count, time, RPM, calories, distance, and scan—helping you stay focused on achieving any personal fitness goals. With a convenient scan mode, you can choose to have these features continuously repeated to keep up with all calculations!

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Sunny SF-E3875 Elliptical Trainer | Low-Impact Cardiovascular Training

Start a low-impact cardiovascular training routine with the Sunny SF-E3875 Elliptical Trainer. Confidently stride when you step onto the oversized textured footplates that come designed for optimal grip and balance. Crafted for long-lasting workouts, the durable steel frame on the elliptical cross trainer supports a maximum user weight of 300 lbs.

The SF-E3875 elliptical is for dynamic workouts; you can pedal forward and backward along the 19.5-inch stride length while working every muscle in your lower body. Increase workout intensity by adjusting the 16 levels of computerized resistance in a matter of taps.

RENPHO R-Q002 AI-Powered Upright Bike | Suitable for all Fitness Levels

The Sunny SF-E3875 elliptical trainer features a fitness console to track your time, distance, speed, calories burned, heart rate, wattage production, and RPM. Take advantage of 24 different program modes. Additionally, preset goal-driven workouts will base your performance on watt generation, BMI data, heart rate, and custom user values.

It’s easy to monitor and maintain your target heart rate with the Sunny SF-E3875. Measuring your pulse rate is an essential tool for exercising correctly and efficiently. The more steady and prolonged the elevated heart rate is during the workout, the more fat gets burned. This critical piece of health data will help you better understand your health and fitness status.

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RENPHO R-Q002 AI-Powered Upright Bike | Suitable for all Fitness Levels

The RENPHO R-Q002 Upright Bike is an AI-Powered bike that tailors itself to your power level and biometric data to provide a completely personalized selection of training programs. It can automatically modify resistance based on your power output, goals, and cadence to get the best results possible for your workout. Suitable for all ages at any fitness level.

The RENPHO AI-Powered bike features a knob-style, 80-step fluid digitally-controlled resistance system. The automatic resistance adjustment will work with all classes on the AI Gym app because it is controlled by the target metrics you see displayed on your rides. However, you can also use the digital knob to control other functions such as cadence manually.

Connect with popular cycling apps via Bluetooth such as Zwift, Peloton (iOS only), Kinomap, FulGaz, XERT, and more. Ride and sweat it out together with hundreds and thousands of professional bikers by competing with the Zwift community. RENPHO AI-Powered bike comes with a built-in USB charging port that you can use to charge your Smartphone, Tablet, or iPad while you work out.

The RENPHO R-Q002 AI-Powered Bike comes with a premium seat that provides extra comfort with its ergonomic design and memory foam padding. The seat incrementally adjusts to maximize comfort and offer a personalized fit for riders of all sizes. This bike comes with a standard pedal mount so that you can replace them with toe cages or SPD based on your riding preference.

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