Sunny SF-RB4850 Recumbent Bike | Easy on the Joints

Cycle into fitness with the Sunny SF-RB4850 Programmable Recumbent Bike by Sunny Health & Fitness. This recumbent bike supports riders up to 300 lbs in maximum user weight. Keep your workouts versatile in either a reclined or upright position with the multiple handrails. Take advantage of the step-through design to mount and dismount the cardio machine easily.

Sit comfortably on the full recumbent bike seat, equipped with breathable mesh back support. Use the easy-to-use seat adjustment lever to modify your distance from the pedals (leg inseam 30 inches to 40 inches). Grab the seat-level pulse grips to check your heart rate while exercising.

The Sunny SF-RB4850 recumbent bike has 16 levels of automatic magnetic tension, controlled through the console. Enjoy a smooth and quiet exercise experience, powered by a virtually maintenance-free belt-drive mechanism. Perform 13-inch strides that are easy on the joints when you rotate the 6.6-pound flywheel while providing you with a cardiovascular workout.

The SF-RB4850 features a color fitness console that tracks your time, speed, rotation per minute, distance, calories burned, pulse, and wattage. Take advantage of 12 preset workouts made for various fitness levels, built-in BMI calculator software, and additional target heart rate and wattage programs.

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Sunny Evo-Fit Recumbent Bike SF-RB4954 | Great for Cardio

The Sunny Evo-Fit Recumbent Bike SF-RB4954 features a robust frame, and it offers a comfortable and quality workout experience at a reasonable price. The construction of the Sunny SF-RB4954 features an anti-corrosion painted heavy-duty steel frame.  It has an appealing outlook and the sturdiness that supports a maximum user weight capacity of 300 lbs (136 kg).

The Sunny SF-RB4954 features a frictionless electromagnetic resistance system with 24 adjustable levels. The adjustment of the resistance is via the console, and thus, the bike needs a connection to electricity. The Evo-Fit Recumbent Bike comes equipped with a belt drive system. This means its operation is smooth, quiet, and requires no lubrication or adjustment.

The Evo-Fit Recumbent Bike SF-RB4954  has an advanced console with a couple of exciting features that include a backlit LCD monitor, 12 pre-installed workout programs, a Recovery Function, goal settings for Time, Calories, Distance, and Heart rate, and more. The monitor tracks time, distance, speed, calories, pulse, RPM, and watts.

The 2-way adjustable seat with a backrest is large, contoured, and cushioned for comfortable workout experience. It adjusts horizontally (forward & backward). Its height also increases or decreases when it changes back or forward respectively, because the seat is attached to a slanted steel rail. Thus, users with the inseams of 26” min-34’’maximum will get a full lege extension.

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ECHANFIT Magnetic Rower | Limitless Variety

Never be bored with a variety of exercise experiences using the ECHANFIT Magnetic Rower in your home. From global workouts and even cross-training options like an indoor cycle and full-body training, the ECHANFIT rower provides limitless variety.

The Silent Magnetic Resistance, which is long-lasting and reliable, will not require much maintenance and does not create noise, bringing you a smooth and quiet experience.  Increase the intensity and build strength using the 16 levels of silent magnetic resistance.

The ECHANFIT rower is equipped with a handy computer, which shows data, such as speed, distance, time, RPM, stroke count, and strokes per minute, includes a convenient scan feature. However, the LCD cannot read your pulse from a wireless HR chest strap transmitter.

Rowing is a great cardiovascular exercise, as well as a workout to strengthen major muscle groups. It is a low-impact exercise, which can be highly challenging, burning calories and toning the body. The ECHANFIT Magnetic Rower is an excellent choice if you want to invest in a workout to last you a lifetime.

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pooboo D578 Indoor Bike | Suitable for all Users

The pooboo D578 Indoor Bike is a sturdy and smart looking indoor spinning bike with a maximum user weight capacity of up to 300 pounds (136 kg). The D578 features a triangular-structured 4.72 inch (120 mm) steel frame that comes coated with a black anti-corrosive and scratch-resistant paint.

The D578 has a belt drive system that consists of a very durable poly v-belt, pulleys, a 3-piece crankset, alloy crank-arms, pedals, and a 44 lb (20 kg) flywheel. Together, these elements produce a smooth and near-silent motion. The drive system is fixed, meaning that the pedals and the flywheel spin simultaneously without any chance of coasting.

The pooboo D578 indoor bike has a friction resistance system with infinite adjustable resistance levels. It’s suitable for all users that include beginners, intermediaries, and professional cycling athletes. It’s also ideal for rehab purposes.

The D578 comes equipped with an above average fitness console. It features an LCD monitor that tracks workout data such as Time, Distance, Odometer, RPM, Speed, Calories, and Pulse. The workout data keeps you focused and motivated, and they are displayed via the segmented screen windows.  There is also the ability to set up workout goals (count down) for Time, Distance, and Calories.

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Tunturi Cardio Fit B35 | Affordable Bike/Decent Value

The Tunturi Cardio Fit B35 Upright Bike is perfect for keeping fit, for rehabilitation and the consistent reduction of weight. For training with light to moderate exercise intensity, the Tunturi Cardio Fit B35 is the right exercise equipment.

The Tunturi Cardio Fit B35 Upright Bike features eight manual magnetic levels of resistance, allowing the user to customize their workout depending on the desired challenge for the moment. With a 15 lb (7 kg) magnetic flywheel, the B35 runs smoothly and quietly.

The fitness console is straightforward and convenient to use. With a display of the essential data during exercise, it’s easy to monitor the progress that you’re making. The LCD shows speed, time, distance, calories burned, and heart rate during a workout.

Additionally, the B35 features an ergonomic seat which is very comfortable during long workouts. The B35 also comes equipped with an adjustable handlebar and can be set in an upright, flat, or a racing position. The B35 also features large ergonomic pedals that are comfortable for either short or long workouts.

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