Circuit Fitness AMZ-979RW-BT Magnetic Rower | Bluetooth Connectivity

The foldable Circuit Fitness AMZ-979RW-BT Magnetic Rower is the ideal fitness equipment, with its 9-pound flywheel offering eight levels of resistance for a customizable cardio workout. You’ll burn fat and tone muscles every time you use this training equipment. In addition, it will help increase your cardiovascular endurance and develop a well-defined upper and lower body.

The AMZ-979RW-BT indoor training equipment comes with an easy-to-read LCD monitor, which tracks your workout progress by displaying time, count, distance, calories burned, RPM, and pulse. Pair your smart devices with the rower through Bluetooth, install Kinomap on your smartphone/tablets, start personalized visual workout sessions at home.

The Circuit Fitness AMZ-979RW-BT magnetic rowing machine features a durable, ergonomically designed mold-injected seat that allows users to exercise comfortably. In addition, the two pedals have a slip-resistant design for safety and comfort, plus its customizable foot straps accommodate people of all sizes.

This stationary rowing machine requires minimal floor space thanks to its sleek and uncomplicated frame. Featuring a foldable design, the AMZ-979RW-BT allows you to store it conveniently with two built-in transport wheels that allow easy moving and storage when you’re not using the machine.

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Sunny SF-B1852 Indoor Cycling Bike | 40-Pound Rear-Mounted Flywheel

If you’re seeking the ultimate indoor cycling workouts, then look no further than the Sunny SF-B1852 Indoor Cycling Bike with Rear Flywheel. The SF-B1852 exercise bike comes full of features to help you achieve the workouts and rides you want.

Having the flywheel positioned in the rear reduces the need for maintenance compared to their front-positioned counterpart. The SF-B1852 high-performance stationary bike features a high inertia 40-pound rear-mounted flywheel with magnetic resistance that offers a smooth and intense riding experience.

The Sunny SF-B1852 indoor cycling bike features toe cages on one side or flip the pedal and clip in using the SPD elements for spin shoes. Clipless pedals maximize the power and efficiency of every pedal stroke and help you get the most out of your riding sessions. In addition, the SF-B1852 has one of the highest-rated maximum user weight limits on the market at 350 lbs (159 kg).

The SF-B1850 comes equipped with an advanced fitness console featuring an LCD to track Speed, Avg Speed, Max Speed, Cadence (RPM), Avg Cadence, Max Cadence, Distance, Calories, Race, Time, Target Time, Target Distance, and Pulse. In addition, integrated HR pulse sensors in the handlebars allow a quick and convenient method to track this essential fitness metric.

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Fitness Reality 8000R Indoor Cycling Bike | MyCloudFitness Compatible

Want to take a bike ride through Central Park but live in California? Take a trip on the Fitness Reality 8000R Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike without ever leaving your home. The MCF Workout Videos and Scenic workout videos allow you to take a trip without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Choose which scenic route you want to ride. With a MyCloudFitness subscription, you can view hundreds of workouts with top trainers, get personalized programs, and World Tour Solo allows you to work out in Paris, Central Park, and more.

With the MyCloudFitness app, available on Android and iOS, you’ll track your workouts in real-time via your mobile devices. So never lose track of your activities. The app will track RPM, and based on this, it will also show calories burned, distance, and speed for your workout effort. Unfortunately, the Fitness Reality 8000R Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike does not have a pulse reading function.

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UREVO URSB002 Indoor Cycling Bike | High-Intensity Cardio Training

The 2021 version of the UREVO URSB002 Indoor Cycling Bike adopts a sturdy triangular steel thickened frame that overcomes the unsteady defects of some exercise bikes in the market. In addition, a solid build, and a maximum weight capacity of 265 lbs (120 kg), give you safe riding.

Equipped with a 35 lbs (15.8 kg) flywheel and silent belt-driven, this UREVO bike gives you an unbelievably smooth and silent ride. The continuous infinite resistance adjustment allows you to simulate actual road riding. When you want to finish, press down the emergency brake knob and stop it immediately.

The UREVO URSB002 indoor cycling bike comes equipped with a fitness monitor featuring an LCD that tracks your time, speed, distance, calories burned, and pulse while you are cycling. Then, download the Zwift app on your phone, connect the UREVO bike to your phone via Bluetooth, and enjoy a more exciting and motivating workout.

The 4-way adjustable seat offers a vertical adjustment span of approx. 7.5 inches and a back and forth span of approx. 3 inches. The aluminum alloy caged pedals are safe and comfortable. A sawtooth design and cage prevent your feet from slipping with adjustable straps for a customized fit.

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Lanos Indoor Cycling Bike | Push Yourself with Intense Aerobic Exercise

Enjoy an outdoor exercise experience from a secure, stable position with this Lanos Indoor Cycling Bike! It features a 35-pound flywheel that will simulate real riding while keeping your bike smooth and steady as you push yourself with intense aerobic and cardio workouts.

This exercise bike allows you to simulate actual road riding with continuous infinite resistance adjustment by turning the adjustable resistance knob. Therefore, it ensures the bike is perfect for high-resistance cycling! When done, press down the knob, which acts as the emergency brake to stop immediately.

Always be comfortable when you ride on the Lanos Indoor Cycling Bike! It includes a comfy, 4-way adjustable bike seat to support longer rides. In addition, the ergonomic seat is adjustable up or down and forward or back so that you can find the optimal position.

Whether you prefer exercising when you get home from work or like waking up early to start your day with a ride, this indoor bike won’t disturb your household or neighbors! It includes a belt-driven system that provides a smoother, quieter ride.

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Sunny SF-B1851 Pro Indoor Cycling Bike | Innovative Patented Flywheel

Start a new in-home fitness routine with the Sunny SF-B1851 Pro Indoor Cycling Bike. The Synergy Pro bike is one of the most advanced Sunny indoor exercise bikes. Ergonomically designed, this bike has a rounded multi-grip handlebar and 4-way adjustable seat that can help maintain your comfort and stability while you exercise.

The highlight of the SF-B1851 Synergy Pro bike is its exclusive innovative patented flywheel design based on Sunny’s years of experience and research. The 40 lbs (18.1 kg) flywheel adds additional momentum and smoothness when compared to standard flywheels.

The Sunny SF-B1851 Pro indoor cycling bike uses a belt drive magnetic resistance system that works perfectly with Sunny’s flywheel, making the ride remarkably smooth and quiet. Twist the resistance knob to increase or decrease the resistance to keep your riding workout challenging and effective.

Monitor your workout efficiency by tracking your average and max speed and cadence on the SF-B1851 fitness monitor. Then, use the speed and cadence data to assess and analyze your general fitness progress or cycling performance. Cycling on an indoor bike is a low-impact exercise that can strengthen cardiovascular performance and engage muscles in your arms, core, and legs.

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