Spirit XBU55 Upright Bike | Helps to Improve Fitness

The Spirit XBU55 Upright Bike from Spirit Fitness provides sturdy and stable construction and provides a comfortable ride with a wide range of features. With this in mind, its features make it one of the ideal bikes for working out. It gives a full workout experience with versatility by improving cardiovascular health, burning calories and fat, and increasing metabolism.

The XBU55 upright bike helps improve fitness and strengthens the entire body, including legs, thighs, hips, calves, arms, and chests. Working out on this bike can be a great way to get the heart pumping and improving the flow of blood and oxygen throughout the body.

The Spirit XBU55 comes equipped with a 7.5 inches blue backlit LCD that displays nine pieces of data, including RPM, calories, time, distance, pulse, level, Mets, segment time, program, watt, and laps to keep you motivated and informed. And the console is also Bluetooth compatible with the Spirit Fit app for Andriod and iOS.

The XBU55 bike has 20 levels of resistance and a 30 lb flywheel for a smooth and intense workout. Additionally, the bike’s Poly-V belt drive system comes with a self-tensioner and three-piece crank with cold-forged steel and case hardened axle and commercial-grade sealed bearings.

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Sunny Phantom Hydro SF-RW5910 | Water Rowing Machine

Row towards a better you with the Sunny Phantom Hydro SF-RW5910 Water Rowing Machine from Sunny Health and Fitness. Engage in a full-body workout with virtually infinite resistance provided by the water drum and 16 hydro blades. The heavy-duty frame includes a double arm structure that provides stability and supports a maximum user weight of up to 300 lbs.

The SF-RW5910 water drum is angled at 60 degrees to produce an authentic rowing experience. With this in mind, the angled trajectory of the 16 hydro blades paddles through the water so that it provides a similar feel and experience to rowing on the lake.

The Sunny SF-RW5910 comes equipped with an advanced R2 monitor that tracks time, distance, strokes, total strokes, SPM (strokes per min), time/500m, calories, pulse, calendar, temperature & clock. For pulse, you’ll need a wireless HR chest strap. However, it does not come included with the rower. The console has two workout modes, which are Manual and Race.

The cushioned, over-sized seat gives users a comfortable rowing experience. Don’t let discomfort stand in the way of reaching your wellness goals! Workout longer and get stronger. The SF-RW5910 comes equipped with a two-way adjustable footplate. Utilize the sliding heel pads to secure your heel and mid-foot to prevent slippage while you stroke.

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LifeSpan C5i Upright Bike | Get Ready to be Challenged

The LifeSpan C5i Upright Bike is made of steel and is certainly heavy-duty with its maximum user weight capacity of 400 lb. The C5i is also great for small home gym spaces with its compact design of 40.5″ L x 28″ W x 56.5″ H. It’s portable and comes with two rear-mounted wheels. You can quickly move it to a corner after you’ve completed your workout.

The C5i comes equipped with an 18 lb flywheel. An 18 lb flywheel is sufficient for light to moderate use and can give you a decent workout. The C5i is ready to challenge you with its 16 resistance levels. This gives you a fun mix of training intensity options and allows you plenty of room to progress the intensity as you get stronger.

The LifeSpan R5i Upright Bike comes equipped with a fitness console that tracks workout time, calories, RPM, distance, heart rate, speed, resistance level, and watts. The console has 34 workout programs, including 28 programs targeted for weight loss, active living, and sports training. Four are for heart rate training, while the remaining two are for the user’s customizable program.

The C5i is strong and independent. It doesn’t need any cord or batteries to operate. By simply rotating the pedal, you can jumpstart the machine and enjoy its full experience. The console is Bluetooth compatible. Having this wireless transmission allows easy sharing and tracking of your fitness results using the Active Trac app.

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Schwinn 810 Treadmill | Affordable Indoor Cardio Solution

Free of boundaries and full of possibilities, the Schwinn 810 Treadmill is the affordable, indoor cardio solution designed to keep you active and built for the journey ahead. Featuring a 20” x 55” running belt and a Soft Drop folding design for easy storage, the 810 offers quality, affordability, and a one-way ticket to a life well-lived.

The intuitive, feature-focused display provides a superior experience. It tracks time, distance, speed, average speed, pace, calories, and pulse. Choose your own adventure with 16 different programs. No matter your fitness level, the 810 has the variety you need to keep workouts fresh, no matter your end goal.

Access the Explore the World app and digitally immerse yourself in a world of virtual races, exotic locales, and stunning trails from around the globe (3 free courses. Unlock more with Explore the World subscription.)

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ECHANFIT CBK 1901 Indoor Bike | Top Selling Entry-Level Bike

This spin bike came out to the market mid-2019. The anti-corrosive coated steel frame of the ECHANFIT CBK 1901 Indoor Bike is strong enough to hold up 297 pounds (124.7 kg) maximum user weight capacity. Its overall construction puts it in the category as one of the best top selling entry-level indoor bikes.

The CBK 1901 has a belt drive system. This drive system comprises a heavy-duty belt, pulleys, solid crankset and crank-arms, the flywheel, and the pedals. Together, these elements provide smooth and near-silent operation.

Indoor cycling bikes usually come with either a friction resistance system or a magnetic resistance, and most entry-level bikes such as the ECHANFIT CBK 1901 Indoor Bike come equipped with a friction resistance system. However, this bike comes equipped with a manual magnetic resistance system, which puts it in a favorable position among its contemporaries.

The ECHANFIT CBK 1901 Indoor Bike is an entry-level bike, so, understandably, it has a basic console. It features a non-backlit LCD monitor and a single navigation button.  The monitor keeps track of time, speed, distance, calories, and heart rate.

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JOROTO XM15 Cycling Bike | Exceptionally Smooth & Quiet

The JOROTO XM15 Cycling Bike is a professional indoor cycling bike with Magnetic Resistance and Belt Drive for home cardio or gym workout. With a solid build and widened thickened frame, this indoor bike supports a maximum user weight of 280 lbs.

The magnetic resistance provides an exceptionally smooth and quiet riding experience and is changeable by turning the knob, which gradually increases or decreases the resistance. Designed with bi-directional pedals and flywheel, the JOROTO XM15 exercise bike suits both beginners, seniors, and professional athletes.

The XM15 features an LCD for tracking your fitness. All the critical information displays, including time, speed, RPM, distance, and calories burned. It doesn’t have preset programs; it cannot adjust the bike’s resistance and does not have online connectivity. It’s also battery-powered.

The JOROTO XM15 seat can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally by turning the appropriate knobs and then sliding the poles into position. The handlebars provide an even greater range of grip options, including an overhead grip, extended grip, and time trailing grip.

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