NordicTrack RW900 Rowing Machine | Upgraded 22″ HD Touchscreen

Expertly crafted, the NordicTrack RW900 Rowing Machine features an upgraded 22″ HD Smart Touchscreen that tilts and pivots along with an upgraded 30W Premium Sound system, so your worldwide workout will be highly immersive–on or off the rower. Quickly rotate your screen to follow along through high-energy cross-training sessions.

Row worldwide, from pristine lakes to breathtaking rivers, at the touch of a button. Stream high-energy rowing classes with a personal trainer in a motivating and empowering atmosphere any time you want. Hop off the rower and follow your trainers to participate in high-powered, cross-training workouts to get you moving and feeling good.

An improved sliding rail system combined with an upgraded flywheel and Silent Magnetic Resistance technology ensures your rowing experience will be exceptionally smooth and quiet. Strap your feet onto the oversized pivoting pedals with adjustable nylon foot straps, which quickly release so you can easily slip your foot out of the pedals.

Power your way through 26 digital resistance levels as you strengthen your core, arms, and legs and build your stamina. First, your iFit trainer auto-adjusts your smart rower’s resistance for an optimized workout that meets your goals. Then, increase the intensity and build strength by manually adjusting the additional air resistance.

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Sunny SF-RW5940 Rowing Machine | Air & 16 Levels Magnetic Resistance

With the Sunny SF-RW5940 Rowing Machine, you can feel the intensity and vigorousness of your rows as you get hit by gushes of wind coming from the large fan in the front of this rowing machine. Furthermore, this rowing machine offers unique dual resistance to fine-tune and match your fitness goals.

The SF-RW5940 provides optimal air resistance; the steel fan blades have minimal flex and produce more air resistance the faster you row. As a result, the SF-RW5940 delivers an authentic, pure air resistance rowing experience. In addition, the 16 levels of magnetic resistance work in conjunction with the fan blades to give just the proper workout you want.

The Sunny SF-RW5940 rowing machine features a fitness monitor that tracks Time, Time/500, SPM, Distance, Strokes, Total Strokes, Calories, Heart Rate (optional), Calendar, Temperature, and Clock. Place your tablet or smartphone on the device holder to stay connected. Follow along online with the Sunny Health & Fitness trainers for certified fitness tips, advice, and lessons.

Maintain your position and composure for those marathon rowing sessions with the SF-RW5940. The cushion seat alleviates discomfort and promotes blood circulation through the legs and glutes. Being 17 inches above the floor, mounting and getting off the SF-RW5940 is convenient, quick, and accessible.

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Sunny Hydro+ SF-RW5809 Rowing Machine | Water/Magnetic Resistance

The Sunny Hydro+ SF-RW5809 Rowing Machine turns your living room into your personalized regatta. The 16 hydro blades paddle through the water to produce hydrodynamic resistance that adjusts to the intensity of your strokes.

You can add more resistance to a dynamic and challenging workout with magnetic resistance. This 16-level magnetic and water resistances combination produces a unique rowing experience that will push your performance to the next level.

The feature-packed Sunny Hydro+ SF-RW5809 rowing machine makes your workout more comfortable and your sessions more productive. The cushioned, oversized seat gives users a comfortable rowing experience. While the pedals pivot for absolute stability and comfort, the Hydro+ uses velcro straps so that you can adjust to the width of your feet.

The SF-RW5809 comes equipped with an advanced fitness monitor featuring a swivel design that tracks Time, Time/500M, SPM, Distance, Strokes, Total Strokes, Calories Burned, and Pulse. It also includes a Racing function. Place your mobile device on the device holder and follow along to your favorite Sunny Health & Fitness training videos or stream your favorite TV show.

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WHMH 1678 Dual Handle Rower | Dual-Action Oar-Based Rowing System

Enjoy your in-home workout with the Women’s Health Men’s Health (WHMH) 1678 Dual Handle Rower. Get in an intense workout without ever leaving the comfort of your own home. The 14 Level Dual Transmission fan and magnetic resistance make for an easy or more challenging workout. Then, you decide how hard you want to train that day.

This rower measures how HARD you pull, what DISTANCE you pull, and what RESISTANCE Level you are using. Combining these three things will have accurate training metrics for calories burned, Speed, Distance, Split Times, etc.

Follow trainer-led classes, enjoy scenic routes, track your workouts, and more with the MyCloudFitness App, accessible for 30 days. You need one machine to get your whole body fit and toned! Train hard and get the results with the Men’s Health Women’s Health 1678 Dual Handle Rower with MyCloudFitness App.

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MBH Fitness Water Rowing Machine | Connect to the MBH Club app

The MBH Fitness Water Rowing Machine is durable, affordable, and comfortable. It features an ergonomic seat and heavy-duty frame, making the water rowing machine stable and solid. In addition, the steel mainframe makes the rowing machine extraordinarily sturdy and durable, max weight capacity of up to 330 lbs (150 kg).

The resistance is noticeably challenging, depending on the amount of water you put in the tank. It has multiple levels of resistance and a specially designed ball-bearing system that allows for smoother rowing which improves the fluidity of the movement.

The MBH Fitness water rowing machine comes equipped with a large and wide ergonomic seat cushion (1″ L x ” W) that fits the hips better and brings you a more comfortable boating experience for an extended workout. The included fitness monitor tracks time, 500m/time, strokes per minute, strokes, calories, and pulse. Connect to the MBH Club app via Bluetooth for tracking workout data in real-time.

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YOSUDA H-185 Magnetic Rowing Machine | Unbelievably Smooth & Quiet

The YOSUDA H-185 Magnetic Rowing Machine features heavy-duty commercial quality steel, which is very sturdy and durable. In addition, the approximate 43.3-inch slide rail is also very sturdy; the maximum user weight limit is 350 lbs (158.7 kg). The user inseam length of 49.2″ (125 cm) accommodates users up to 6’6″ (198 cm).

The H-185 rowing machine comes equipped with a 10 lbs (4.5 kg) flywheel and eight levels of manual magnetic resistance. In particular, the magnetic resistance system creates unbelievably smooth and nearly silent rowing. As a result, you won’t have to worry about disturbing your family and neighbors.

In addition, YOSUDA H-185 magnetic rowing machine comes equipped with an ergonomically designed seat cushion to provide a comfortable row experience. Furthermore, the oversized foot pedals comfortably accommodate nearly any shoe size. Also, the non-slip textured pedals have adjustable straps to ensure your safety.

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Merax Magnetic Rowing Machine | Offers a Space-Saving Folding Frame

The Merax Magnetic Rowing Machine boasts 15 degrees angled seat rail, allowing for smooth and efficient gliding of your seat during rowing workouts. In addition, the built-in magnetic flywheel minimizes noise while maximizing a smooth glide during your rowing exercise. It’s also equipped with built-in wheels and a foldable frame to make transport and storage easy.

Adjust your workout to your capabilities by turning up your workout’s intensity with the 14-level adjustable magnetic resistance. With the simple twist of the resistance knob, you can increase or decrease resistance, so your rowing exercise remains challenging and effective throughout your fitness journey.

Track your workout on the Merax Magnetic Rowing Machine with a convenient fitness monitor that displays your time, live second-by-second rowing count, calories, and total rowing count. You will track your progress, modify your current routine appropriately, keep you further motivated, and aim for improvement.

A sliding, double padded, and upholstered seat supports your bottom and back and ensures proper blood flow in the glutes for prolonged and vigorous workouts. Large strapping footplates suitable for users of different sizes provide optimal comfort and support.

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RowWarrior Fitness Air Rower | Great Calorie Burner and Cardio Workout

The RowWarrior Fitness Air Rower is a superior quality home gym rower with a compact, easy-to-store design, uniquely created for home use. It’s durable, effective, and reliable. It features a non-slip pulling handle, 14-inch seat, and adjustable foot straps & footrests for more safety and stability. In addition, it has a 550 lbs (250 kg) maximum user weight capacity, which makes it ideal for all body types.

The innovative RowWarrior Fitness Air Rower allows you to combine cardiovascular and strength training in a high-intensity workout. Rowing is low-impact, so it’s a perfect cross-training exercise. In addition, rowing works all the major muscles in the body, making it a great calorie burner and cardio workout.

The air rower comes with a fitness monitor that features an LCD that displays time, time/500m, distance, watts, calories burned, strokes, total strokes, and pulse. The monitor has Bluetooth connectivity and comes with a QR code. By scanning the provided code, you can install the Fitshow app. The pulse reading function is wireless and requires an HR chest strap.

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Circuit Fitness AMZ-986RW-BT Rowing Machine | Space Saving-Design

Reach your fitness goals with the foldable Circuit Fitness AMZ-986RW-BT Rowing Machine, with its 20-pound (9 kg) flywheel that offers 8-levels of resistance for a customizable workout. In addition, this specialized equipment featuring a 20-lb flywheel coupled with magnetic resistance will help increase your cardiovascular endurance.

The ergonomically designed contoured foam seat pad ensures you stay comfortable throughout your entire workout. The foam-covered handles are anti-slip so that you can focus on your exercise. In addition, the adjustable foot pedal straps provide a customizable fit.

The AMZ-986RW-BT allows you to track your workout with the easy-to-read LCD that tracks time, speed, distance, calories burned, RPM settings, date, and temperature. It also has a built-in pulse feature allowing you to pair the rower with any heart rate transmitter belt (sold separately) to monitor your pulse during exercises.

The Circuit Fitness AMZ-986RW-BT Rowing Machine requires minimal floor space thanks to its sleek and uncomplicated frame. The quick-release pin makes it easy to fold up the rower and lock it into position for storing; talk about a space saving-design! In addition, the built-in transport wheels make it easy to move the rower from your living room to your closet for storage when not in use.

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