Circuit Fitness AMZ-979RW-BT Magnetic Rower | Bluetooth Connectivity

The foldable Circuit Fitness AMZ-979RW-BT Magnetic Rower is the ideal fitness equipment, with its 9-pound flywheel offering eight levels of resistance for a customizable cardio workout. You’ll burn fat and tone muscles every time you use this training equipment. In addition, it will help increase your cardiovascular endurance and develop a well-defined upper and lower body.

The AMZ-979RW-BT indoor training equipment comes with an easy-to-read LCD monitor, which tracks your workout progress by displaying time, count, distance, calories burned, RPM, and pulse. Pair your smart devices with the rower through Bluetooth, install Kinomap on your smartphone/tablets, start personalized visual workout sessions at home.

The Circuit Fitness AMZ-979RW-BT magnetic rowing machine features a durable, ergonomically designed mold-injected seat that allows users to exercise comfortably. In addition, the two pedals have a slip-resistant design for safety and comfort, plus its customizable foot straps accommodate people of all sizes.

This stationary rowing machine requires minimal floor space thanks to its sleek and uncomplicated frame. Featuring a foldable design, the AMZ-979RW-BT allows you to store it conveniently with two built-in transport wheels that allow easy moving and storage when you’re not using the machine.

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Strongick Air Resistance Rowing Machine | Burns Fat More Efficiently

Why do so many fitness trainers recommend using a rowing machine? The Strongick Air Resistance Rowing Machine Model D is one of the best affordable rowers for building strong muscles while pushing your heart rate to levels that increase your metabolism, burning calories and fat more efficiently.

Because rowing is proven to provide a nearly unsurpassed aerobic workout without the relentless pounding to your joints, the Strongick air resistance rowing machine lets you quickly improve your fitness while drastically reducing injury risks.

The Strongick air resistance rowing machine features a strong steel and aluminum frame, coupled with stainless steel rails that give users a smooth gliding row up to 500 lbs (225 kg). This substantial 8′ x 2′ (244cm x 61cm) rowing machine comes with caster wheels for easy transportation and separates into two pieces for convenient storage at home or in the gym.

With the equipped fitness monitor, you’ll set personal bests and keep track of your real-time progress. The LCD arm is adjustable for easier viewing. In addition, Bluetooth connectivity allows your favorite fitness apps to add your workout data towards your goals. Everything is with your comfort in mind, from the handle design to the padded seat and footrests.

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Sunny Magnetic Rowing Machine SF-RW5622 | Dual Function Rower

Keep your workouts fresh and new. The Sunny Magnetic Rowing Machine SF-RW5622 is a dual-function rower that will keep you excited and engaged. The dual function plates turn your traditional rower into an upper body strength machine that targets your arms, like your biceps and shoulders.

With a simple twist, you can increase or decrease eight adjustable magnetic resistance levels so your SF-RW5622 workout can remain challenging and effective throughout your fitness journey. Circuit train or just row and build your cardiovascular while engaging your core and strengthening your back.

The Sunny SF-RW5622 rowing machine comes equipped with a fitness monitor that tracks time, distance, count (strokes per workout session), total count (total number of strokes since the first usage of the machine), count per minute (number of strokes per minute), and calories burned. In addition, the convenient scan mode displays your progress to assist you in tracking all your fitness goals.

Tilt and roll out the SF-RW5622 for use or away for storage; no need for heavy lifting or muscle strain. The transport wheels allow users to move their rower around quickly, from room to room, or store it.

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Fitness Reality Dual Transmission Fan Rower | With On-Demand Coaching

Fitness Reality Dual Transmission Fan Rower (FR 2646) is a sleek and modern cardiovascular fitness machine with a foldable, user-friendly ergonomic design and Bluetooth functionality to sync with the MyCloudFitness app and On-Demand Coaching by Fitness Reality.

The FR 2646 has a robust and durable frame with a maximum user weight capacity of 250 pounds (113 kg), and it also has 14 levels of magnetic resistance and infinite fan resistance. It runs smoothly and quietly as you row along the sturdy aluminum slide rail.

MyCloudFitness app (30-day free trial) is compatible with the Bluetooth console that tracks calories burned, distance, time, time/500 strokes, strokes per minute-SPM, watts, and workout based on your level of resistance. You also have the Start/Pause, Stop Hold for Reset, Up, Down, Enter- Mode, and Goal buttons on the LCD.

It offers you a great workout without you needing to leave the comfort of your home. And you get your whole body involved on the FR 2646, not just your back. You’ll be working on your legs, core section- abs, arms, shoulders, chest, and back. And by increasing the resistance level up to 14, you’ll get a strength training workout, as the resistance is natural on this one.

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ECHANFIT R49 Pro Rowing Machine | Perfect for Strength Training

The ECHANFIT R49 Pro Rowing Machine is the ideal fitness equipment, it works on several significant muscles groups, and you can develop both your upper and lower body. In addition, rowing provides a versatile, comprehensive workout experience, perfect for strength training, cardio, and weight-loss-focused exercise routines.

This ECHANFIT rowing machine features an adjustable resistance system from 1 to 16 levels that easily modify your resistance to fit your exercise preferences and deliver a quiet and smooth exercise at home. This powerful rowing machine offers silent resistance for a customizable and satisfying cardio workout, promises stable performance, durability, and long-term use.

The ECHANFIT R49 Pro rowing machine comes equipped with a digital fitness monitor that tracks your time, count, total count, and calories burned. In addition, it’s easy to track your energy output on the fitness monitor LCD and focus on the progress of your fitness plan.

The R49 features a comfortable padded seat. It comes with a thickened cushion, making you feel comfortable even if you sit for a long time for your workouts. In addition, the cushioned pedals pivot with your movement while adjustable foot straps secure your feet in place.

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Sunny SF-RW520050 Air Resistance Rower | Offers Dynamic Resistance

Be blown away by the effectiveness and dynamic resistance flexibility of the Sunny SF-RW520050 Air Resistance Rower. This unique piece of workout equipment helps to achieve a total body exercise experience. The user may easily mount or dismount the rower with a peak slide rail clearance of 12.5 inches off the ground. Easily foldable to conveniently store in small spaces.

The SF-RW520050 features a large eight-bladed fan that produces dynamic resistance with every stroke. Row faster for a more intense workout. Control the flow of the air as well as your workouts. Keep up the stamina as a cool gust of wind exhales through the machine. The air outlet vent blows a cool breeze with each row.

The cushioned seat gives users a comfortable rowing experience without sacrificing support. Oversized, non-slip textured footrests with safety straps ensure that your feet remain in place throughout your rowing routine! Slip-resistant handlebars with soft padded foam grip provide comfort and support to help you maintain performance throughout your workout.

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