Four Treadmill Workouts to Burn Calories and Lose Weight Fast

Four treadmill workouts to burn calories, lose weight, get faster, and improve endurance. Turn the “dreadmill” into an exciting part of the training. I don’t know anyone who loves the idea of getting on a treadmill for half an hour. If any people like that exist, I envy their ability to enjoy running while staring at the seconds ticking by.

While I’d much rather run outside, it’s not always possible due to bad weather or personal safety. Plus, running on a treadmill can help you fast-track specific goals, such as speed — it’s easier to keep up a sprint when a machine dictates your pace.

The treadmill doesn’t have to be so dreadful: The right type of workout can make it fun. Or at least so challenging that you can’t even think about being bored. After you’ve fueled up and completed your warm-up, hit the gym (or your home fitness equipment) with one of these heart rate-elevating, boredom-busting treadmill workouts.

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Lifting Light vs Heavy Weight | Is one better than the other?

Lifting Light vs. Heavy Weight: Is one better than the other? Choosing a weight to work out with isn’t black or white – here’s what you should know.

When it comes to working out, there’s a lot of information out there about if you should or not — and it can get pretty confusing, fast. Some people opt for heavyweights when they want to achieve more visible muscles or “bulk” up, and some people are afraid to lift heavy weights for that exact reason.

Unfortunately, many women still believe the myth that lifting heavy weights will give them bulky muscles, so they choose light or no weights that promises “long, lean muscles” instead.

But is any of this information even true? (not really). Choosing the right weight for you to lift is all about how you’re working out, not the number on the dumbbells.

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What is Exercise Endurance?

To work out harder and longer, you need to build your endurance. However, endurance means a lot of different things to different people. To runners, it means being able to run for a long time, covering many miles. To weightlifters, it might mean being able to lift heavyweight for a lot of reps. Or to athletes, it can mean getting through an entire practice or game without needing to rest.

No matter the setting, endurance refers to your ability to carry out any given physical task for an extended time. Two parts of your body — your heart and your muscles — both contribute to giving you endurance. While they are both critical in helping your body go the distance, knowing the difference between cardio and muscular endurance is key to reaching your fitness goals.

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How to Increase Your Stamina | Five Best Exercises

How to Increase Your Stamina if you’re out of shape and need ideas for getting started. The hardest part is getting started — especially if you’ve fallen off track. Plus, the more out of shape you are, the more overwhelming it can seem to start a new workout routine. So, deciding to implement a workout regimen into your daily routine is the first step to committing to a healthier lifestyle.

Living an active life is vital in maintaining good health and will ultimately leave you looking and feeling your best. If you’ve ever had trouble shedding the extra pounds, chances are, you’ve probably become a bit discouraged with the whole process. But don’t let that prevent you from getting off the couch and making a commitment to pursuing your best life possible.

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What’s the Right Exercise for Your Age Group?

What’s the Right Exercise for Your Age Group? The effect of exercise on health is profound. It can protect you from various conditions, including heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and some cancers. But the type and amount of exercise you should do changes as you age.

Accordingly, one of the keys to living a long and healthy life is staying active and exercising. However, for many people, by the time they get to age 50, they find that their body has declined — joints hurt, muscles are stiff, and they don’t have the stamina they did before.

Fortunately, there are things you can do right now to prevent those problems. You can look forward to many more years of all your favorite sports and activities. As an added benefit, by exercising and training as you age, you’ll make your “golden years” much more healthy and enjoyable.

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What is Circuit Training? | What Can it Do for You?

Circuit Training is the total-body workout to do when you don’t have a lot of time. You don’t need a lot of time to squeeze in a decent sweat session. High-intensity interval (HIIT) workouts that last for as little as 10 minutes are more effective than steady-state exercises that last an hour.

One popular way to incorporate HIIT into your routine is through circuit training. Many trainers love circuit training because it allows you to challenge different muscle groups and mix cardio with strength in a short amount of time.

Please keep reading to learn more about what exactly circuit training is, what it can do for you, and how to design the perfect circuit training workout.

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The Tabata Workout | Closest Thing We Have to a Fitness Miracle

The Tabata Workout is known as the closest thing we have to a fitness miracle. The Tabata workout is a favorite of researchers and fitness pros alike for its unparalleled fat-torching abilities and simplicity. To do a “Tabata,” pick an exercise, set a timer for 20 seconds, and 10 seconds rest.

Do the exercise as hard as possible for 20 seconds and then rest for 10, repeating 8-20 times total. Don’t be fooled: These moves may seem simple, but they’re not! If you do not see stars by the end, you’re not pushing hard enough. You can use the Tabata protocol with almost any exercise. Here, I share some fat-burning exercises to get you started:

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Tabata Bodyweight Exercises | How to Work up a Killer Burn

As fun as it is to slam battle ropes, swing kettlebells, hoist heavyweights, there’s absolute power in Tabata Bodyweight Exercises for working up a killer burn using just your body. Think about it: If you’re 140 pounds, you’re pressing that much weight away from the floor every time you do a push-up.

When you’re using only your body weight as resistance, it’s pretty much impossible to cheat but easy to progress. These workout circuits incorporate total-body compound exercises designed, so you quickly build up some heat and engage your core in almost every set.

Traditionally a Tabata workout is broken into 4 minutes rounds every 4 minutes following the same max-effort work format for 20 seconds followed by 10 seconds of complete rest repeated eight times. However, You can add more exercises to create a longer workout. The only adjustment you need to make to the format is to add a minute of rest between exercises.

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HIIT Workouts for Men | Become a Fat-Burning Machine

These HIIT Workouts for Men disprove one of the most common misperceptions about exercise being necessary to spend hours busting your butt and sweating buckets to obtain benefits. Instead of working longer, work smarter by using short intervals of extremely high-intensity exercise.

HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training, and there’s a reason everybody’s talking about it: it works! HIIT involves repeated bursts of high-intensity exercise interspersed with low-intensity recovery periods. This enables you to achieve improved muscle tone, fat burning, strength building, endurance, and cardio fitness, all in less time.

The reason HIIT is so effective is that it produces excess post-oxygen consumption or EPOC. EPOC raises your resting metabolic rate for twenty-four hours or more after your training session. Thus, it turns your body into a fat-burning machine.

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