Lifting Light vs Heavy Weight | Is one better than the other?

Lifting Light vs Heavy Weight: Is one better than the other? Choosing a weight to work out with isn’t black or white – here’s what you should know.

When it comes to working out, there’s a lot of information out there about if you should or not — and it can get pretty confusing, fast. Some people opt for heavyweights when they want to achieve more visible muscles or “bulk” up, and some people are afraid to lift heavy weights for that exact reason.

Unfortunately, many women still believe the myth that lifting heavy weights will give them bulky muscles, so they choose light or no weights that promises “long, lean muscles” instead.

But is any of this information even true? (not really). Choosing the right weight for you to lift is all about how you’re working out, not the number on the dumbbells.

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Bowflex PR3000 Home Gym | Tone Every Muscle Group

The Bowflex PR3000 home gym features over 50+ exercises to get you on your way to a versatile, flexible workout each time. Exercises work all muscle groups in your body and include Bench Press, Shoulder Shrug, and Standing Low Back Extension for your upper body as well as Leg Extension, Squat, and Standing Calf Raise for the lower part of your body.

Similar to other Bowflex models, the PR3000 comes with the standard 210 lbs of power rod resistance. Yet, if that isn’t enough, then you always have the option to upgrade your resistance up to 310 lbs. For many, they’ll find that 210 lbs resistance is enough to achieve a great at-home workout.

The Bowflex Full Body Plan also makes this piece of home gym equipment easy to use. It can be daunting to construct a workout for a new lifter, so they’ll find it mentally comforting to have videos, workouts, and exercise descriptions at their fingertips. Bowflex’s power rods also make this machine easy to use and track previous weight used appropriately.

The Bowflex PR3000 may not be perfect, but for its price, you can tone every single muscle group in your body. The no-change cable system makes it effectively easy for you to do your exercises without having to adjust them. You will be hard-pressed to find gym equipment that can be more versatile, reliable, and also give a complete body workout better than this one.

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MiM USA SM+FT Combo 1001 | Belongs in Your Gym

The MiM USA SM+FT Combo 1001 is a full-set commercial-grade home gym machine. It features the Smith home gym and a functional trainer. In as much as it doesn’t include weight stacks, it can bear loads of up to 800 pounds. Therefore, this is a machine that offers serious strength training.

Above all, this is a combo all-in-one trainer. With this in mind, it works out all muscle groups. The MiM USA SM+FT Combo 1001 offers a lot of versatility. It also comes with a wide array of accessories, including a multi-position, heavy-duty bench. In particular, the weight bench is fully adjustable for additional comfort.

It’s perfect for a variety of functions and exercises such as Smith Deep Squat, Smith Dead Lift, Free Weight Exercise, Incline Chest Press, Flat Chest Press, Weight incline, Press Squat, Morning Exercise, Tricep Extension, Arm Curl, squat with cable, Wood Chopper, Hip Abduction, Pulley Tricep Extension, Seated Row, alternating Chest Press, Chest Fly and many more. Truly “All in One”

The MiM USA SM+FT Combo 1001 is fully adjustable and has been professionally designed to deliver an enjoyable bodybuilding experience, this multipurpose fitness set up belongs in your gym, weight room, or workout studio.

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Valor Fitness BD-62 Cable Station | Ideal for Home Use

If you’re looking for compact exercise equipment that is ideal for home use, then look no further. The Valor Fitness BD-62 Cable Station allows you to target a variety of muscle groups while remaining incredibly compact.

This system must mount to a wall to ensure optimal safety and workout effectiveness. There are attachment points at the top and bottom of the machine for mounting.

The BD-62 is a dual-pulley system that adjusts into 16 different positions. The versatility of this cable station allows you to perform a variety of exercises. With this machine, it’s possible to perform bicep curls, triceps extensions, shoulder presses, reverse flyes, squats, lunges, ab crunches, chest presses, rows, single-arm rows, pull-throughs, face pulls, and many more.

The BD-62 holds Standard Plates but is commonly used with Olympic Plates as shown in photos. The Valor Fitness EX-10 Olympic Sleeve Adapter and the Valor Fitness SC-1 Olympic Sized Spring Clips can also be purchased separately to secure Olympic Sized Plates.

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Body-Solid DLAT-SF Pro Dual | Two Machines in One

The design of the Body-Solid DLAT-SF Pro Dual Lat & Mid Row Machine is impressive with advanced structural engineering and biomechanics. The machines are innovative and feature robust materials that increase the durability of frequent use. The exterior of the frame features electrostatically applied powder coating with 11-gauge oval tubing for additional comfort and protection.

The high-density foam rubber handgrips and handles make it easier to exercise because there is less pressure. The aircraft cables withstand 2500 lbs of force (1133.9 kg), and they are .217 inch in diameter (5.5 mm). Durafirm upholstery, constructed with two-inch high-density foam, is featured on the seat and can withstand the wear-and-tear of daily use.

The Lat Pulldown with Mid Row Machine also features a no-cable-change design to provide seamless transitions between long pull and seated row exercises. Adjustable hold-down pads add stability for lifts beyond that of a user’s body weight.

This device is made of quality materials and is highly effective for people who need a quality workout. The variety of exercises is a great way to get an effective upper body workout. This machine provides a full upper body workout and is compact enough to be placed in a small home gym.

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