PowerLine PLM180X Lat Machine – Great Price/Value Ratio!

The Powerline PLM180X Lat Machine by Body-Solid is a free weight lat machine explicitly designed to perform upper body exercises such as triceps press down, upright rows, lat pulldowns, seated rows, and others. The design of the machine allows you to perform a broad range of motions through full extension and contraction.

It has a heavy-gauge steel construction, which gives it robust and sturdy support as you exercise. The wide-grip bar features super-comfortable hand grips on the ends, though it can still be gripped comfortably anywhere along the bar without issue. It’s perfect for both those with long arms and those for shorter arms, and it has a patented nylon bushing in the pulleys, which allows smooth operation.

The PowerLine PLM180X is not too heavy, weighing 69 lbs (324 kg). The seat supplied with the machine measures 14 x 2.5 inches and is a durable vinyl material. Also, the seat is not adjustable; however, you can easily remove it for more room.

The PLM180X Lat machine has three main accessories including the lat pulldown bar, low row bar, as well as the cable extension for a low pulley. There are two pulleys at the top as well. The machine includes 8-inch (dual position) foam rollers to help you maintain a secure and firm grip.

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XMark XM-7618 Lat Pulldown – The Best Lat Pulldown Tower!

The XMark XM-7618 Lat Pulldown and Low Row Cable Machine features both high and low pulley stations. Therefore, a multitude of exercises, including lat pulldowns, low rows, bicep curls, triceps presses, and shrugs that target the upper back, shoulders, and arms.

It sports an 11-gauge steel 2 inch by 3-inch mainframe construction coated in a baked scratch-resistant powder coat finish with bolted-on skid resistant feet. Additionally, nylon-coated aircraft quality cables that have a 2200 pound tensile strength rating and a 400-pound maximum load capacity.

This XMark Lat Pull-down and Low Row Cable Machine was constructed using high-quality materials. With this in mind, it is a reliable multi-function strength training machine that performs smoothly and looks as good as it feels to use.

Included are two 14 inch chrome-plated Olympic sleeve adaptors and a chrome-plated lat pulldown bar and low row bar with texturized rubber handgrips. This machine also has a flip-up footplate for use with the low row bar.

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