Best Workout Shoes for Each Type of Exercise

Whenever you start a new workout or training program, one of the first things you should do is figure out the best workout shoes to wear. The right type of workout shoe can be crucial to your workout (and your feet, from heel to midsole to toe), even if you plan on weight lifting, cycling, or you need walking shoes.

Making the right choice with footwear like sneakers is even more critical if you want to run and need the right running shoe. Or if you do CrossFit workouts or a HIIT workout, you need breathable gym shoes, offer comfort, and support your weight and joints.

If you’re new to working out, chances are you’re a bit lost about which gym shoes will be the best workout shoes to support you and your feet as the right shoe choice for your new workout. And you don’t want just any pair of gym shoes or to pick the wrong shoe choice for your needs, especially if you’re going to be investing a lot of time (and potentially money) into your new training routine.

Do you need a breathable mesh, anti-slip rubber, or a rubber outsole for your workout shoe? Do you need women’s workout shoes or men’s workout sneakers? Or do you go for the big brands like Nike, Reebok, and Adidas when selecting your perfect shoe? The options are endless.

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Inspire Fitness CB1 Air Bike | Investment in your Fitness

The Inspire Fitness CB1 Air Bike features a smooth, air-based resistance braking system along with a pair of strong exercise arms. The advantage of this unique air resistance system is that it offers as much resistance as you want. The harder you pedal, the higher the resistance.

The CB1 Air Bike features moving handlebars so you can work your upper body at the same time as your lower body as you cycle.  Alternatively, you can rest your feet on the bike’s front footpegs to put all your focus on an upper-body workout.

The Inspire Fitness CB1 Air Bike comes with an easy-to-use workout computer with an easy-to-read LCD screen that displays motivating feedback stats including time, speed, distance, and calories burned.

The CB1 is solidly constructed with a durable steel frame for maximum stability and comes with rear transportation wheels for smooth relocation of the air bike.  The CB1 allows for a maximum user weight capacity of up to 300 lbs.

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Assault AirBike Elite | Designed for Hardcore Use

The Assault AirBike Elite has been designed to give you the closest experience to a gym as you can have from home. It’s built with a massive steel frame, solid steel cranks, corrosion resistance, and a solid aluminum seat post and slider. There is no question that this bike will last for years.

Designed for strength, durability, and hardcore use, you will find yourself coming back day after day for more burn. I say this bike doesn’t just bring on the burn – it brings on the inferno. It lets you push your limits with infinite resistance, so it is a machine with no restrictions in its capacity to make you grow.

The Assault AirBike Elite is designed with HIIT interval training in mind, engaging both the upper and lower body for a super effective total-body workout. Utilizing air/wind resistance with a 25” steel fan-wheel, the Assault AirBike effectively allows for infinite resistance that puts you in total control of your workout. Pedal faster to increase the resistance!

The Elite takes the air bike console into the future, this LCD allows users to connect with Bluetooth and ANT. Monitoring your heart rate is straightforward, and you can quickly link your mobile device for data tracking. Classic time, distance, and calorie goal programs are available, but especially exciting are the HIIT interval training programs available on the console.

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