A Guide to Elliptical Trainers

Tips for Choosing the Right Elliptical Trainer for You

Along with treadmills, elliptical trainers provide an optimal setting for superior cardio exercising. They engage multiple groups of muscles in the back, arms, lower body but put the main focus on the legs and buttocks.

An elliptical workout session, especially if the machine is on a higher resistance and incline level, promotes a physiological response and burns many calories, pretty close to a treadmill. However, elliptical machines provide a non-impact cardiovascular workout, which comes with specific benefits. So, determine whether or not an elliptical trainer is a machine that you need.

Ellipticals simulate walking, running, or stair climbing. Still, since there isn’t any direct foot strike involved, the impact on the joints is extremely low or non-existent. Thus, an elliptical is the best choice for exercising equipment if you recover from an injury or have bad knees.

Many people have the wrong idea that elliptical trainers are just for women or promote light exercising. That’s quite a misconception, as they can provide highly challenging workouts. Just as treadmills, they are an excellent choice for improving stamina. On top of that, since the workout impact is alleviated, you can undertake longer sessions.

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A Guide to Recumbent Bikes

Tips for Choosing the Right Recumbent Bike

If you’ve ever been to a gym or fitness center, you probably know how a recumbent bike looks like. These are recumbent bikes focus on providing the user with as much comfort as possible during their workout. Their most apparent characteristics are a welcoming, comfortable seat with back support, typically cushioned or padded, a set of handlebars near the seat, and a more or less advanced fitness console.

Recumbent bikes are known to be easy on the knees and the joints, and since all recumbent bikes have a seat with back support, they eliminate any stress on the user’s back. They’re made for light and up to medium intensity exercising, but you can also lose weight by working out on a recumbent bike. However, this requires longer workout sessions and, most likely, a well-balanced diet.

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