Sunny SF-E320001 Elliptical Trainer | Focus and Reach Your Goals

No two fitness journeys are the same; The Sunny SF-E320001 Elliptical Trainer allows you to progress and train at your own pace and the way you like. Target your upper body, lower body, or opt for a total body workout. Electro-magnetic resistance with fitness programs, upper body handlebars, and an advanced fitness console gives you the necessary tools to focus and reach your goals.

A change of pace is just a push of a button away with the electromagnetic resistance featured on the SF-E320001. Cycle through 16 progressive resistance levels to push your full-body workouts to the limit! In addition, 18 inches of stride length promotes exercise efficiency and low-impact workouts. Finally, get a total body workout that is friendly to your bones and joints.

The Sunny SF-E320001 Elliptical Trainer comes equipped with a fitness console that features an LCD to keep you informed and updated on your fitness. The console displays: Speed, RPM, Time, Distance, Odometer, Calories burned, WATT, Heart Rate, Target Heart Rate, Program, and Resistance Level.

Monitor and maintain goal heart rate. The steadier & more prolonged elevated heart rate is during a workout; the more fat gets burned. The SF-E320001 features full-motion arms for a complete and total body workout using the upper body swing arms. Last but not least, place your tablet, phone, or other mobile devices on the device holder to stay connected while working out.

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