TYTAX T1-X Home Gym | Superior in Design, Innovation and Versatility

The TYTAX T1-X Home Gym is a professional home gym dedicated to the most demanding users.  For this purpose, the T1-X has three independent workout stations and unlimited exercise possibilities. If you want to buy a machine for your home gym, you will not find a better one than the TYTAX T1-X.

The TYTAX T1-X home gym (formerly  Titan T1-X Home Gym) is an intelligently engineered (400+ exercises), commercial-grade quality machine destined to become the benchmark for excellence in home gym equipment.

The home gym equipment included in this package is second-to-none. With this in mind, their remarkable user-friendliness makes them the only hardcore home gym I know of that successfully crosses the barrier between serious-lifting and family training.

This most impressive characteristic is due to its unique multi-functional design, ‘Assisted Exercise Technology’ and counterbalance system not seen in any other gym in its class – usually found only in modern commercial-gyms.

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