Octane Fitness xR4x – Burns 23% More Calories!

The Octane Fitness xR4x Seated Elliptical is one impressive-looking machine that does enable you to tone up your lower body, improve your overall fitness, and increase your activity level while sitting in a comfortable position.

The xR4x seated elliptical provides a full-body workout and burns 23% more calories and activates three times more muscles than a recumbent bike. The cushioned seat has a backrest for more significant support. It is fully adjustable to help you find the most comfortable position because there are 15 seat height positions and five tilt settings.

The defining feature that sets the xRide recumbent elliptical apart from recumbent bikes is Octane’s 16″ PowerStroke technology. PowerStroke allows for optimal leg extension and power drive, delivering more muscle engagement. Due to its innovative design, xRide users demonstrate more activity in their glutes and have the potential for increased calorie burn during workouts.

Octane’s trademark Workout Boosters, including X-Mode, Leg Press, and Chest Press, add cross-training with various commands every few minutes to keep the heart pumping and muscles pushing. These add variety, motivation, and productive intervals. And higher intensity leads to better results and efficient, effective workouts that keep members coming back again and again.

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Schwinn Airdyne AD7 Fan Bike – Club-Quality and Affordable!

The Schwinn Airdyne AD7 is a top-rated fan bike for home gyms. This model is an extraordinary value, as it’s light commercial quality yet priced around $899. The AD7 can handle heavy use, adapts for all strengths and workout intensities, and adjusts to let almost anyone train comfortably. It holds up to 350 pounds and fits riders up to 6’ tall.

Of the three Airdynes for home use, the AD7 is most advanced in various ways. It’s the only model with a powder-coated frame so that it can look new for longer. It sports an extra-large fan wheel for smooth air resistance, and it’s the only Airdyne with multi-grip moving handlebars to optimize upper-body exercise.

The Airdyne AD7 is the only Schwinn home air bike with workout programming beyond manual mode. Its LCD monitor lets you select from nine options that include interval workouts, heart rate zone monitoring, and riding for targets of distance, time, and calories. These programs can’t control the bike’s resistance or speed, but they show feedback to guide your exercise intensity.

It’s rare to find a club-quality trainer like the Airdyne AD7 for under $1,000. Exercise bikes that use air resistance fall into this category, but most other types of fitness machines can’t deliver the same quality in this price bracket.

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The Octane Fitness Airdyne ADX Puts You In Control!

Ergonomically designed and with full-commercial components, the Octane Fitness Airdyne ADX Fan Bike allows you to work out as hard as you want to! For this purpose, the high-quality AirdyneX Fan Bike utilizes a large 27” 26-blade performance fan wheel and a single-stage belt drive for instant activation that combine to deliver smooth and consistent momentum.

This particular inertia drive system ensures not only smooth motion but safe and quick transitions from sprints to stops. With the Airdnye ADX’s air/fan resistance, you are in total control of your workout. Your efforts go directly into generating resistance as air/fan resistance works on the premise that the faster/harder you pedal, the more intense the resistance becomes, effectively allowing for unlimited resistance levels.

With its moving handlebars, the AirdnyeX Fan Bike enables you to work both your upper and lower body in unison, or you can rest your feet on the stationary foot-pegs to isolate an upper body workout.  The moving handlebars feature multi-grip positions so you can find the most comfortable hand-placement for you or work different muscle groups depending on hand-placement.

To help keep you motivated, the AirdyneX Fan Bike comes with an easy-to-use Tachometer that visually displays how hard you’re working out.  It features an easy-to-view LCD screen that displays motivating workout stats and offers a variety of HIIT and target workouts.

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