Inspire Fitness FT1 Functional Trainer | Complete Freedom of Movement

The Inspire Fitness FT1 functional trainer comes standard with dual 165 lb weight stacks. The weight stack consists of 15 plates, 10 lbs (4.5 kg) each, while the top stopper plate also weighs 10 lbs (4.5 kg) and 2 x 5 lbs (2.26 kg) add-ons. That’s 165 lb per side (or 82.5 lb of functional resistance per stack). However, you can purchase an extra 50 pounds per side.

Each stack has its own fully adjustable pulley. Moreover, each side has 30 different starting positions, giving you many freedom and customization options for your workouts. Furthermore, each pulley also swivels 180 degrees freely, allowing you to perform your movements at any angle.

The Inspire Fitness FT1 for functional training gives you complete freedom of movement in any direction or plane while performing weight resistance exercises. These free exercises will enable you to move the way your body naturally moves. In addition, many freestanding exercises incorporate core, secondary, and stabilizing muscles, giving you a more efficient workout.

The Inspire FT1 is an excellent training machine for athletes interested in sport-specific exercise movements or people looking to strengthen their overall bodies, increase stamina and coordination, or lose weight.

Inspire Fitness FT1 Functional Trainer
Inspire Fitness FT1 Functional Trainer

Learn more in my complete review below!

Product: Inspire Fitness FT1 Functional Trainer

Price: For a great deal on this gym, merely go here on Amazon

Warranty: In-home: Limited Lifetime on frame and parts (see the light-commercial warranty below)

My rating: 10/10

Affiliate Disclosure: As an Amazon Affiliate Program participant, I earn commissions on purchases made through links in this post. Full disclosure

Details and Specifications

  • Assembled dimensions: 46″D x 54″W x 83″H inches (116.8D x 137.2W x 210.8H cm)
  • With Optional Bench: 82″D x 54″W x 83″H  (208.3D x 137.2W x 210.8 cm)
  • Assembled weight: 725 lbs (328.9 kg)
  • Weight resistance system: Steel plate stacks
  • Max. weight resistance: 2 x 165 lbs (74.8 kg) (2:1 ratio)
  • Upgradeable 50 lbs (22.6 kg) weight plate addon per stack
  • Possible exercises: 40+
  • Warranty:
    – In-home: Limited Lifetime on frame and parts
    – Light-commercial: Limited Lifetime on frame/parts ten years

FT1 Frame construction

The Inspire Fitness FT1 functional trainer features a compact structure with a reasonably small footprint for a home gym system. Its fully assembled frame has a footprint of 46″D x 54″W (116.8 x 137.2 cm). On top of that, it’s a V-shaped machine with a space-forward workout design. Thus, it fits in a corner without the need to leave any clearance at the rear.

The trainer, as it is, does not include an exercise bench. But with the optional Inspire Fitness FID bench attached, you will need at least 82″ (208.3 cm) of space at the front.

The FT1 trainer’s highest point is 83″ (210.8 cm), so technically, it can fit in a room with a seven ′ ceiling. However, I wouldn’t advise placing it in a room with a 7′ ceiling. Instead, it’s advisable to set and use the machine in a room with a higher ceiling 20 inches taller than your size to perform all the pull-up/chin-up exercises correctly.

Inspire Fitness FT1 Functional Trainer

The machine’s frame is 2″ x 4″, 11 gauge tubular steel, featuring a durable construction. The rear sustaining frame bars and the base bars come coated with an electrostatically applied powder finish, resistant to rust and scratching.

However, the guide beams of the weight stacks, the front pulleys’ adjustment bars, and the pull-up bar feature a chrome coating.

An essential aspect of this machine is its top bar, which can perform all kinds of pull-ups and chin-ups. This bar has a user capacity of 330 lbs (150 kg). It has a knurled finish for extra adherence and is curved to provide a natural positioning on the hands to minimize stress on the wrists.

Weight stacks and pulleys

The machine’s weight stacks sum up to 320 lbs, while the frame structure adds an extra weight up to 405 lbs (183.7 kg). Due to this weight, stability will never be an issue for this fitness machine. However, the base bars do not have adjustable stabilizers but rest on rubberized pads to alleviate the floor’s impact.

If you’re wondering, the base bars do not have holes in them for anchoring the machine to the floor.

The FT1 Inspire Fitness comes with highly durable nylon pulleys integrating steel ball bearings. The front pulleys can pivot 180° on their vertical axis, adapting perfectly to each exercise. Their vertical bars offer 30 adjustment positions, and their adjustment, locking, and unlocking into place, are done with ease via their large levers.

The machine’s cables are 2,000 lbs rated and coated with a PVC sheet for a smooth gliding motion over the pulleys.

FT1 Accessories

In terms of accessories, the FT1 includes quite a bunch of them. These are an Easy Curl Bar, a Straight Bar, one Ankle Cuff, one Swing Handle for golf or baseball swing exercises, two 5 lbs add-ons (one for each weight stack), Tricep Rope, and two hand-grips. Along with these, there’s also a Multi-Function Wide Belt included, which is for assisted pull-ups. Finally, as optional accessories, Inspire Fitness offers a multi-function exercise bench and two 50 lbs weight add-ons.

Inspire Fitness FT1 Functional Trainer

As opposed to other functional trainers, the FT1 integrates a revolving rack at the back, to which you can attach multiple accessories. It’s a pretty cool and helpful feature, as the accessories needed for each type of exercise will always be within close reach.

Weight Resistance

The Inspire Fitness Functional Trainer FT1 comes with two weight stacks, 165 lbs (74.8 kg). They are heavy-duty, metallic alloy plates designed to last a lifetime. Each >weight stack integrates 15 plates, 10 pounds (4.5 kg) each, while the top stopper plate also weighs 10 lbs (4.5 kg).

As mentioned earlier, this functional trainer comes with 2x 5 lbs (2.26 kg) add-ons. These offer the possibility of adjusting the weight for each stack in increments of 5 lbs.

The weight adjustment for each stack is quick and easy. Each plate has the overall weight specified on it and an adjustment hole. To select the desired weight, you have to insert the pin into the plate that indicates it.

The machine offers a weight ratio of 2:1 for each stack, which means the maximum weight resistance generated for each stack is 82.5 lbs (37.4 kg). However, the weight stacks are upgradeable. Inspire Fitness offers 50 lbs (22.6 kg) weight stack add-ons, so each one of the machine’s stacks is upgradeable to 210 lbs (95.2 kg).

Inspire Fitness FT1 Functional Trainer

FT1 Possible Exercises

This fitness machine offers the possibility to execute more than 40+ exercises for the main groups of muscles. Some of the most important ones are:

Arm exercises
  • Bicep curls
  • Lateral single-arm biceps curls
  • Lying biceps curls
  • Close-grip pulldowns
  • Triceps extensions
  • Triceps press-downs
  • Kneeling triceps extensions
  • Lateral single-arm triceps extensions
  • Prone triceps extensions
  • Pull-ups / Chin-ups
  • Assisted Pull-ups / Chin-ups
Abdominal Exercises
Back Exercises
  • Back flies
  • Prone back flies
  • Prone reverse flies
  • Back presses
  • Lat pulldowns
  • Aerobic rowing
  • Crossover rowing
  • Kneeling rowing

Please note that an optional bench and preacher pad pictured to the right does not come with the trainer.

Chest Exercises
  • Chest presses
  • Single-arm chest presses
  • Wide grip chest presses
  • Close grip chest presses
  • Chest flies
  • Incline chest flies
  • Lateral chest flies
  • Single-arm chest flies
  • Pullovers
  • Pullovers with crunches
Leg Exercises
  • Stand-up leg curls

    Inspire Fitness FT1 Functional Trainer
  • Calf raises
  • Squats
  • Single-leg squats
  • Kneeling single-leg squats
  • Wide squats
  • Twisting squats
  • Jumping squats
  • Front lunges
  • Hip extensions
  • Hip adductions / Hip abductions
Shoulder Exercises
  • Shoulder presses
  • Upright rows
  • Lateral deltoid raises
  • Front deltoid raises
  • Lying front deltoid raises
  • Front deltoid raises with leg curls.
  • Shoulder extensions
  • Lateral arm pulls

Of course, some of these exercises require a bench. But for some of the seated exercises, you can use just about any chair available.

A handy accessory included with this trainer is the multi-function belt. Specifically, this gives you the possibility to perform assisted pull-ups and chin-ups. Furthermore, you can attach it to the front lateral pulleys in one of the lowest positions and step on it to balance some of your weight with the machine’s weight stacks. Therefore, it can help users with a low fitness level perform more pull-ups and chin-ups.

Inspire Fitness FT1 Functional Trainer
Inspire Fitness FT1 Functional Trainer

FT1 Assembly and Maintenance

Although this functional trainer’s assembly isn’t overly complicated, there are many parts to assemble, so that the process will take at least 3-4 hours.

The manual provides excellent assembly instructions, though, so with a bit of intuition, anyone should be able to do it without professional help. Also, all the tools required for the assembly are (included).

Maintenance doesn’t require much. However, it is advisable to periodically grease the weight stacks’ guide rods once assembled to facilitate smooth gliding. Also, if the pulleys develop squeaking noises, you’ll need to lubricate them.


  • Extremely sturdy and stable frame;
  • Relatively small footprint for a home gym system;

    Inspire Fitness FT1 Functional Trainer
  • Compact, v-shape, space-forward design does only require clearance at the front;
  • Smooth pulley and cable movement;
  • 30 adjustment positions for its mobile pulleys;
  • 180° pivoting adjustable pulleys allowing a natural, healthy range of motion for all exercises;
  • Ergonomic, dual position pull-up bar with knurled grips for maximum adherence;
  • 165 lbs weight for each stack;
  • Weight add-ons included for 5 lbs adjustment increments;
  • Upgradable weight stacks by up to 50 lbs each;
  • Over 40+ exercises available;
  • Numerous included accessories: Multi-Functional Belt, Easy Curl Bar, Straight Bar, Ankle Cuff, Swing Handle, Tricep Rope, 2- Single Handles;
  • Revolving rack for all the accessories;
  • Little maintenance is required;
  • Quiet operation;
  • Reasonably easy to set up;
  • Excellent warranty plan.


  • Only a 2:1 weight ratio.

Inspire Fitness FT1 Functional Trainer Summary

The Inspire Fitness FT1 is a dual-stack functional trainer, offering 160 lbs (+5 lb increment add-ons) for each stack and 30 adjustment positions for the front pulleys. In particular, the frame features a minimal footprint for a home gym, with a v-shape, space-forward design. Also, it comes with a wide array of accessories, including a curl bar, straight bar, two handles, ankle cuff, tricep rope, and several others.

Moreover, it offers the possibility to perform more than 40+ exercises. As a result, it’s one of the best functional trainers out there, and even though it costs around $3,000, its quality and versatility match the price.

I hope you found this article helpful and informative. Would you please speak up if you have anything you’d like to share on the topic or any opinions about my website? I look forward to your comments, questions, and the sharing of ideas.

Please note that you should consult your physician before starting any exercise program to determine if you have any medical or physical conditions that could put your health and safety at risk or prevent you from using the equipment properly. In addition, your physician’s advice is essential if you are taking medication that affects your heart rate, blood pressure, or cholesterol level.

9 thoughts on “Inspire Fitness FT1 Functional Trainer | Complete Freedom of Movement”

  1. This looks like an amazing machine! My son is finally old enough to start working out, and we have been looking for a machine to invest in that we could both use. This machine has the ability to do just about any exercise you could think of! And the price isn’t too bad for all that you get with this. Thank you for the review, I am going to talk to my son about it!

  2. Shopping around for something at home and found your website. 
    I have lot if exercise equipment at home but I’m lacking in what I can use for strength training 
    $2,000 doesn’t seem to be very much for this. 
    You mentioned it was easy to assemble. 
    Do you remember how long it took?
    Would you recommend this over Bowflex or any of the other home gym competitors?

    • It takes approximately 3 – 4 hours to assemble. However, if you are concerned about assembly you might check into a professional assembly service.

      Yes, I recommend this functional trainer. It’s well built and will last forever. The warranty is incredible. You mentioned Bowflex specifically. Bowflex is a great machine. The only knock I have against them is that the resistance rods will wear out and they will have to be replaced. With the Inspire Fitness FT1, there will be no replacement cost.

      Thanks for your interest.

  3. As you have shown in this post how it looks and how it is used and you described in this article all the pros and cons I can say that this is one of the best types of equipment to own for health and body fitness.

    I like the durability that handles the weight of users, however, I can see the base is a bit minimal, I thought it should be wider to withstand the movements of heavy users.

    Is the base screwed on the floor?

    • No, the base bars do not have holes for screwing the trainer to the floor. However, I don’t think stability will be an issue. The machine with weight stacks weighs 725 pounds so it’s not going to move around when working out.


  4. I have been exploring your website and read a great review on the lat pull-up machine. I liked that, but looking at this machine, I think there is much more value here if you have the space for it. In addition, you can do lat pull-ups and various other exercises that you can’t do on the other machine. So maybe long term, this is the better buy.

    • Hi Michel, thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with us. Please let me know if I may further assist you with exercise equipment. I’m always happy to help.

      Kind regards, Robert

  5. Your review of the Inspire Fitness FT1 Functional Trainer was highly informative and helpful. The way you broke down the various features and benefits of the machine gave me a good understanding of how it works and how it can benefit my workout routine. In addition, I appreciate the level of detail you provided on the machine’s design and functionality and your personal experience with using it. Your review has helped me make a more informed decision about whether or not the Inspire Fitness FT1 Functional Trainer is the right equipment for me. Thanks for sharing your expertise!

    • Hi Murray, thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with us. Please let me know if I may further assist you with exercise equipment. I’m always happy to help.

      Kind regards, Robert


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