Valor Fitness BD-61 Cable Crossover | Versatile Strength Training

The Valor Fitness BD-61 Cable Crossover features a double bar track that creates more stability and smoother movement when using either standard 1″ plates or 2″ Olympic weight plates. The BD-61 also features high and low pulley and plate storage pegs for a clean and organized home gym.

The BD-61 has 17 position adjustable sleeves to perform various exercises from different angles. With 3.5″ between each position and a 63″ range of adjustment, the adjustable sleeves have numerous positions for various cable exercises.

The Valor Fitness BD-61 cable crossover pulley brace pivots and moves with you for efficient movement and an effective workout. For example, with no preset angle, the pivoting pulley brace allows you to pull the cable in any direction or manner you need.

The BD-61 comes with adjustable handles with five positions to meet the needs of each user and each exercise. Furthermore, the popper pin on each pulley brace allows for easy adjustment along the sleeves.

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Marcy Olympic SM-3551 Training Cage | Durability and Stability

The Marcy Olympic SM-3551 Training Cage System is a durable, multi-purpose workout machine that allows you to exercise in the comfort of your home or the office. So get to strengthening and toning the muscles in your body with the pull-up bar, weight trolley, abdominal crunch station, and dips bar. Durability and stability are one of the main features of this cage system, so intense workouts are no problem.

The Marcy Training Cage System includes adjustable bar catches for the front of the unit. Use the catches with an Olympic bar for squats and a bench for presses. Squats are great for targeting your quadriceps and glutes.

The high and low pulleys are for intense upper and lower body exercises. Core training is excellent with cable pulleys, targeting all muscles. The Marcy Olympic SM-3551 training cage has a single pulley trolley that you can use with the upper or lower pulley for various workouts.

The multi-grip pull-up bar allows you to do pull-ups and chin-ups. Pull-ups and chin-ups target several different muscles in your arms, back, and chest. Change up your grip to target a broader range of muscles. Use the Sit-up station to easily do sit-ups without having someone to hold your legs down.

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Body-Solid GLGS100 Corner Leverage Machine | 40+ Exercises

Perform shrugs, squats, deadlifts, biceps curls, and everything in between more efficiently and effectively on the Body-Solid GLGS100 Corner Leverage Machine. The swingarm/press arm station has a large radius to simulate a straight up and down motion.

In addition, the GLGS100 press armbar can be used as a pull-up/chin-up station when the press armbar is at its highest position. An adjustable knee lock-down makes lat pulldowns more accessible than ever, while the low pulley station is perfect for curls and multiple-row exercises.

Works with almost any Flat/Incline/Decline Bench, or add the optional, premium Body-Solid GFID100, Flat / Incline / Decline Bench that can slide in and out, allowing for ease of use and a smooth transition from exercise to exercise. At the same time, attached wheels make transport a breeze. In addition, a stand-alone design allows the bench to be used entirely independently of the gym system.

The Body-Solid GLGS100 Corner Leverage Machine fits comfortably into most home and commercial settings with a revolutionary space-saving design. With an all-new, high-tech/high-gloss anodized red finish, this gym stands out for its performance and looks.

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REP Fitness PR-1000 Power Rack | Strength-Training System

The REP Fitness PR-1000 Power Rack is an affordable but sturdy power rack compact enough to fit even a space-restricted home. At 83″ H x 48″ W x 48″ D (58″ W at the rear bottom brace and 26″ depth inside to inside, and 44″ wide inside to inside)., the rack can fit in a spare room or basement, and the 14-gauge steel frame can handle a workload of 700 lbs.

It also features dual pull-up bars (1.25″ and 2″ thick) with a 400-pound weight capacity, great for partner workouts. In addition, keep organized with built-in weight horns on the back base to store plates and stabilize the rack, so it is unnecessary to bolt it down. Finally, the optional weight storage extension allows you to hold 1000 lbs of plates and two barbells without additional space.

The PR-1000 comes with chrome-coated safeties extending beyond the cage to hold an extra barbell, and the J-cups are lined with plastic to protect your bar and the rack’s finish from scratches, rust, and bumps. In addition, laser-engraved numbered uprights allow quick and accurate height adjustments of safeties and J-cups.

The PR-1000 is compatible with different optional equipment, including a bench, dip bars, lat pulldown and low row attachment, landmine attachments, more weight storage, different J-cups, cannonball grips, and pin safeties, that bring a lot of versatility and exercise variations to the PR-1000to name a few. As a result, the PR-1000 is an excellent centerpiece for your home or garage gym.

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Marcy Pro Deluxe Cage System PM-5108 | All-in-One Training

Perform an effective full-body workout and be in the best shape of your life with the Marcy Pro Deluxe Cage System PM-5108! Build the body of your dreams and stay fit and healthy right in the comfort of your home. The PM-5108 has a maximum user weight of 300 lbs and holds 300 lbs on the bar catch, 100 lbs on the leg developer, and 100 lbs on the sliding weight post.

Made from sturdy oversized 14-gauge powder-coated steel, this PM-5108 all-in-one cage system effectively resists scratches and chipping that may result from heavy use. It’s improved with a guided weight trolley and adjustable contoured foam roller pads for additional comfort during workout sessions.

This Marcy Pro Deluxe Cage System has a high pulley lat tower, a low pulley station, and a removable bench for a convenient workout system to perform basic to intense exercise routines. In addition, its cage is also utilized as a squat rack, enabling you to execute leg workouts comfortably.

It comes with a multi-position seat pad that can adjust into three positions: inclined, flat, and declined to give you the advantage of performing chest press exercises. It also has an adjustable bar and safety catches suitable for weightlifting 6- and 7-foot Olympic barbells. Unfortunately, the barbell and weights do not come with the cage system.

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FR 810XLT Super Max Power Cage | Your Safety is the Top Priority

The FR 810XLT Super Max Power Cage by Fitness Reality is for those looking for any workout to build and tone muscles, including heavy lifting. It is constructed with a tubular frame from 2″ x 2″ sturdy steel, making it heavy-duty and durable. The chrome plating gives it extra toughness as well.

There is abundant space for walking in to maneuver through various side exercises. The walk-in area is 50.5″ in length, 46.5″ in width, and 83.5″ in height. The total weight of the machine is 133.5 pounds when fully assembled. With the size of the FR 810XLT, there is a need for quite a bit of space to store it.

Safety should be at the top of the priority list when purchasing a power cage. You will be doing it alone when working out in your home gym. There will be no one there to help you if something goes wrong. With this in mind, it has two 3.25 inches long chrome lock-on safety bars and two 23 inches-long chrome dual-mounted safety bars; everything stays in place.

Along with completing heavy lifting workouts, grip bars for pull-ups are available so that back muscles, shoulders, and arms can get the work you want to strengthen those areas. Additionally, two stability bars are for the back of the FR 810XLT machine, which boosts this gym equipment’s stability factor.

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Body-Solid G2B Bi-Angular Home Gym | Featuring Six Workout Stations

One of the most asked questions about the Body-Solid G2B Bi-Angular Home Gym is “What is Bi-Angular motion”; what is it supposed to do for me, and does it work? Bi-Angular action is a fancy term meaning a wide range of movement. When users are free to stretch their arms, they can work out more muscles and spend less time working out without compromising their workout benefits.

With this in mind, the BiAngular motion feature mimics dumbbell workout motions, eliminating the need for expensive, space-consuming dumbbells. The Body-Solid G2B also features an impressively small footprint compared to the 40+ exercises users can perform.

The Body-Solid G2B Bi-Angular home gym also features incredibly fluid motion thanks to the SmoothGlide bearing system that reduces unnecessary friction during workouts. In addition, the G2B comes with 160 lbs of selectorized weight stack resistance adjustable in 10 lb increments; users may purchase an upgrade boosting weight resistance to 210 lbs.

Built with a heavy-duty 12 gauge steel frame, the Body-Solid G2B Bi-Angular Home Gym remains stable during workouts. Additionally, it has a powder coat finish to reduce damage from weather and scratches. The 4.5″ pulleys have 2,200 lb tension strength, military spec, aircraft cables, and are fiberglass, making them impact resistance and designed to last a lifetime.

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Inspire Fitness FT1 Functional Trainer | Complete Freedom of Movement

The Inspire Fitness FT1 functional trainer comes standard with dual 165 lb weight stacks. The weight stack consists of 15 plates, 10 lbs (4.5 kg) each, while the top stopper plate also weighs 10 lbs (4.5 kg) and 2 x 5 lbs (2.26 kg) add-ons. That’s 165 lb per side (or 82.5 lb of functional resistance per stack). However, you can purchase an extra 50 pounds per side.

Each stack has its own fully adjustable pulley. Moreover, each side has 30 different starting positions, giving you many freedom and customization options for your workouts. Furthermore, each pulley also swivels 180 degrees freely, allowing you to perform your movements at any angle.

The Inspire Fitness FT1 for functional training gives you complete freedom of movement in any direction or plane while performing weight resistance exercises. These free exercises will enable you to move the way your body naturally moves. In addition, many freestanding exercises incorporate core, secondary, and stabilizing muscles, giving you a more efficient workout.

The Inspire FT1 is an excellent training machine for athletes interested in sport-specific exercise movements or people looking to strengthen their overall bodies, increase stamina and coordination, or lose weight.

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Valor Fitness BD-7 Power Rack | Achieve a “Ripped” Physique

The Valor Fitness BD-7 Power Rack with Lat Pulldown offers a vast range of strength training exercises to help you achieve a sculpted “ripped” physique. Moreover, the Valor Fitness BD-7 Power Rack offers intense strength exercises, including lat pulldowns, squats, military presses, pull-ups, and more!

The Valor Fitness BD-7 is constructed with a sturdy 2×2″ steel mainframe and features four steel chrome adjustable weight bar supports, two solid steel squat safety bars, and 17 variable positions for bar supports ranging in height from 17.5″ up to 68″. In addition, this power rack is compatible with a 7ft Olympic-sized barbell (sold separately).

If you buy this rack to set up in your home gym, you will usually be working out without a spotter. Therefore, this is why Valor Athletics has included a set of high-quality safety rails and two sets of adjustable bar supports.

These allow you to perform mass-building exercises, including squats and bench presses, without the fear of getting ‘pinned’ under the bar. The bar supports come in a couple of different lengths. The shorter set holds the bar before starting the exercise, while the more extended set helps catch the bar if you can’t entirely complete the rep.

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