Sunny SF-RB420031 SMART Recumbent Bike | Perfect Performance

The perfect balance of performance, value, comfort, technology, and convenience has arrived with the Sunny SF-RB420031 SMART Recumbent Bike. In addition, you’ll get more connected with your fitness with the SunnyFit app available on Amazon, Google Play, or the Apple App Store.

The SF-RB420031 features eight smooth and adjustable magnetic resistance levels, making it easy to modify the intensity or follow the Sunny trainer’s video lessons during your home workout sessions. The lowest level delivers a relatively light pedaling difficulty, great for recovery training, while the highest level simulates a hill climb, perfect for aerobics.

The all-new SunnyFit APP takes your Sunny workouts to the next level! First, view your live metrics displayed in real-time as you tour the world with accurate location maps. Then, get the results you want with customized workout plans. When not using the SunnyFit App, the monitor will display fitness metrics in real-time: Time, Speed, Distance, Calories, Odometer, and Pulse.

The Sunny SF-RB420031 SMART recumbent bike features a seat with over 2 inches of cushioning and is 16.7 inches wide and 12.6 inches long. Get the most comfortable and intense recumbent exercise biking experience. In addition, the bike has a multi-grip handlebar that can adopt a low grip, an oblique grip, and a climbing grip.

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Sunny SF-RB420046 SMART Recumbent Bike | Elite Interactive Series

Achieve an elite level of connected, innovative fitness with the convenient and resilient Sunny SF-RB420046 SMART Recumbent Bike. Furthermore, this Sunny packs a serious fitness punch regarding technology, flexibility, and value. In tight spaces, you can tilt and roll for use or away for easy storage with convenient transport wheels allowing easy movement of equipment.

Switching up the resistance on this in-home cardio exercise machine is easy. First, turn the resistance knob to cycle through 12-levels of smooth contactless magnetic resistance. In addition, the stand-alone fitness monitor tracks several metrics, including Body Fat%, Calendar, Calories, Clock, Distance, Pulse, Recovery, RPM, Speed, Temperature, Time, and Scan.

The all-new SunnyFit APP takes your Sunny workouts to the next level! Connect your preferred mobile device through Bluetooth and view your performance metrics in real-time. Get the results you want with customized workout plans. Ride with Sunny Health & Fitness expert trainers on the Sunny Health & Fitness SunnyFit App.

Pedal for an extended time and push yourself past that extra mile with the help of the extra cushioned seat. The unique, specialized seat features a curved lumbar supporting ventilated back, which promotes airflow and enhances comfort and breathability.

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Spirit Fitness XBR95 Recumbent Bike | Best for Losing Weight Faster

The Spirit Fitness XBR95 Recumbent Bike comes with a walk-through design. It has a low-profile mid-section for easy on and off access. It features commercial-grade structural steel with durable powder coat paint that provides a sturdy and stable base. In addition, it comes with a self-generating power system, so you don’t have to worry about placing it near an outlet.

The Spirit Fitness XBR95 recumbent bike has a cooling mesh back and high-density foam seat. The mesh back helps to keep you cool during your workout session. The seat adjusts fore and aft to provide the rider with the ultimate comfort. The backrest offers a reclining adjustment system as well. Furthermore, most bikes for home use don’t have this feature.

Another essential feature of a bike is its resistance. The resistance provides the rider with a smooth and intense workout session. For a smooth, solid, and intense workout, this bike comes equipped with a 30 lbs (13.6 kg) flywheel and 40 levels of magnetic resistance. In addition, the XBR95 comes with remote adjustment keys for adjusting resistance levels quickly.

The included console on the XBR95 keeps track of the RPM, Calories, Time, Distance, Pulse, Level, METs, Segment Time, Program Name, Watts, and Laps. Furthermore, the console is adjustable and includes 12 built-in workout programs to motivate exercise fun. In addition, visible are the muscle-activated LED lights that show users where the burn is going down.

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XTERRA SB4500 Recumbent Bike | Focus on Your Fitness Goals

Push it to your limits on the XTERRA SB4500 Recumbent Bike, thanks to the 24 levels of smooth and quiet electronically controlled magnetic resistance. A 22-pound heavy-duty flywheel system offers premium fluid motion, while a 3-piece pedal crank provides unmatched durability.

The SB4500 packs the latest technology into an affordable recumbent bike. The console features an easy-to-read 7″ touchscreen display that tracks time, speed, distance, RPM, calories, and pulse. In addition, it features built-in Bluetooth FTMS to connect to third-party apps, such as Zwift and Kinomaps. Furthermore, there are eight preset programs, three target programs, and one manual program.

A large adjustable cushioned seat with a full padded seat back provides extra support during workouts on the XTERRA SB4500 recumbent bike. The recumbent sitting position provides a low-impact exercise that is easy on the joints. In addition, the oversized adjustable foot pedals accommodate various users, so you can comfortably go the distance.

The SB4500 has an easily accessible step-through frame design with a compact footprint that goes wherever you need it most in your home. In addition, the sizeable adjustable seat comfortably fits most users between 4’10” – and 6’2″ and weighs under 265 lbs.

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Sunny Pro II SF-B1964 Indoor Cycling Bike | Transform Your Body Fitness

Saddle up and ride silently and swiftly on the Sunny Pro II SF-B1964 Indoor Cycling Bike. Indoor exercise bikes with magnetic resistance provide a riding experience within the comfort of your own home. Transform your magnetic bike from an indoor cardio trainer to a total body fitness experience by incorporating dumbbells into your workout sessions.

The heavier the flywheel, the smoother the ride! Sunny’s flywheel is second to none when feeling like you are riding outdoors! No more jerky, out-of-control movements, regardless of speed or resistance level! The magnetic resistance brake is contactless with the flywheel resulting in a virtually maintenance-free experience with a smooth and quiet ride.

Stay on top of your riding metrics with the fitness monitor digital display. It tracks the Time, Speed, Distance, Calories, RPM, and Pulse. It also features an Odometer and a Scan function. Keep your heart rate high and consistent for an effective and efficient workout. Integrated hand grip pulse sensors allow a quick and convenient tracking of this vital fitness metric.

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Weslo Pursuit G 3.1 Recumbent Bike | 10 Level Silent Magnetic Resistance

The Weslo Pursuit G 3.1 Recumbent Bike is not very heavy; however, it’s pretty stable and doesn’t wobble even if users pedal at the highest speed. Since the Pursuit G 3.1 is a recumbent bike designed for home use, it’s not very large-sized, its length is 52 inches (132cm), and its width is 23 inches (58cm).

The Pursuit G 3.1 comes equipped with Silent Magnetic Resistance (SMR). Therefore, the adjustable resistance offers quiet and consistent operation during every workout program. It is adjustable through a knob conveniently located on the console mast within users’ easy reach. The flywheel is very smooth and offers users the experience of riding on a real road.

The Weslo Pursuit G 3.1 Recumbent Bike comes equipped with a fitness console that features an LCD and RPM meter, which help users control their workout progress all through the exercise. The display tracks the time, distance, speed, RPM, and calories burned. It also has a Scan mode, which keeps rotating the stats showing each for a few seconds.

The seat of the Pursuit G 3.1 is adjustable. Users can slide it forward and backward to find their perfect fit. It is shaped like a chair and has a soft cushion on the seat and the backrest, and the bike’s backrest offers excellent lumbar support, with its extra height covering a user’s entire back.

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Exerpeutic 5000 Recumbent Bike | Great Cardiovascular Workout Bike

Exerpeutic 5000 Recumbent Bike features a convenient open step-in design to mount and dismount this recumbent bike safely. It is also safe on your joints, especially the knees, and makes an excellent option for those with mobility issues. In addition, it has a robust construction with a maximum user weight capacity of up to 325 pounds (147 kg).

The 5000 comes equipped with a large airsoft seat with an alternating pressure chamber system that lets the airflow through for a cool and comfy ride and has a decent molded mesh backrest. It helps eliminate any pressure points and soreness for a much longer workout. This large seat measures 13L x 17W x 3.5H inches.

The Exerpeutic 5000 Recumbent Bike is a great cardiovascular workout bike that gets your heart rate up, works on your legs properly, and lets you burn calories and fat efficiently over regular use. You’ll find 24 motorized magnetic resistance levels, 24 pre-set workout programs for different needs, and three goal-based workout settings based on time, calories burned, and distance.

The 5000 comes equipped with a fitness console LCD that shows the distance traveled, current speed, calories burned, time exercised, RPM, ODOmeter, watts, and pulse rate through the handle sensors. In addition, you can download the MyCloudFitness application free of charge on your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet for monitoring your progress by tracking your workout stats on your mobile device.

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pooboo W669 Recumbent Bike | Combines Performance and Affordability

The pooboo W669 Recumbent Bike features a heavy-duty steel frame construction that combines design and performance; Magnetic Resistance and Belt Drive System provide smooth and quiet exercising, ideal for a home cardio workout. It also comes with convenient transportation wheels that facilitate the relocation and storage of the bike.

The W669 provides eight smooth manual magnetic resistance levels for a wide range of workout intensity options. Turn the knob to the right to increase resistance and decrease resistance; you can easily adjust the riding intensity to suit your workout.

The pooboo W669 Recumbent Bike comes equipped with a fitness monitor that features an LCD that tracks time, speed, distance, calories burned, and heart rate, so you’ll be able to keep track of your progress. In addition, the phone/tablet holder allows entertainment during exercising, making exercising more enjoyable.

The W669 features a large padded and adjustable seat for superior comfort, and the wide padded backrest provides excellent lumbar support. In addition, anti-slip and caged pedals come with adjustable straps to increase stability and comfort and give more support while pedaling.

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Sunny SF-RB4880 Recumbent Bike | Offers a Smooth and Stable Ride

The reliable Sunny SF-RB4880 Recumbent Bike from Sunny Health & Fitness is a self-powered recumbent bike with plenty to offer the midrange shopper. With a weight capacity of 300lbs, it’s a quality bike, offering users a smooth, quiet, and stable ride.

Modifying the 24 levels of resistance on this in-home cardio machine is easy. First, turn the resistance knob clockwise or counterclockwise to cycle through 24 levels of computer-controlled magnetic resistance. Then, use the resistance dial to precisely control the magnetic resistance.

The Sunny SF-RB4880 Recumbent Bike comes with a fitness console that features a multi-panel LCD with an LED backlight to track your time, speed, rotation per minute, distance (kilometers or miles), calories burned, pulse, and wattage. For pulse monitoring, sensors integrate into the seat-side handlebars for ease of use.

The SF-RB4880 comes equipped with a bike seat for long-lasting exercise sessions. The step-through design makes this easy to mount. First, grab the ergonomic handlebars to keep your balance. Next, place your feet in the foot pedals, which also have adjustable straps. The foot straps keep your feet saddled in place so you can focus on the workout without feeling unbalanced.

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