Stamina Air Resistance Bike 876 | Provides A Total-Body Workout

The Stamina Air Resistance Bike 876 combines air resistance’s versatility with a powerful way to work the upper body. In addition, air resistance is practical and easy to use. For instance, pedal faster for higher resistance or slow down for less. For more of a challenge, turn the dial to your desired level of intensity and begin pedaling.

You’ll find the air resistance offers a smooth, stable exercise, no matter what your intensity level is. The Air Resistance Bike 876 engages the upper body as well. Place your hands on the dual-action arms while pedaling to stretch and strengthen the shoulders, back, chest, core, and arms. As a result, you’ll burn even more calories and raise your heart rate for a powerful, total-body workout.

When you’re ready to take your workout a step further, track time, distance, speed, and calories burned on the large, easy-to-read fitness monitor LCD. Use SCAN mode to cycle through these stats as you exercise. It is a simple monitor and doesn’t include any pre-programmed workouts. In addition, the monitor is battery-operated, requiring 2 AA batteries, which do not come with the bike.

Adjust the comfortable, molded, padded seat to your desired height (fits 4 10 to 6 2) and begin pedaling. The textured pedals and foam-padded handles offer enhanced security and stability during your exercise routine. Do you have a small budget? Look no further than the Stamina Air Resistance Bike 876 for a cardiovascular-boosting workout.

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Stamina X Air Bike 15-1175 | Take Your Intensity to the Next Level

Take your intensity to the next level with the Stamina X Air Bike 15-1175. This bike is for elite athletes and serious fitness enthusiasts, and the X 15-1175 is outfitted with high-end components to accommodate even the most robust routine. In addition, the Stamina X Air Bike helps you achieve your fitness goals with built-in workouts designed specifically for seasoned athletes.

The 15-1175 rugged frame comes with features designed to keep you comfortable. The molded, padded seat has both adjustable height and distance, making it an excellent fit for users of nearly all sizes (fits 4’10” – 6’4”). Textured handlebars and heavy-duty foot pedals with adjustable straps all keep you aligned and stabilized during movement.

Dual-action arms provide an intense upper-body workout, working the shoulders, arms, back, chest, and core. Incorporating the upper body gets your heart rate up faster and makes your workouts more efficient. In addition, multiple grip positions let you target your upper body at different angles. For example, place your feet on the rests to focus solely on the upper body.

The Stamina X Air Bike 15-1175 comes equipped with an LCD monitor to set customizable workouts, including target distance, target time, target calories, target heart rate, interval 10/20, interval 20/10, and custom interval. In addition, the LCD monitor also tracks time, distance, calories, rotations per minute (RPM), speed, watts, and heart rate.

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XTERRA Fitness AIR650 Airbike Pro | Simple, Yet So Effective

The XTERRA Fitness AIR650 Airbike Pro is a heavy-duty exercise bike designed directly for athletes to rehab patients and everyone in between. The XTERRA AIR650 AirBike Pro reinvents and retools nearly every component of the traditional fan bike, from the frame construction to the crank, pedals, monitor, and more.

The great thing about the AIR650 Airbike Pro is that it can work for a beginner, a rehabbing athlete, or a seasoned pro training at the highest levels of competition—no matter their sport, body type, or ambition. While fan bikes have existed for nearly half a century, modern advances in their design and function have made them increasingly in demand.

The XTERRA Fitness AIR650 comes with everything you’re accustomed to and more! The fitness monitor measures distance, watts, speed, and calories. It’s everything you need in one easy-to-read console with the ability to set up Interval Training, Target Training, Heart-Rate Training, and more.

With the XTERRA Fitness AIR650 Airbike Pro, the user controls the resistance, not the machine. As a result, you can control the intensity of your workout – The harder you push, pull, and pedal, the more air you’re moving, and the higher the resistance.

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