Sunny SF-B020026 Mini Exercise Bike | Compact, Space-Saving Design

Get a heart-pumping, calorie-busting, intense workout from the comfort of your couch with the Sunny SF-B020026 Mini Exercise Bike. Push your cycle session as vigorously as you desire; the suction cups will ensure your mini exercise bike is solid and will not slip. Use it in the comfort of your living room, sitting at work in the office, or even on vacation!

The SF-B020026 features eight levels of magnetic resistance to provide variance to your exercises so you can switch up your workouts on demand. In addition, the 7-inch stride enables a much more efficient workout than other mini exercise bikes with shorter strides. Furthermore, pedal with your feet or your hands! Achieving an upper body workout is simple, fun, and effective.

Stay on top of your fitness goals and progress. The Sunny SF-B020026 mini exercise bike has a digital fitness monitor that tracks and displays the time, speed, distance, and calories burned. In addition, it includes a scan function to rotate between all the metrics.

The SF-B020026 mini exercise bike stores away easily with its compact, space-saving design. In particular, the carry handle allows for quick and easy portability. Furthermore, lift it onto your desk for a short upper body hand pedaling session or move it around your home or office.

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Sunny SF-T7942 Foldable Walking Treadmill | Perfect for Power Walking

Maintain your cardiovascular health with the Sunny SF-T7942 Foldable Walking Treadmill. Step onto the space-saving walking area (43. 3 inches by 14. 17 inches) equipped with shock absorption technology. This walking treadmill can reach speeds between 0. 5 mph and seven mph.

Grab the onboard integrated HR pulse sensors to monitor your heart rate while you exercise. A glance at the fitness console LCD to keep track of your time, speed, distance, calories burned, and pulse. Use the console buttons to control start-stop operations and speed on the treadmill.

Designed for longevity, the Sunny SF-T7942 Foldable Walking Treadmill has a built-in maintenance reminder to remind you when to lubricate your treadmill. In addition, this compact treadmill can support users up to 220 lb. After your workout, fold the treadmill upright to save space. Then, use the transportation wheels to glide the cardio machine from room to room.

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Cubii JR2 UnderDesk Elliptical | Increase Mobility/Strength While You Sit

This updated Cubii JR2 UnderDesk Elliptical includes eight resistance levels letting you burn calories, improve mobility, and increase strength while you sit. Furthermore, the newly designed ZeroGravitii Flywheel offers a smoother rotation while you pedal. The Cubii JR2 increases energy expenditure by over 5x compared to standing.

The JR2 trainer comes equipped with a fitness monitor that tracks your calories burned, time, strides per minute, and distance pedaled. Cubii Studio+ is their new wellness platform that includes live and on-demand exercise classes. Expert trainers teach all of the various workout classes.

The Cubii JR2 UnderDesk Elliptical lets you get fit while you sit. Using the Cubii JR2 burns calories and activates more than 50% of your body’s muscle groups. Unlike any other Cubii elliptical, the Cubii JR2 includes built-in adjustable foot straps. This exclusive feature provides a more steady stride and is perfect for users who want to feel more connected to every stride.

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Leikefitness 2280 Folding Exercise Bike | Built-in Arm Resistance Bands

The Leikefitness 2280 Folding Exercise Bike features an advanced folding frame design and multi-seating positions that maximize your use of space while providing a comfortable and effective workout. Exercise the arms, thighs, abdomen, and hips, shake off the unwieldy fat, and get rid of exhaustion and pressure after a day’s work.

The Leike 2280 comes equipped with a 12-level manual magnetic resistance system. Therefore, you’ll be able to customize your exercise intensity to maximize the results. In addition, the two built-in arm resistance bands help exercise your arm muscles and upper body while riding.

The Leikefitness 2280 folding exercise bike comes equipped with a fitness monitor that tracks time, distance, odometer, speed, calories, and pulse. In addition, the comfortable seat & backrest have thickened cushions, more extensive than regular models.

Save your space even in a small apartment; you can put the Leike 2280 in the corner or under the bed when you are not using it. Furthermore, the folding frame design is easy to move when not in use as its front base comes equipped with transport wheels.

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LifeSpan TR1200-DT3 Under Desk Treadmill | Get Fit While You Work

The LifeSpan TR1200-DT3 is a top-selling treadmill base and console designed to support most users or small teams. The compact under-desk treadmill guarantees a perfect fit and easy placement under your standing desk.

The portable control console is small enough to fit discretely on your desktop and still provide all the features you need, including readouts for steps, time, distance, calories, and speed. In addition, the dependable 20″ by 50″ walking surface is equipped with six impact-absorbing compression shocks, supporting users up to 350-pounds.

The LifeSpan TR1200-DT3 provides a quiet operation that lets you stay respectful of coworkers while you walk at your desk for miles each day without impacting office productivity. High-quality components reduce mechanical noise and vibrations, keeping your focus on the task at hand. Get fit while you work with the TR1200-DT3 Under Desk Treadmill.

The TR1200-DT3 features Intelli-Step technology that detects each footstep taken and keeps you aware of your daily step count. In addition, the integrated Intelli-Guard feature ensures the treadmill only operates when you are actively walking, supporting a safe work environment.

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Sunny SF-E3872 Underdesk Elliptical | Fight Against a Sedentary Lifestyle

The space-saving Sunny SF-E3872 Underdesk Elliptical machine can help get your legs moving in a forward motion with a low impact on the joints. Excellent for increasing blood circulation, joint range of motion, and improved lower body muscular endurance.

Use the tension knob to select eight levels of belt drive magnetic resistance paired with a low-maintenance design to provide a wide variety of exercise intensities to fit your specific needs. Keep your momentum up and your feet moving safely. Non-slip foot pedals accommodate all sizes, while the grip ensures safe footing during workouts!

The Sunny SF-E3872 Underdesk Elliptical comes equipped with a fitness console to keep track of your time, speed, calories, and distance. Or choose the scan function to scroll through all variables while working out. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a pulse reading function, so you’ll have to use a separate device to track the pulse.

The SF-E3872 arrives fully assembled! Convenient pre-assembly means you can save time, money, and energy on putting together your elliptical; unbox and begin your fitness journey! This low-profile and compact exercise machine is for use anywhere you choose to sit. Lightweight and equipped with a transportation handlebar.

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Exerpeutic ExerWork 2000i Folding Desk Exercise Bike | Is Highly Versatile

The Exerpeutic Exerwork 2000i Folding Desk Exercise Bike is a bike and a highly adjustable desk in a semi-recumbent folding package. It can be used as a bike only, a desk only, a bike and desk at the same time, or even as a standing desk. This versatility makes it an excellent option so that the user to get the most from their exercise equipment.

The 2000i desktop is robust and holds up to 44 lbs, and it’s also 4-way adjustable. You can tilt it forward and back through 3 angle adjustments and move up or down through 5 different height settings so that a user of any height can work on it. In addition, it will go high enough to be used as a standing desk when you need a break from sitting.

The Exerpeutic ExerWork 2000i is Bluetooth enabled so that you can connect to the MyCloudFitness app for tracking your progress. You can choose from 24 workout programs and three-goal settings (time, distance, and calories burned). It is also compatible with the MyCloudFitness Chest heart rate monitor if you want to get one to monitor your heart rate.

The 2000i has a large cushioned Airsoft seat that is 2.5 inches thick and 15 inches wide. The foam padding is soft, and the seat’s size and shape should work well for most users. In addition, the Airsoft seat claims to have “aerodynamic healthcare technology” that allows air to breathe through the fabric to help keep you cooler for longer.

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Lanos Folding Exercise Bike | Manual Magnetic Resistance

The Lanos Folding Exercise Bike has been built using the highest quality steel and requires minor assembly. This exercise bike has a maximum user weight capacity of up to 330 lbs (150 kg). In addition, pull the knob, and the bike easily folds to half its size. Then, maneuver using the transportation wheels and place them in a closet for storage.

Featuring a new and improved 10-level magnetic resistance control system, the Lanos Folding Exercise Bike allows you to set your standards to meet personal goals at your own pace. In addition, the precision-balanced flywheel offers a smooth ride that won’t interfere with music or entertainment at any intensity level.

This Lanos Folding Exercise Bike has a fitness monitor to track your time, speed, distance, calories burned, and heart rate. In addition, the integrated HR pulse sensors track your heart rate conveniently without delay directly from the front handlebars.

The Lanos folding exercise bike has optimal seating to sit comfortably while completing your daily workout routine. The cushioned seat is adjustable to your body and weight type and supports the back support. Slide your feet into the Lanos exercise bike’s slip-resistant pedals and begin your cardio fitness.

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Stamina E1000 InMotion Elliptical | Compact, Portable, and Affordable

The Stamina E1000 InMotion Elliptical eliminates any “reason” to procrastinate about the health of your body and mind. The incredibly compact, portable, and affordable elliptical lets you conveniently work up a healthy sweat nearly anywhere, anytime.

Ever wonder why elliptical machines are in demand at the gym? Elliptical workouts burn a similar number of calories as jogging does, efficiently increasing stamina and energy while toning your hips, buttocks, thighs, and legs. However, unlike jogging, ellipticals help you reach your fitness and weight loss goals through a low-impact routine.

The Stamina E1000 InMotion Elliptical also includes free access to the smart audio coaching app müüv. müüv helps you move 500+ minutes per month with the right mix of cardio, strength, and flexibility for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. In addition, you’ll get smart audio coaching personalized to you, progresses for you, and is fun to do.

The Stamina E1000 InMotion Elliptical is useable either sitting, standing or pedaling in reverse motion, making it easy to get a convenient and versatile workout. Exercise on the Stamina E1000 helps you burn calories, tone lower-body muscle, and improve your cardiovascular health, all in a joint-friendly manner.

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