Bowflex TC100 TreadClimber – Burns 2.5x More Calories!

The Bowflex TC100 TreadClimber put together a design that featured a unique 3-in-1 motion, taking the most effective movements from existing cardio equipment (elliptical, treadmill, stairclimber) and creating a new move that’s more efficient for calorie burning.

What sets the Bowflex TC100 TreadClimber apart from other fitness machines? It’s the combination of belt speed, incline, resistance levels, and adaptive treadle motion that creates a workout that’s low impact, yet efficient at burning calories. The TC100 burns 2.5x more calories than a treadmill.

Two separate treadles with moving belts (like that of a treadmill) run in an up and down motion to achieve this unique workout experience that can burn up to 2.5x more calories than a traditional treadmill. There is a rear machine step platform for safety, and the maximum user weight capacity is 300 pounds.

There are 12 resistance levels available, with the lower levels being perfect for anyone that wants to emulate outdoor walking on flat ground, while the higher levels are better for anyone looking to burn the most calories in the shortest time.

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ProForm Cardio HIIT Elliptical – Blast Calories Fast!

The ProForm Cardio HIIT Elliptical is for aerobic workouts that build strength and endurance while blasting calories. Even better, it has programming for high-intensity interval training (HIIT). HIIT alternates between intensity levels to create a brief anaerobic effect (oxygen deprivation) that triggers incredible results.

Imagine burning calories four times faster than you do with treadmill exercise! Achieving weight loss and other fitness goals incredibly quickly is the seduction of high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Another remarkable result from HIIT is a significant improvement in cardio endurance; you might double your stamina in a short amount of time.

The ProForm Cardio HIIT Elliptical Trainer features a smooth but steep elliptical footpath, resistant handlebars for invigorating boxing-like motion, and 24 tension levels. Various non-essential features such as 32 preset training programs, iFit connectivity and music speakers round out an impressive specs list, making the $999 sale price seem surprisingly low.

The HIIT Trainer offers excellent joint protection while outperforming traditional steppers, ellipticals, and treadmills in a variety of ways. Generous programming, speakers, and other enhancements help make this model the best buy.

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ProForm Cardio HIIT Pro Trainer – It’s not for Everyone!

If you have seen a review on the ProForm Cardio HIIT Pro Trainer before you would have noticed words like ‘’revolutionary, feel the burn, hybrid stepper, etc.’’ that was used to describe the equipment. No doubt the unit is all of that, and you will learn more about the machine, therefore do not go away.

It’s very sturdy, regardless of the intensity of your exercise. The machine is always firm and stable, despite its compact dimensions. The ProForm Cardio HIIT Pro Trainer comes with advanced technology touch screen console and 26 levels of magnetic resistance to meet any exerciser’s needs.

This unit is the combination of a stepper and elliptical machine functionalities, which make it unique. It does not impact on the back or every other joint in the body harshly. This unit combines a smooth 10’’ vertical elliptical path with the powerful upper-body movements that simulate stepping while boxing to boost your body’s metabolism and burn calories in the entire workout session.

However, ProForm Cardio HIIT Pro Trainer is not for everyone. Due to its high-intensity training, individuals with heart issues are advised not to use it. This powerful machine is made to give both cardio and strength workouts.

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Inspire Fitness CS4 Cardio Strider – Improve Health/Burn Calories!

The Inspire Fitness CS4 Cardio Strider comes with unique linear path pedals that offer simple back and forth reciprocating leg movement that minimizes hip rotation and reduces knee stress while engaging your glutes and leg muscles.

The CS4 provides an effective cardiovascular workout by combining upper and lower body flexibility and coordination into one impact-free motion and is easier on your joints. Regular use of elliptical trainers will increase heart and lung capacity while improving your health and burning calories.

The Silent Poly V Belt Drive System provides quiet operation. The Inspire CS4 recumbent elliptical uses 20 levels of Magnetic Brake resistance. Also, magnetic resistance has the advantage of no friction, reliability, little to no maintenance costs, and quiet operation.

The Inspire Fitness CS4’s console is straightforward and easy to use and features a bright blue backlit LCD that’s easy to view in both low light and bright light. The CS4 allows up to 10 user profiles, and the LCD screen displays motivating workout stats, including time, speed, distance, calories, and heart-rate.

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