Body Power 3-in-1 Conversion Rowing Machine | Killer Workout

Save space and get a killer workout with this practical, compact, easy-to-use Body Power 3-in-1 Conversion Rowing Machine. It combines three of the best gym cardio and strength training tools: a traditional rower, ROM rower, and cable training.

For traditional rowing, leave the setup and perform your workout as you would on any rowing machine. Then, adjust it to ROM rowing, which allows for independent arm movement and is the perfect swimmer workout. For strength building, use the resistance cables by attaching the trundle bars and lowering the arms.

This Body Power 3-in-1 Conversion Rowing Machine provides a full-body workout to target different areas, like the forearms, triceps, traps, shoulders, hamstrings, and more. In addition, each of the exercises possible with this unique machine is low-impact, making it perfect for people with painful joints.

Comfortable and convenient, this machine has eight manual resistance settings and an adjustable fitness monitor that calculates and displays time, row count, and calories burned. In addition, the monitor has three workout goal target settings. Now you can develop your muscles without using weights by instead using your body weight as the resistance.

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Spirit Fitness XT385 Treadmill | Keeps You Motivated Mile After Mile

The Spirit Fitness XT385 Treadmill will keep you motivated mile after mile. The large 22″ x 60″ running surface and 3.5 HP motor give you all the room and power you need for a comfortable workout. In addition, the top speed of 12mph and 15% elevation are sure to keep you challenged.

The XT385 features a 7.5-inch dot matrix LED display that is very easy to read. In addition, the console tracks the following essential information: time, speed, distance, incline, pace, calories burned, and heart rate. There is also a 1/4 mile track display for the distance, which indicates the number of laps you have completed.

The Spirit Fitness XT385 treadmill offers a wide array of workout programs: 5 preset, two custom, two heart rate controlled, and manual modes. The heart rate is measured by either hand grip pulse sensors or an HR chest strap with a transmitter (included) and tracked on the Heart Rate % profile. In addition, built-in Bluetooth connects to the Spirit Fit App, which can track and record your workout.

The Muscle Activation feature is present in the Spirit XT385 treadmill. It stimulates the most important muscle groups in your body to maximize your workout, including the glute, quad, hamstring, calf, chest, and arm muscles. Therefore, this is ideal for you if you are trying to improve your muscle tone and performance.

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Strongick Air Resistance Rowing Machine | Burns Fat More Efficiently

Why do so many fitness trainers recommend using a rowing machine? The Strongick Air Resistance Rowing Machine Model D25 is one of the best affordable rowers for building strong muscles while pushing your heart rate to levels that increase your metabolism, burning calories and fat more efficiently.

Because rowing is proven to provide a nearly unsurpassed aerobic workout without the relentless pounding to your joints, the Strongick air resistance rowing machine lets you quickly improve your fitness while drastically reducing injury risks.

The Strongick air resistance rowing machine features a strong steel and aluminum frame coupled with stainless steel rails that give users a smooth gliding row up to 500 lbs (225 kg). This substantial 8′ x 2′ (244cm x 61cm) rowing machine comes with caster wheels for easy transportation and separates into two pieces for convenient storage at home or in the gym.

With the equipped fitness monitor, you’ll set personal bests and keep track of your real-time progress. The LCD arm is adjustable for easier viewing. In addition, Bluetooth connectivity allows your favorite fitness apps to add your workout data to your goals. Everything is with your comfort in mind, from the handle design to the padded seat and footrests.

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Fitness Reality 2646D Fan Rower | On-Demand Fitness Classes

Fitness Reality 2646D Fan Rower is a sleek, modern cardiovascular fitness machine with a foldable, user-friendly ergonomic design and Bluetooth functionality to sync with the MyCloudFitness app and On-Demand Coaching by Fitness Reality.

The FR 2646D has a robust and durable frame with a maximum user weight capacity of 250 pounds (113 kg) and 14 magnetic and infinite fan resistance levels. It runs smoothly and quietly as you row along the sturdy aluminum slide rail.

MyCloudFitness (MCF) app (30-day free trial) is compatible with the Bluetooth fitness monitor that tracks calories burned, distance, time/500 strokes, strokes per minute-SPM, watts, and workout based on your resistance level. In addition, the Start/Pause, Stop Hold for Reset, Up, Down, Enter-Mode, and Goal buttons are on the LCD.

It offers a great workout without needing to leave the comfort of your home. And you get your whole body involved on the FR 2646D, not just your back. You’ll work on your legs and core section- abs, arms, shoulders, chest, and back. And by increasing the resistance level to 14, you’ll get a strength training workout.

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RHYTHM FUN Folding Treadmill | Super Shock-Absorbing Deck

The RHYTHM FUN Folding Treadmill features a shock-absorbing deck that integrates several cushioning elements to reduce the impact on the knees, ankles, and other body parts. In addition, the suspended running belt and a combined 7-layers of different materials result in shock reduction, which is also the main feature of this treadmill.

The RHYTHM FUN folding treadmill comes equipped with a 4.0 HP DC drive motor that gradually adjusts the speed, allowing you to quickly and safely adjust your pace to prevent falling due to sudden speed changes. Additionally, the speed range is 0.6 MPH – 9.3 MPH (1 – 15 kmh).

This good-looking, high-end, stylish, and exquisite treadmill has a multi-functional fitness console with an LED displaying the time, distance, speed, calories burned, and pulse. In addition, the console has Bluetooth connectivity and is compatible with the YPOO app available in Google Play and the Apple app store. The app lets you track your progress and workout history online.

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pooboo E916 Magnetic Elliptical Trainer | Suitable for the Whole Family

The pooboo E916 Magnetic Elliptical offers the benefit of a low-impact workout by mimicking natural motion patterns experienced when walking or running, toning your body, and exercising your muscles intensely with low pressure on your joints and bones. The low-impact workout can also help burn calories for weight loss and is suitable for the whole family.

With convenient turns of the pooboo E916 tension knob, you can increase or decrease the magnetic resistance so that your workout is always challenging and effective throughout the entire fitness process. In addition, you can participate in different and unique programs with this tool to stimulate muscles in different ways and create new training modes.

The pooboo E916 Magnetic Elliptical comes equipped with a fitness console that features an LCD that displays your time, speed, distance, calories burned, pulse, and odometer. These calculations and readings are beneficial to keep track of your progress.

The oversized textured pedals increase the friction of your shoes to keep you safe while working out. Also, the poopoo E916 Magnetic Elliptical features a 13.5 inches stride length, and the 5.9 inches spacing between the pedals meets the needs of different people.

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Niceday CT11 Elliptical Machine | Priced in the Mid-Range Level

The Niceday CT11 Elliptical Machine is perfect for home use, and, priced in the mid-range level, the construction and working parts of the Niceday elliptical are all impressive. It offers a serious jump in quality from the cheaper machines and has much to offer for people looking for something reliable that will last.

The CT11 features 16 levels of manual magnetic resistance for your different workout goals. And you’ll feel the difference between each resistance level. For example, levels 1 to 6 are for warming up, 7 to 12 are for burning calories efficiently, and 13 to 16 will challenge you and help strengthen and tone your leg muscles, buttocks, and core section.

The Niceday CT11 elliptical machine mobile handlebars on this trainer give you more choices with your upper body moving together with your legs so that you’ll burn calories and fat on your whole body. In addition, you can hold the fixed handles in the middle to keep yourself stable while doing tough leg workouts.

The CT11 has a fitness monitor featuring an LCD that tracks the time, speed, distance, odometer, calories burned, and pulse by holding the fixed handlebar sensors. In addition, you can set different workout goals based on distance, calorie-burning, or time.

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GoElliptical V-600X Elliptical Machine | Manually Adjustable 18″ Stride

The GoElliptical V-600X Elliptical Machine comes equipped with a maintenance-free, silent magnetic resistance system that provides a fluid elliptical movement. The manually adjustable 18″ stride combined with the cushioned upper body handlebars provides a comfortable upper and lower body no-impact workout for maximum calorie burn.

The V-600X offers 24 pre-set workout programs, random programs with unlimited variations, and 24 levels of magnetic resistance with a unique toggle switch allowing for an excellent cardio workout. In addition, the intuitive computer provides a Club Type 128 Dot Large LED readout displaying the program profile, time, speed, distance, pulse, and calories.

This elliptical has oversized 25.5″ x 5.5″ pedals that adjust to 8 different positions based on the user’s preference for added comfort. As a result, the GoElliptical V-600X elliptical offers a fluid, comfortable 3-position, manually adjustable stride in a small package.

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Sole S77 Non-Folding Treadmill | Club-Quality Made for Home

The Sole S77 Non-Folding Treadmill is for the fitness enthusiast who wants all the features of a gym treadmill at home. As a result, it’s easier than ever to integrate your favorite devices and get the challenging workout you thought was only available at the gym.

With a running area size more suited to commercial club-quality machines, including the Cushion Flex running deck system, the Sole Fitness S77 Non-Folding Treadmill has several features that make it the ideal choice for serious and casual runners alike.

The Sole S77 is a durable treadmill with a long-lasting belt, a large running area, and high weight capacity. It withstands daily usage, and though there aren’t a lot of high-tech frills, this machine’s powerful 4.0 CHP motor will keep you running strong for many years to come.

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