Fitness Factory EXM1 Home Gym | Offers Exceptional Range of Motion

The EXM1 Home Gym features a pre-welded frame in 2 major sub-assemblies, thus increasing stability while at the same time offering substantially reduced assembly time. The compact, feature-packed design of the EXM1 offers proven motion and pivot points for a fluid routine.

Ergonomically correct press arms allow natural arm movement to increase comfort and functionality as you cruise through your favorite workouts. This machine also offers the added benefit of a leg press station that mounts on either side of the gym. Finally, advanced engineering has resulted in exceptional range of motion and full adjustment for any size user.

Built by Body-Solid Exclusively for Fitness Factory, the solid EXM1 offers the most bang for your buck, with a selectorized iron weight stack, full leg press, three pulley stations, leg developer, and LIFETIME WARRANTY. Use attachment handles on any pulley for almost limitless exercises.

The gym comes with a lat bar, low row bar, and ab harness. Compare this gym to any other in this price range, and the EXM1 offers the most utility and best warranty. The 160-pound iron weight stack will be enough for most users; heavy lifters can upgrade to a 210-pound stack.

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XMark Functional Trainer XM-7626 | Offers Unparalleled Performance

What is a functional trainer anyway? How does it work? The XMark Functional Trainer XM-7626 is a cable machine that uses two independent weight stacks, pulleys, and cables (with handles) to provide unique workout benefits. For over ten years, Functional Trainers have provided unparalleled performance and value. Modern designs offer the latest trend in “user-defined” training methods utilizing multiple muscle groups.

Core stability training can lead to improved balance, coordination, and stability, by efficiently working your body’s stabilizer muscles through a limitless number of exercises; a Functional Trainer offers strength-building results to users of all sizes.

Functional Trainers allow you to have complete freedom of movement in any direction or plane while performing weight resistance exercises. There are unrestricted activities designed to move the way your body naturally moves. Change the angle, resistance, and attachment for a wide variety of tasks to hit either the upper or lower body.

If you’re looking for a commercial-grade cable machine, the XMark Functional Trainer XM-7626 is a model to put on your list. The XM-7626 provides proper iso-lateral-based movements allowing users a variety of options for muscle targeting and isolation. Nineteen different column adjustments will enable the user to customize the trainer to fit their body and movements.

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