XTERRA ERG650W Rowing Machine | Authentic Feel and Sound

The XTERRA ERG650W Rowing Machine will help you get the most out of your training. I was also impressed by the build quality. The heavy-duty dual aluminum covered rails provide a quiet, smooth, and efficient workout while withstanding a lifetime of regular use. This machine has a maximum user weight capacity of up to 350 pounds (159 kg).

Its core is a water tank and a durable, multi-bladed impeller to give you the most effective workout possible. With this in mind, XTERRA took that idea a step further and angled the tank at 45-degrees for an increased range of resistance. As a result, the ERG650W water tank provides an authentic rowing feel and soothing sound.

The XTERRA ERG650W comes equipped with a large 5.5″ fitness console that tracks the usual workout data you would expect, including time, distance, stroke rate, and pulse. No matter what your goals are, the ERG650W rower includes 15 workout programs to keep you engaged. In addition, there are programs to track your strokes, target calories, distance, and more. Once you get your training going, you can even race against the computer to see who wins.

The seat is very comfortable, and it slides smoothly and quietly up and down the angled rails. The seat is also 15″ off the floor, which gives it the feel of a commercial machine, plus it makes it easy to get on and off. Your feet are held securely in place with wide footrests and thick bands. And lastly, the handle has a suitable diameter, is well-padded, and sits nicely in the hands.

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Marcy NS-6023RW Water Rowing Machine | Offers 6 Workout Programs

The Marcy NS-6023RW Water Rowing Machine delivers the intensity of a lake rowing workout to your home gym. Using water as a form of resistance, the NS-6023RW replicates the smooth and natural feeling of rowing on water.

Easily adjust the water rower’s resistance by adding water to the tank or taking water out of the container using the included pump. Many water resistance rowers are preferred by many because the water’s resistance naturally increases the faster / harder you row!

You can’t make progress if you are not tracking progress. The computer on the NS-6023RW displays calories burned, time, distance, pulse, and more! The included pulse monitor allows you to keep track of your heart rate, which is essential for all the CrossFit / HIIT exercisers. However, the wireless HR chest strap does not come with the rower.

The Marcy NS-6023RW Water Rowing Machine has a high-density foam seat ergonomically molded to provide comfort during long workouts. The firm handle offers an excellent grip to ensure it does not slip during use. And, the oversized pedals with loops ensure your feet do not move.

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WaterRower M1 LoRise Rowing Machine | Feels Like Rowing a Real Boat

Using the same principles that govern a boat’s water dynamics, the WaterRower M1 LoRise Rowing Machine provides an unlimited range of resistance, making it suitable for various strengths and skill levels. In a boat, the faster you move, the higher the drag and the greater the intensity of exercise required to maintain your speed.

The benefit of a water resistance rower is that it most closely simulates a boat moving through water. The WaterRower M1 LoRise’s patented WaterFlywheel emulates this naturally self-paced benefit of rowing. This is a workout you can start benefitting from immediately, regardless of experience!

The Series 4 Performance Monitor balances technical sophistication with user-friendliness. The S4 Monitor tracks m/s (meters per second), distance, time, total strokes, stroke rate, mph (mile per hour), /500m (time per 500 meters), /2km (time per 2 kilometers), watts, heart rate (with optional HR chest strap) and Kcalories per hour.

The handle of the WaterRower M1 LoRise is made of aluminum for strength and lightness, with a tear-drop shape that fits comfortably into the palm to minimize wrist torque. The drive strap of the WaterRower M1 LoRise is high-density polyester webbing guided by nylon pulleys. The drive strap does not wear and is maintenance-free, requiring no messy lubrication.

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Stamina X Water Rower | Build Endurance and Full-Body Strength

The Stamina X Water Rower is a compact rowing machine that uses water resistance to simulate the feel of actual rowing. Unlike other full-sized water rowers, it places the water wheel below the rower instead of on end to save space.

Dynamic water resistance on the Stamina X Water Rower simulates the feeling of real-world rowing. The smooth motion of this type of resistance provides a great full-body workout. Suppose you want to increase the resistance, row harder. Ease off, and the resistance will ease with you. You can also add or remove water from the tank to change the baseline resistance.

For tracking your progress, the Stamina X Water Rower features a multi-function monitor that tracks calories burned, time, stroke count, and distance during your workout. Use scan mode to cycle through each of these metrics. Attach the included wireless HR chest strap transmitter to your chest to view your pulse.

Rowing is a significant low impact, total body workout that builds strength and endurance, burns calories fast, provides effective cardiovascular exercise, helps reduce stress, and is, best of all, relatively easy to do. So. if you have minimal space to devote to a traditional long rowing machine, then check out this cool new Stamina X Water Rower.

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WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine | Smooth, Natural, and Quiet

The WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine with S4 Monitor is one of the most aesthetically pleasing rowers on the market, not to mention, it is one of the best-performing ones as well! It is part of the “Natural” series of WaterRowers, due to its solid Ash Wood and stained Honey Oak construction material.

It uses a “water flywheel” or paddles suspended in a water tank to provide the rower’s resistance. This is called ‘variable’ resistance because there are no “adjustments” to feel more resistance, row faster, and feel less resistance, row slower.

In addition to determining resistance based on your rowing intensity, you can further adjust the rowing experience by adding or subtracting water from the water tank. The more water you add, the “heavier” the rowing will feel (like rowing a boat with passengers). The less water you have, the “lighter” the rowing will feel (like rowing by yourself).

The WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine provides one of the best resistance provided by any water rowing machine. It is difficult to find any complaints about WaterRower resistance. It is smooth, durable, and relatively quiet. Plus, it closely mimics the resistance felt while rowing on the water!

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FDF Evolution E-316 Fluid Rower | Offering 16 Levels of Resistance

The FDF Evolution E-316 Fluid Rower is a premium quality commercial rowing machine designed to accommodate all fitness levels and heavy use facilities. Featuring FDF’s variable fluid resistance technology, this water rowing machine accurately simulates propelling a boat through the water, with the rower experiencing an instant catch and continuous resistance.

Delivering a massive range of adjustable resistance, the FDF Evolution E-316 Fluid Rower has an angled tank with a straight-line configuration for an unrivaled stroke profile. The convenience of this water resistance technology means you can change the intensity mid-workout to meet individual fitness goals, as well as accommodate multi-user training.

The E-316 Fluid Rower by First Degree Fitness has a small footprint with complete mobility and a compact vertical storage option, making it ideal for group classes, cardio areas, and quality home gyms. Designed with commercial-grade quality, the E-316 fits perfectly in a semi- or full commercial or home environment.

The E-316 is standard with an Interactive Performance Monitor. This displays all-important workout feedback, such as time, speed, and distance. The integrated Heart Rate receiver also measures your HR using an HR chest strap. However, the HR chest strap is (sold) separately.

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