Circuit Fitness AMZ-979RW Rower | 8-Levels of Resistance

Tone and define your upper and lower body while increasing cardiovascular endurance with the Circuit Fitness AMZ-979RW rowing machine! This powerful rowing machine has a 9-lb flywheel that offers eight resistance levels for a customizable and satisfying cardio workout.

The Circuit Fitness AMZ-979RW weighs 72 pounds with a 300 lb user weight capacity and measures 72 x 38.5 x 19 inches – is compact, taking up very little space in your workout area. It has a foldable design with a quick-release pin, a foldable monitor, and the folded measurements of 36L x 19W x 53.5H inches.

The AMZ-979RW comes equipped with a user-friendly LCD monitor, which provides useful information such as time, total count, distance, RPM, and calorie count. Even though the fitness console does not have any built-in workout programs, it does offer the possibility to select workout goals for time, count, distance, and calories.

The mold injected seat with a contoured foam pad is sturdy and durable with an ergonomic design for your comfort during your exercise session. The two fixed pedals are anti-slip with a textured surface for your convenience and safety, with adjustable velcro foot straps to keep your feet in place.

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Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 | Features Oar-Like Handles

The solid construction of the Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 will give you a comfortable and stable workout. This rower has oar-like handles that give you a full range of motion to mimic the action of rowing on a boat. The unique design allows for a full-body, effective workout for every major muscle group – including the back, legs, arms, abs, and glutes.

The thing I like about hydraulic piston rowers is that they are usually quiet when in use. The adjustable gas shock that this rower uses for resistance is conveniently located just under the rower’s seat so that you can adjust the resistance level when working out. There are 12 different levels to choose from, so people at all different fitness levels will have a challenging workout.

The Stamina Body Trac 10 features an easy-to-read LCD monitor and displays your workout time, stroke count, calories burned, and total strokes accumulated. When you want to increase or decrease the intensity of your stroke, adjust the hydraulic cylinder.

For extra support and stability, the BodyTrac Glider moves along a smooth ball-bearing roller system. It includes features to enhance your comfort, including textured footplates with straps, a molded seat, and padded hand grips. Fold the arms after you’ve completed your workout for an easy way to save space.

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Marcy ME-706 Recumbent Bike | Excellent Bike for the Price

The Marcy ME-706 Recumbent Bike has a heavy-duty construction, and the main parts of the bike are steel. The ME-706’s weight is more than 100 lbs, and its dimension is 57″ Length x 24″ Width. In particular, the bike’s weight adds to its overall sturdiness. Also, the step-through design of the bike allows you to get on and off the bike quickly.

The Marcy ME-706 recumbent bike has a motorized magnetic resistance system. It also has 23 preset workout program that keeps you challenged to gain your desired fitness goal. Moreover, you can select any of the preset programs, and the console will auto adjust the resistance throughout the workout.

The ME-706 features a large LCD with an LED backlight for easy reading. Furthermore, the LCD screen tracks time, distance, speed, resistance, calories, RPM, and pulse. The console is telemetric and can track pulse either with an HR chest strap (sold separately) or through the handlebars’ integrated sensors. However, Bluetooth and online connectivity are absent from the LCD.

The seat of the Marcy ME-706 recumbent bike has well-padded foam and durable vinyl upholstery. And it’s backrest has approx 2″ (5 cm) of foam covering. Moreover, the backrest gives full back support because it has a durable steel backbone.

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Sunny SF-RB4631 Recumbent Bike | With Arm Exerciser

The Sunny SF-RB4631 Recumbent Bike with Arm Exerciser is very useful in burning out your unwanted calories and fat, bringing you back towards a healthy life. This bike seems to be an excellent package for your daily workout. It aids people in maintaining their body shape, including a different exercise for their arms.

The SF-RB4631 Recumbent Bike offers eight levels of magnetic resistance so you can change the intensity of your workout.  You can adjust the leg resistance via the up/down knob at the stem’s base for cycling.

There’s a separate dial on the Sunny SF-RB4631 to adjust arm resistance.  You can twist the dial located at the digital console base for arm resistance – rotate it clockwise to increase arm resistance or anti-clockwise to decrease arm resistance.

The SF-RB4631 Recumbent Bike comes with an LCD digital fitness monitor that displays motivating workout stats as you exercise, including time, speed, distance, total distance, calories, pulse, and scan.  Your pulse heart-rate is monitored by placing your hands on the pulse grip sensors located in the handlebars by the side of the seat.

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Will the Loctek UF6M Upright Desk Fulfill Your Requirements?

The Loctek UF6M Upright Desk Exercise Bike is able to convert to and from a bike with a desktop to a more standard upright exercise bike. The bike is compact and operates very quietly, so it can be used just about anywhere indoors to get exercise.

The eight levels of magnetic resistance are controlled by a tension knob that is just below the handlebars on the front support post. The resistance goes from very easy to moderately hard. It moves up incrementally, and the changes are smooth.

The bike has a belt drive and flywheel to provide an excellent, consistent pedaling motion. It operates very quietly and is deficient maintenance. All you might hear is a very soft whooshing sound when pedaling fast.

The seat is padded and contoured and comes with a padded backrest. The two are fixed in place to each other – i.e.; both move together when you adjust the seat’s position. The seat is large, which, along with the backrest, helps to provide proper support and helps with balance too.

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Body Champ BRB852 Recumbent Bike | Gentle on the Body

The Body Champ BRB852 Recumbent Bike is perfect for people who prefer a low-impact workout. If you have any joint issues, mobility issues, or other similar health concerns, then riding on an exercise bike can be an excellent low-impact workout that’s gentler on your body than many other options.

Want to go a step further and make things even more comfortable on your body? A recumbent bike offers additional support and comfort while you ride. It has a compact design that makes it easy to accommodate anywhere in your home and easy to transport.

The BRB852 features a walk-through design with an easy to adjust seat slider; the recumbent bike provides comfort through a full padded seat and backrest. Push yourself to achieve your goals with help from the Body Champ BRB852 Recumbent Bike, which features 8 levels of magnetic resistance.

The Body Champ BRB852 Recumbent Bike includes a heart rate monitor integrated into its hand grips. The LCD console displays important information such as heart rate, distance, speed, time, calories burned, and Odometer.

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