TYTAX T1-X Home Gym | Superior in Design, Innovation and Versatility

The TYTAX T1-X Home Gym is a professional home gym dedicated to the most demanding users.  For this purpose, the T1-X has three independent workout stations and unlimited exercise possibilities. If you want to buy a machine for your home gym, you will not find a better one than the TYTAX T1-X.

The TYTAX T1-X home gym (formerly  Titan T1-X Home Gym) is an intelligently engineered (400+ exercises), commercial-grade quality machine destined to become the benchmark for excellence in home gym equipment.

The home gym equipment included in this package is second-to-none. With this in mind, their remarkable user-friendliness makes them the only hardcore home gym I know of that successfully crosses the barrier between serious-lifting and family training.

This most impressive characteristic is due to its unique multi-functional design, ‘Assisted Exercise Technology’ and counterbalance system not seen in any other gym in its class – usually found only in modern commercial-gyms.

Learn more in my complete review below

TYTAX T1-X Home Gym
TYTAX T1-X Home Gym

Product: TYTAX T1-X Home Gym

Price: For a great deal on this gym, merely go here on Amazon

Warranty: Frame lifetime / Structural moving parts five years / Bearings, bushings, and pulleys three years / Coating, cables, exterior upholstery, and accessories one year

My rating: 10/10

Amazon Affiliate Disclosure: I may earn commissions from purchases made through links in this post.

T1-X Frame, Cables, Pulleys, and Bearings

Frame: Baked-on, electrostatic powder coating, chip, scratch-resistant, heavy-commercial strength, hand-welded, 11 gauge carbon-steel frame with a lifetime warranty (note: smaller the gauge, thicker the steel – 12 gauge is standard in this class).

The weight plate posts are machine-milled from stainless steel pillars. Contrast this with the softer chrome-plated posts found on most other home gyms that use Olympic sized plates (big hole).

Thus, the milder chromed posts become very banged-up over time, leading to difficulty adding and removing weight plates from the machine — not an issue with milled stainless steel.

The frame arrives about 30% assembled and is quickly completed (this was a design consideration). Furthermore, complete instruction is available on the TYTAX website www.tytax.com.

Cables: Nylon coated, 2000lb tested, high-tensile Air Craft cables (standard for home gym equipment in this class).

Pulleys and bearings: Heavy-duty nylon pulleys with sealed ‘maintenance-free,’ dust-proof industrial grade bearings. Similarly, all other bearing housings are the same (Smith guide rod rollers, bench guide rod rollers).


A laminated wood-backed adjustable bench, padded with high-density foam on a heavy-duty 1-1/2″ steel frame along all four edges (many home gyms have single support running up the back of the bench, which eventually leads to wobbling and thread shear).

TYTAX T1-X Home Gym

The seat and backrest are adjustable (including height adjustable). Cleverly, the bench adapts to the extent that the user faces the opposite direction when doing leg-press. This is achieved by lowering the backrest to a prone position and raising the seat to a perpendicular position.

The decline position is lying back on the bench when inclined; a padded leg-lock stabilizes you.

The bench also has a unique slide feature, allowing it to be quickly moved forward or backward along steel guide rails and hardened bearings rollers, permitting optimal body positioning as per your body dimensions.

Aligning a free-standing bench can sometimes involve getting off and back on the bench several times, but the slide system is always precisely centered and can be moved in or out without getting off the bench (walk it with your feet while sitting).

Like flat and incline press, some bench exercises put your lower back into a dangerous hyper-extended position because there is nowhere to put your feet (you should elevate the feet to reduce forward hip rotation).

The TYTAX T1-X has taken this into account by making the leg-lock pads angle adjustable and adding footrests on the sides. Now you can elevate your legs without compromising stability—small details but outstanding.

T1-X Smith machine

The genius of this system is the load direction reversible. Standard smith machines are just a bar attached to guide rods, and the load is always down.

The TYTAX T1-X home gyms use pulleys to create counter-balance and, if desired, reverse the load direction from down to up. This feature alone is worth at least a dozen additional exercises that I can think of without being creative.

The smith machine uses 1.2-inch steel guide rods, and the rod brackets glide on hardened bearings rollers with sealed ball bearing housings — the only home gym equipment utilizing this technology.

One of my favorite features of the TYTAX T1-X smith machine is the shoulder pads. Whereas other smith machines only have a bar, the T1-X home gyms have squat pads like those seen on commercial-gym squat devices. You place one pad on each shoulder with your head in between. But unlike most commercial-gym squat machines, there are three different width settings for the pads.

TYTAX T1-X Home Gym
TYTAX T1-X Home Gym

Another unique feature of the T1-X is the ‘push/pull exercise handles.’ Instead of a barbell, standard on most Smith machines, there is one of these ‘push/pull’ handles per side of the device.

The benefit is, where the depth of the eccentric (down) phase when the bar touches the back of your neck in shoulder press or chest in a bench press, the push/pull handles allow you to descend beyond this point to achieve full lengthening of the target muscles.

Leg press

Again the innovation of TYTAX T1-X home gyms impresses, this time with their intelligent leg press engineering. As a rule, the leg press is usually an optional extra on home gym equipment. It requires the added expense and a lot more room because it is nearly always an independent system that sometimes even needs its weight stack.

TYTAX T1-X has solved this problem by eliminating the levers usually needed for leg press and incorporating the bench’s slide feature. Thus, your feet remain stationary as you push against Diamond-steel footplates (‘Diamond’ describes the high-grip surface pattern), and the bench slides in and out.

Furthermore, the footplates are adjustable between high and low positions. The elevated position will hit more the hamstrings and glutes (back of thigh and butt) while the more moderate position will place more load on the quadriceps (front of the leg). The lower area is also safer if pregnant or has lower back problems.

T1-X Vertical leg press

As testimony to the TYTAX T1-X home gyms’ remarkable versatility, they also come standard with a vertical leg press. Separately, these usually retail for about $400 on the lower end. In a vertical leg press, you are lying on your back and pressing straight up; they are an excellent power exercise and an attractive alternative to squats. An additional set of footplates are (included) for this feature.

Pull-up handles

It is for close and full grip pull-ups (also known as chin-ups). Instead of a straight bar, the handles have two branches, ergonomically positioned to spread the load evenly. Small touches like these may go unnoticed by a novice, but they are noticeable to the experienced trainer.

TYTAX T1-X Home Gym

If you prefer chin-ups with a straight bar, there is a bracket for placing an Olympic bar (bar with large bore stabilizers on each end – hence, Olympic plates have large holes). However, the bar is not included and needs to be purchased separately. Something low priced from a local retailer would be sufficient.

The pull up handles can also be used for hanging leg raises (lower abdominals and hip flexors).

Assisted dip station

Dips are specifically for shoulders, triceps (back of arms), chest, and some outer back. Dips are in the top 3 mass building exercises for the chest after barbell bench and dumbbell bench. Leaning forward hits the chest and shoulders, and an upright position places more load on the triceps.

Unfortunately, many people can’t do dips because you need at least enough strength to support your body weight. Even when you can, it is difficult to squeeze out three sets because your body is the minimum load.

But using the same counter-balance system mentioned earlier to reverse the weight and specially adapted handles, you can make a dipping motion while your body remains stationary. On the T1-X, anyone can do dips.

Assisted pull-up station

Most people can’t do pull-ups or only a few of them at best. Furthermore, it’s unfortunate because they are the number 1 exercise for building width across your back, essential if you want to be “V” shaped.

Amazingly, the T1-X home gyms come standard with an assisted pull-up station. You kneel on a particular padded platform, which is counterbalanced to push up, effectively reducing how much weight you lift. Assisted pull-ups are a commercial-gym exercise not seen on other home gym equipment in this class.

T1-X Additional Standard Equipment

“Quick Change” locking system: A pending patent system for a safe and smooth transition and resting between exercises.

TYTAX T1-X Home Gym
TYTAX T1-X Home Gym

Power racks: 2 power racks for work with free weight barbells. No area of this home gym equipment has been left under-utilized. Power racks are for shoulder press, military press (shoulders), deadlift (back of the thigh, butt, and lower back), squat (legs, butt), upright row (shoulders), lunge (legs), flat, incline, and decline bench press (chest) and so on.

Gun racks: There are sizeable height-adjustable gun racks mountable on the front or rear power racks, much larger than other home gyms seen in this class.

Gun racks are used for heavy barbell lifting or as a safeguard against getting ‘stuck’ at the bottom of an exercise. They also make the starting position for exercises like upright row and standing military press easier to achieve.

High cable: Is for lat pulldown (back), triceps pushdowns (back of arm).

Low cable: The single low cable is usable for many exercises, for example, upright row, cable curls (front of arm), one arm concentration curls (front of arm), and triceps kickbacks (back of arm).

Low row station: There are footplates on the gym’s rear side, especially for a low row using the low cable. Rowing (on a gym) is essential for building thickness in your back, particularly in rhomboids, middle fibers of the trapezius (central region of the upper back), and rear deltoids (shoulders).

T1-X Accessories and Optional Equipment

Standard Accessories – all standard accessories which are (included) with TYTAX T1-X are on the main website  www.tytax.com

Optional Equipment – there is a possibility to buy additional options, which extend the variety of exercises. All extra options for the TYTAX T1-X are on the main website  www.tytax.com

Dimensions and Weight

  • L x W x H: 169,3 x 118,1 x 88,6 in / 430 x 300 x 225 cm (without option O)

    TYTAX T1-X Home Gym
    TYTAX T1-X Home Gym

  • L x W x H: 196,9 x 118,1 x 88,6 in / 500 x 300 x 225 cm (with option O)
  • 1,375 lbs / 624 kg (not including barbell or weight plates)

Load Capacities

  • Smith machine –  700 lbs / 318 kg
  • Power rack and gun racks – 800 lbs / 362 kg


  • Frame lifetime / Structural moving parts five years / Bearings, bushings, and pulleys three years / Coating, cables, exterior upholstery, and accessories one year


  • The manufacturers say there are 400+ exercises total on this gym,
  • Superior construction, better than usual materials (i.e., 11 gauge steel, Diamond-steel footplates, substantial stainless steel weight posts, etc.)
  • Smith Hybrid Technology with a counterbalance system to reverse load direction on Smith.
  • Smith machine and counterbalance system work independently.
  • The leg press is standard and has two different foot positions.
  • The vertical leg press is standard. I’ve never seen a home gym with this feature, a big bonus if you want to build powerful legs.
  • Assisted Exercise Technology: assisted dips, assisted pull-ups.
  • It has variable positions on ergonomic pull-up bars.
  • Plenty of cable handles.
  • Width adjustable squat shoulder pads.
  • Push/pull handles instead of a bar so you can go dumbbell deep on your exercises.
  • It features a unique sliding bench for easy positioning.
  • Detailed and extensive instruction available on the main website www.tytax.com
  • It comes 30% assembled and designed to be quickly put together.
  • Many options available


  • Nothing for the soleus. Soleus makes up the volume in the lower portion of your calf. But no other home gyms have a soleus exercise either.
  • No standing calf raise block. With any exercise, you need to go through a full motion to get total growth.

TYTAX T1-X Home Gym Summary

Anyone who has the room and the budget for something in this class should buy the TYTAX T1-X, absolutely no doubt about it. Moreover, TYTAX T1-X is the best. Hence, it is by far superior in design, innovation, and versatility than any other home gym I have ever reviewed.

I hope you found this article helpful and informative. If you have anything you’d like to share or opinions about the content on my website, please speak up. I look forward to your comments, questions, and the sharing of ideas.

6 thoughts on “TYTAX T1-X Home Gym | Superior in Design, Innovation and Versatility”

  1. This piece of equipment seems amazing.  I love all the pulleys and the ability to hang by your legs. Great for doing crunches and building strong abs.

    With over 400 exercises possible, it gives you everything you could ever want.  Thank god they have finally found a solution for the leg press.  Also, the adjusting footplates helps to get that little extra for hamstring and glutes.  This is a fabulous review, and although I am not in the market right now, I will be checking this out. Great job.

  2. Your article is beneficial for fitness lovers like me. Now I know that anyone who has the room and the budget for something in this class should buy the TYTAX T1-X. I will contact my Gym regarding such a helpful product. I hope they will make it available in our Gym soon—a constructive review for making a buy decision.

  3. While reading, I realized that the most impressive characteristic of its unique multi-functional design, ‘Assisted Exercise Technology’ and a counterbalance system not seen in any other gym in its class – usually found only in modern commercial-gyms. It comes 30% assembled and designed to be quickly put together. Assisted Exercise Technology: assisted dips, assisted pull-ups.

  4. This equipment is impressive and is so far above anything else I’ve ever seen. I can’t believe that it has the assisted pull-up and assisted dip stations. It has so many more features than most home gyms that I’ve ever seen and that this is most likely better suited for commercial use as far as I’m concerned. Unless you have ample space. I will certainly be recommending this to the gym that I go to all the time.  Thank you for such a comprehensive review.  I hope that I will get to experience one soon!

  5. WOW! The TYTAX T1-X  offers 400+ exercises, is a commercial-grade quality machine, and is destined to become the benchmark for excellence in home gym equipment. It is so essential for every adult to keep their bodies fit. I would love to have the TYTAX T1-X in my home gym and to see how well it would sculpt my body. Thanks for your thorough review, and I will share it with all of my friends.


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