Body Power Deluxe PBC5380 Power Rack | Made With Athletes in Mind

The Body Power Deluxe PBC5380 Power Rack by Body Flex Sports is a home gym with athletes in mind. So whether you are training with barbell weights, feel like getting some reps in on the pull-up rack, or need something to spice up your cross-training routine, this cage rack will leave you feeling strong, toned, and powerful.

This power rack includes dip-bar attachments and allows for many different kinds of exercise—all on one machine. Safety is a top priority, so this cage comes with weight-bar safety catches, full-length safety rods, interchangeable band pegs, and built-in anchors for optimal stability.

Are you a heavy lifter? No problem. The system is strong enough to hold up to 500 lbs of your favorite barbell set or weights. But are you going for gold with some Olympic weight sets? This rack can accommodate most 6- and 7-foot Olympic weight set bars. For added stability, you can store your weights on the six included weight-plate storage posts.

Learn more in my complete review below!

Body Power Deluxe PBC5380 Power Rack
Body Power Deluxe PBC5380 Power Rack

Product: Body Power Deluxe PBC5380 Power Rack

Price: For a great deal on this gym, merely go here on Amazon

Warranty: Frame 1 year / Parts 90 days

My rating: is 8/10

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Details and Specifications

  • Assembled dimensions cage: 45L x 63W x 85H inches (114L x 160W x 216H cm)
  • Assembled weight: 97.44 lbs (44 kg)
  • Weight capacity:
    Rack: 500 lbs (226.7 kg)
    Pull-up bar: 300 lbs (136 kg)
  • Compatible weight plates: Olympic & Standard
  • Possible exercises: 30+
  • Warranty: Frame 1 year / Parts 90 days

PBC5380 Frame Construction

The Body Power PBC5380 is heavy-duty steel tubing featuring 3″ x 2″ rectangular bars. The cage tubes come double-coated with a rust-resistant and chip-resistant paint finish gray, while the safety rods, safety catches, and other attachments are black. The only exceptions are the dip bars which have a red paint finish.

Body Power Deluxe PBC5380 Power Rack

The fully assembled cage is not too bulky compared to other models. It is 45″ (114 cm) long and 63″ (160 cm) wide. It is advisable to leave at least several feet of clearance on each side and at the front of the unit, especially if you’re using a bench for chest presses.

The highest point of the cage reaches approx. 85″ (216 cm) above the floor level, so the unit will not fit in a room with a 7-foot ceiling.

The cage’s space is approx—40″ (101 cm), and considering that the cage is approx. 63″ (160 cm) wide, it is for use with 7-foot Olympic bars. Using 6-foot barbells is still possible; however, you won’t have too much clearance on the bar’s sleeves to load with weight plates.

The upright tubes of this cage feature 17 adjustment holes for the safety bars and catches. The side base tubes have six holes each to attach the four resistance band pegs. Also, the base tubes feature built-in anchor points for correctly stabilizing the cage. However, this shouldn’t be necessary with weight plates loaded on the storage posts.

This power cage has a maximum weight capacity of 500 lbs (226.7 kg), which applies to the safety and catch bars. The top chinning grips have a maximum user weight limit of 300 lbs (136 kg).

Other parts and accessories

The Body Power PBC5380 power cage includes four pegs for attaching resistance bands. They come with spring collars, but the resistance bands do not include the cage. As I’ve mentioned, the cage’s base bars have six adjustment holes connecting the band pegs.

The cage includes a set of dip bars. These attach to the holes of the upright tubes, on the inside or the outside. They have rubberized sleeves for an improved grip. Their distance is approximately 18″ (46 cm) when connected to the cage.

Body Power Deluxe PBC5380 Power Rack
Body Power Deluxe PBC5380 Power Rack

The PCB5380 power cage comes with a pull-up station. In addition, it includes two pull-up grip attachments that connect to the front top bar of the cage. They offer several grip possibilities, including a wide grip, two parallel grips, and a standard grip.

Their side grips feature foam sleeves for improved contact. The side grips’ distance is approximate—46″ (116 cm). They have a maximum user weight limit of 300 lbs (136 kg), so as long as you don’t exceed this weight, you can also perform weighted chin-ups or pull-ups.

Naturally, on the list of accessories included with this power cage, there is a set of two cylindrical 1″ safety bars and a set of catch bars. They have a maximum weight limit of 500 lbs (226.7 kg) which is not bad for a home-use cage. Unfortunately, J-hooks are unavailable for this cage, but the included catches should be enough.

Last but not least, the PBC5380 Deluxe power cage includes six weight storage pegs. These attach to the rear upright bars of the cage. They are approx. 10″ (25 cm) long and have 2″ sleeves so that they can hold several plates each. 1″ Standard plates won’t fit on them.

PBC5380 Possible Exercises

  • Pull-ups
  • Wide grip pull-ups
  • Muscle pull-ups
  • Around the world, pull-ups
  • One-arm pull-ups
  • Cliffhangers
  • Weighted pull-ups

    Body Power Deluxe PBC5380 Power Rack
    Body Power Deluxe PBC5380 Power Rack
  • Chin-ups
  • Close grip chin-ups
  • Wide grip chin-ups
  • One hand chin-ups
  • Weighted chin-ups
  • Dips
  • Weighted dips
  • Band-resisted dips
  • Dip to leg raise
  • Side-to-side dips
  • Gironda dips
  • Reverse Gironda dips
  • Hanging knee raises
  • Hanging leg raises
  • Band resistance exercises
  • Deadlifts
  • Calf raises
  • Squats
  • Wide squats
  • Twisting squats
  • Chest presses
  • and more

PBC5380 Assembly and Maintenance

The Body Power PBC5380 power cage requires complete assembly. However, the task isn’t tricky, and the manual provides precise assembly instructions. You must assemble the base first, add the upright posts, close it with the top bars, and add the rest of the accessories. Therefore, it shouldn’t take more than two hours of your time. Unfortunately, tools for assembly do not come with the cage. Instead, you’ll need two adjustable wrenches, a set of fixed wrenches, and a rubber mallet.

Body Power Deluxe PBC5380 Power Rack

Once assembled, maintenance doesn’t require much. It is advisable to wipe off the sweat that may fall onto the frame at the end of the workout to prevent corrosion. Besides this, you only have to keep the cage clean, periodically check for loose bolts and parts, and retighten or replace them if necessary.


  • Sturdy frame, all-steel made, rated for loads up to 500 lbs;
  • Pull-up grip attachments included;
  • Dip handles included;
  • Safety bars and catch bars included;
  • 17 adjustment positions for the safety bars, J hooks, and dip handles;
  • Six weight plate storage posts included;
  • Four resistance band posts included;
  • Built-in anchor points on the base bars;
  • Over 30 possible exercises;
  • Easy to assemble;
  • Little maintenance is required.


  • A bit narrow – only 40″ (101 cm) inside;
  • Storage posts are 2″ in diameter – not for 1″ standard plates.

Body Power Deluxe PBC5380 Power Rack Summary

The Body Power Deluxe PBC5380 Power Rack is a power cage featuring a pull-up station with multiple grips, dip handles, resistance band pegs, and plate storage posts. Its safety bars and catches have a maximum weight capacity of up to 500 lbs. In all, it’s a fairly sturdy piece of equipment offering the possibility to perform more than 30 exercises.

I hope you found this article helpful and informative. Would you please speak up if you have anything you’d like to share on the topic or any opinions about my website? I look forward to your comments, questions, and the sharing of ideas.

Please note that you should consult your physician to determine if you have any medical or physical conditions that could risk your health and safety or prevent you from using the equipment properly. In addition, your physician’s advice is essential if you are taking medication that affects your heart rate, blood pressure, or cholesterol level.

6 thoughts on “Body Power Deluxe PBC5380 Power Rack | Made With Athletes in Mind”

  1. A home gym is the best idea not to excuse your daily workout. However, it is necessary as most still work from home and when the pandemic is not entirely gone. 

    Body Power Deluxe PBC5380 Power Rack accommodates many exercises without taking up a lot of space. In addition, it looks easy to assemble and maintain, which I find challenging to build myself, although I haven’t tried this particular one. 

    I wonder whether one can pay someone to assemble if one needs to.

    My favorite exercise is brisk walking and yoga. It is fantastic to have this easy-looking exercise machine at home. A healthy life is a blessed life, and exercise is the key. 

    Thank you for this thorough review.

    • Hi Anusuya, thanks for stopping by. Amazon has a professional assembly service. Unfortunately, it depends on where you live if it’s available. However, this power rack is relatively straightforward to assemble. 

      Would you please let me know if I can ever assist you with exercise equipment? I’m always happy to help.

      Kind regards, Robert

  2. At first glance, it looks limited in its use, but your detailed review highlights how flexible and multi-use the Power Rack is. I love the fact that you could use this just for a wide range of bodyweight exercises. You could spend an hour or two on this Power Rack and come away with a full-body session. With the addition of a couple of weights, you really would not need any other equipment. Thank you for the detailed review.

    Regards Mike

    • Hi Mike, thanks for stopping by. Would you please let me know if I can assist you with the Body Power PBC5380 power rack or any other exercise equipment? I’m always happy to help.

      Kind regards, Robert

  3. The Body Power Deluxe PBC5380 Power Rack is an excellent addition to any home gym. Finding a home gym that can accommodate Olympic weight set bars is ideal. Holding up to 500 lbs of barbell set or weights is helpful for weight trainers.

    You can perform more than 30 possible exercises; this home gym would suit beginners and more advanced users. I have checked availability on Amazon, but unfortunately, it is currently unavailable. 

    • Hi there, thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with us. Great news! It’s back in stock.

      Would you please let me know if I may further assist you with exercise equipment? I’m always happy to help.

      Kind regards, Robert


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