Body Power Deluxe PBC5380 Power Rack | Made With Athletes in Mind

The Body Power Deluxe PBC5380 Power Rack by Body Flex Sports is a home gym with athletes in mind. So whether you are training with barbell weights, feel like getting some reps in on the pull-up rack, or need something to spice up your cross-training routine, this cage rack will leave you feeling strong, toned, and powerful.

This power rack includes dip-bar attachments and allows for many different kinds of exercise—all on one machine. Safety is a top priority, so this cage comes with weight-bar safety catches, full-length safety rods, interchangeable band pegs, and built-in anchors for optimal stability.

Are you a heavy lifter? No problem. The system is strong enough to hold up to 500 lbs of your favorite barbell set or weights. But are you going for gold with some Olympic weight sets? This rack can accommodate most 6- and 7-foot Olympic weight set bars. For added stability, you can store your weights on the six included weight-plate storage posts.

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Sunny SF-XF9933 Half-Rack Power Cage | Adjustable Pull-Up Bars

The Sunny SF-XF9933 Half-Rack Power Cage does not have any compromises. It’s fully featured and durable like a full power rack and flexible enough with a small footprint like a squat rack. Furthermore, this half-rack can stay with you on your strength training journey, and with a 1,000 lb max weight capacity – it does not quit!

The 2″ x 2″ high-quality steel pipe construction makes this one of the most durable power cages. To add stability and sturdiness to your lifts, you may bolt the Power Zone Half Rack to your floor. Additionally, there are six separate weight plate storage pegs along the rear of the power rack, helping to add stability to the overall structure.

The Sunny SF-XF9933 half-rack power cage comes with adjustable J-hooks and spotter’s arms with 18 settings to give you peace of mind as you focus on your strength training. In addition, the pull-up bars are adjustable with settings to suit your height or type of workout.

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Marcy STEELBODY STB-98005 Monster Cage | Train Like a Pro

Rack up a more muscular body and achieve a stronger physique with the Marcy STEELBODY STB-98005 Monster Cage Home Gym System! Engage in intensive training without leaving the comfort of your home – and save the cash needed for club membership fees with this multifunctional fitness gear!

This home gym system is made of heavy-duty steel construction. It has a powder coating, and the steelwork effectively resists scratches and chipping from intense use, giving you an investment built to last! In addition, the cage’s spacious open area enables you to perform swift and expansive movements, letting you enjoy maximized mobility as you exercise.

The STEELBODY Home Gym System has a pull-up bar that is great for executing upper-body exercises. It’s perfect for performing pull-up exercises that develop the chest and the back while building shoulder strength. Conveniently store your free weights and Olympic weight plates on the storage rack and posts, so you can efficiently train in one location.

With the assortment of equipment included in this innovative home gym, you can conveniently perform strength or cardio training or a weight lifting and bodybuilding program targeting the development of specific muscle groups. So, train like a pro and get your dream body without breaking the bank with the STEELBODY Monster Cage Home Gym System!

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FR 810XLT Super Max Power Cage | Your Safety is the Top Priority

The FR 810XLT Super Max Power Cage by Fitness Reality is for those looking for any workout to build and tone muscles, including heavy lifting. It is constructed with a tubular frame from 2″ x 2″ sturdy steel, making it heavy-duty and durable. The chrome plating gives it extra toughness as well.

There is abundant space for walking in to maneuver through various side exercises. The walk-in area is 50.5″ in length, 46.5″ in width, and 83.5″ in height. The total weight of the machine is 133.5 pounds when fully assembled. With the size of the FR 810XLT, there is a need for quite a bit of space to store it.

Safety should be at the top of the priority list when purchasing a power cage. You will be doing it alone when working out in your home gym. There will be no one there to help you if something goes wrong. With this in mind, it has two 3.25 inches long chrome lock-on safety bars and two 23 inches-long chrome dual-mounted safety bars; everything stays in place.

Along with completing heavy lifting workouts, grip bars for pull-ups are available so that back muscles, shoulders, and arms can get the work you want to strengthen those areas. Additionally, two stability bars are for the back of the FR 810XLT machine, which boosts this gym equipment’s stability factor.

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Marcy MWM-7041 Weight Cage | Engage in Intense Training

Rack up a more muscular and bulkier physique with the Marcy MWM-7041 Weight Cage Home Gym System! Engage in intense training without having to leave the comforts of your home or pay club membership fees with this multifunctional home gym system!

Its cable system generates a 1:1 ratio of resistance from weights loaded on the sliding weight post. For example, 100 pounds of weight plates make 100 pounds of resistance. As a result, it can be used as a power rack to safely perform the most beneficial compound exercises like bench presses and squats without a spotter’s need.

The pulley system helps practice cable exercises like lat pulldown or rowing. In addition, the multi-grip pull-up and dip bars let you do bodyweight training. And, you can keep your home gym in order thanks to the weight plate storage.

The Marcy MWM-7041 Weight Cage Home Gym is a compact machine with many functions for a total body workout. This strength training equipment is very versatile and gives a good workout experience. On top of that, its price is affordable as well.

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Fitness Reality X-Class 2868 Olympic Power Cage | High Capacity

The Fitness Reality X-Class 2868 Olympic Power Cage can handle up to 1500 lbs of serious weight capacity. The entire 2″ x 3″ frame is heavy-duty tubular steel that provides maximum durability for all kinds of heavy workouts. In addition, it’s a light commercial power cage that integrates a lat machine, dip handles, and several other accessories and workout stations.

This rack has adjustable J-hooks for safely racking and unracking any standard Olympic-size bar. Additionally, it has two different safeties, each rated to support the total 1500 lb capacity of the rack itself.

Over 24+ exercises are possible, and the heavy-duty tubular steel frame construction will provide strength and durability through many workouts. There is plenty of space inside the cage for entire stance squats and an additional spotter for safety. In addition, the multi-grip pull-up bars offer multiple hand positions to enhance back, shoulder, and arm muscles.

The Fitness Reality X-Class Lat Pull-Down and Low Row Cable attachment is an excellent add-on for building your upper back, shoulders, and arms muscles. Thus, you’ll get the strength workout you want with the Fitness Reality X-Class 2868 Olympic Power Cage with Lat Pull Down and Low Row Cable Attachment.

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