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Many Home Gyms are in the marketplace, but none provide the Bodycraft Elite Home Gym’s smooth feel. Highly rated by many users and fitness experts alike, this Home Gym has a top spot on my list for home and institutional use. Thus, with its high quality and smooth feeling, it’s no wonder why many customers are buying the Bodycraft Elite Home Gym.

Heavy-duty steel construction, an orthopedic seat and backrest, and a 200 lb (90.7 kg) weight stack are excellent features of the Bodycraft Elite Home Gym. In addition, this home gym is an exceptional piece of equipment with cable pulleys for functional training, over 100 exercises, and attachments, including; a lat pulldown bar, curl bar, ankle strap, and two single stirrup handles.

The BodyCraft Elite home gym is easily the best in its class. Some features include the state-of-the-art Active Balance System, Doubling cable, Seated Leg Curl/Leg Extension station, and much more! Furthermore, a leg press option is also available!

The BodyCraft Elite Home Gym seat is hydraulically operated in a very convenient way while sitting so that you can find the ideal sitting position and perform the exercise correctly. In addition, the orthopedic, well-padded backrest with mesh material supports the back during the training.

Learn more in my complete review below!

BodyCraft Elite Home Gym
BodyCraft Elite Home Gym

Product: BodyCraft Elite Home Gym

Price: For a great deal on this gym, merely go here on Amazon

Warranty: *Frame Lifetime / *Welds, pulleys and parts Lifetime / *Upholstered pads Lifetime / *Cables Lifetime

*Does not cover normal wear and tear.

My rating: 9.8/10

Affiliate Disclosure: As an Amazon Affiliate Program participant, I earn commissions on purchases made through links in this post. Full disclosure

Details and Specifications:

  • Frame: Heavy 11 gauge, 3.25 “X1.75” oval steel tubing.
  • Finish: Platinum Gray finish is electromagnetically applied in powder form to coat all surfaces evenly.
  • Orthopedic seat Back: Double stitched vinyl covering 2″ thick, dual-density foam; soft on top, dense underneath.
  • Pulleys: 4″ and 3″ diameter, fiberglass-impregnated nylon pulleys with sealed ball bearings.
  • Cable: The most flexible nylon coated, 7 X 19 strand aircraft cable rated at over 2000 lbs. tensile strength
  • Weight Stack: 200 lbs. in 10-pound increments. Precision-milled cast iron plates with nylon bushings for smooth action
  • Weight Stack Enclosures: Steel weight stack guards provide safety and beauty
  • Guide Rods: Chrome plated 1″ diameter tubular steel
  • Lat Pull Bar, Curl Bar, Ankle Strap, and two Single Handles are (included)
  • Dimensions: 65″w x 65.75″LX 81.75H (82.75W with Optional Leg Press)
  • Optional Leg Press attachment for full leg development
  • Warranty: *Frame Lifetime / *Welds, pulleys and parts Lifetime / *Upholstered pads Lifetime / *Cables Lifetime
  • For Light Commercial use: Frame -10 years / Parts – 2 years/wear items – 90 days

    BodyCraft Elite Home Gym

*Does not cover normal wear and tear.

Elite Overview

Heavy-duty steel construction, orthopedic seat and backrest, and a 200lb weight stack are some excellent features of the Bodycraft Elite Home Gym.

With cable pulleys for functional training, over 100 exercises, and attachments, including; a lat pulldown bar, curl bar, ankle strap, and two single stirrup handles, this home gym is an exceptional piece of equipment.

This top model’s functionality, durability, and safety are paramount, but BodyCraft didn’t skimp on the design. It has beautiful flowing curves, aluminum accent end caps, and a well-padded, ergonomic seat back for absolute comfort and lumbar support. Also, it’s fully adjustable for any user and compact to fit well in your home gym.

This top-of-the-range home multigym allows total body workouts as you’ve never experienced before. This home gym is as much a piece of art as a top-quality piece of Strength Training Equipment!

Versatile! You’ll perform hundreds of strength training exercises on this Elite home gym for your specific activity, sport, general toning, or pure strength and size.

Seat and Orthopedic Back Pad

The seat is easily adjusted while sitting. Squeeze the remote handle conveniently placed under the seat, and the spring-assisted seat quickly moves to your desired height. In addition, the ergonomically designed back pad adjusts front-to-back and automatically “cradles” the user for full support.

The dual-layered Orthopedic Back Pad provides full lumbar support while reducing stress on the spine.

BodyCraft Elite Home Gym
BodyCraft Elite Home Gym

Elite Color Choices:

Also, with the Bodycraft Elite Single Stack Home Gym, you choose between four different colors that the gym can go in. Therefore, select the color that best suits you and matches your room’s color scheme. The gym has the following colors: Sea Green, Graphite, Satin White, Bronze, or Silver.

Active Balance System (ABS)

Thus, engage the pin for the traditional “machine style” bench press, or pull the pin for the “barbell style” bench press. In other words, when the overhead pin is engaged, the press arm is rigid, like all other home gyms. However, with the pin removed, the press arm can swivel enough that the user must balance the press arm, just like a barbell!

Elite Leg Press (Optional) –

Add the optional Leg Press to enhance the range of exercise possibilities by performing leg presses and calf raises!

  • Features a 2-to-1 ratio that doubles your existing weight stack.
  • Adjustable Back Pad accommodates different height users.
  • It is also for Calf Exercises.
  • Dual-Layer Hi-Low Density Seat Pad

    BodyCraft Elite Home Gym
  • High-Precision Sealed Bearings.

Bodycraft Elite Single Stack Home Gym Features:

  • Active Balance System (TM). Engage the pin for the traditional “machine style” bench press, or pull the pin for the “barbell style” bench press.
  • Patent Pending Active Balance SystemTM. Activate the ABS for a natural free-weight feel and benefits.
  • The Elite weight stack provides 10 – 200 pounds of resistance.
  • Extensive modeling led to the unique, ergonomically designed Leg Curl & Leg Extension station. As a result, the Elite is the only gym that provides Seated Leg Extensions plus Seated AND Standing Leg Curls!
  • Functional training Arms add dozens of exercises to a conventional home gym.
  • Unique doubling cable increases the resistance to a 2:1 ratio, providing up to a 400 lb bench press!
  • Cable Station with adjustable arms allows for various exercises, including Functional Training, Sports Specific Core Training, and practices that mimic Dumbbell Training.
  • It has an Ab Crunch Station for abdominal training.
  • It comes with a Low Pulley Station with a footplate for Low Rows, abductors and Adductor Leg Kicks, Arm Curls, Upright Rows, etc.
  • High Pulley Station for Lat pulls Downs and Triceps Push Downs.
  • Leg Extension and Curl Station provides Seated Leg Extension and Seated Leg Curl.
  • It has sealed, internally lubricated bearings for exceptionally smooth performance.
  • Space-saving design allows placement against a wall.
  • Available Options: leg press.
  • The gym includes the following cable attachments: Lat Bar, Ab Strap, Hand Grips, Straight Bar, and Ankle Straps.

BodyCraft Elite Home Gym Summary

Extensive thought went into this one – the goal was to include benefits traditionally only provided from free weight training combined with simplicity and safety. And, BodyCraft succeeded!

Moreover, hundreds of available exercises, from Traditional Strength Training to Functional Training, Core Training, Sports Specific, and Rehabilitation exercises – the Elite does it all!

I hope you found this article helpful and informative. Please speak up if you have anything you’d like to share on the topic or opinions about my website.? I look forward to your comments, questions, and the sharing of ideas.

Please remember that you should consult your physician to determine if you have any medical or physical conditions that could risk your health and safety or prevent you from using the equipment properly. In addition, your physician’s advice is essential if you are taking medication that affects your heart rate, blood pressure, or cholesterol level.

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