BodyCraft Xpress Pro Home Gym | Sets the Standard for Home Gyms

The BodyCraft Xpress Pro Home Gym comes with over 50+ exercises to start you on your way to achieving all of your fitness goals. With all of these exercises, you can easily modify your workout, whether your goal is to lose weight, train for sports, or recover from injury. Standard activities include chest presses, leg lifts, seated rows, lat pulls, press arms, and leg curls.

The BodyCraft Xpress Pro was the first home gym to incorporate Adjustable Cable Arms. This innovative feature opened up hundreds of new home gyms, including Dumbbell Training, Functional Training, Core Training, Sports Specific and Rehabilitation exercises.  Virtually every home gym manufacturer has adopted adjustable Cable Arms in the business. The XPress Pro is the standard; copied but not duplicated!

Its pulley and cables bring about unrestricted, entirely natural, and correct biomechanical movements. The Xpress uses a 200lb weight stack for resistance. It has a double-up cable feature that increases the 200lb available weight stack up to 400 pounds for the bench press.

The BodyCraft Xpress Pro, while pricey home fitness equipment, proves much more functional than many other core lifts and free weight training options. It’s much more compact than other models and still maintains its versatility in providing a full-body workout.

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BodyCraft Elite Home Gym | Perform 100’s Exercises

Many Home Gyms are in the marketplace, but none provide the Bodycraft Elite Home Gym’s smooth feel. Highly rated by many users and fitness experts alike, this Home Gym has a top spot on my list for home and institutional use. Thus, with its high quality and smooth feeling, it’s no wonder why many customers are buying the Bodycraft Elite Home Gym.

Heavy-duty steel construction, an orthopedic seat and backrest, and a 200 lb (90.7 kg) weight stack are excellent features of the Bodycraft Elite Home Gym. In addition, this home gym is an exceptional piece of equipment with cable pulleys for functional training, over 100 exercises, and attachments, including; a lat pulldown bar, curl bar, ankle strap, and two single stirrup handles.

The BodyCraft Elite home gym is easily the best in its class. Some features include the state-of-the-art Active Balance System, Doubling cable, Seated Leg Curl/Leg Extension station, and much more! Furthermore, a leg press option is also available!

The BodyCraft Elite Home Gym seat is hydraulically operated in a very convenient way while sitting so that you can find the ideal sitting position and perform the exercise correctly. In addition, the orthopedic, well-padded backrest with mesh material supports the back during the training.

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BodyCraft GLX Home Gym | GLX Strength Training System Does It All

The BodyCraft GLX Home Gym features a Bench Press Station with an adjustable starting point allowing for different users. In addition, it provides various exercises, including Bench Press, Incline Press, Shoulder Press, and Mid Row.

The Bodycraft GLX Home Gym has a cable station with adjustable arms. Therefore, it allows for a vast array of exercises, including Functional Training, Sports Specific, Core Training, and practices that mimic Dumbbell Training.

The Bodycraft GLX Home Gym also has an Ab Crunch Station for abdominal training. Low Pulley Station with foot plate for Low Rows, Abductor and Adductor Leg Kicks, Arm Curls, Upright rows, etc. High Pulley Station for Lat pulls Downs and Triceps Push Downs. The Leg Extension and Curl Station on the Bodycraft GLX Home Gym provides Seated Leg Extension and Standing Leg Curl.

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