Powerline P2X Home Gym | Dozens of Different Exercise Choices

The Powerline P2X Home Gym from Body-Solid is an excellent strength machine that is durable and well-built. Novice lifters will gain the most from this machine. However, intermediate lifters may benefit from choosing a home gym with a squat rack with a free barbell if their goal is to increase strength.

The Powerline P2X Home Gym has dozens of exercise choices thanks to six workout stations. For example, the Powerline P2X Home Gym comes with multi-function press arms, a lat pulldown bar, a high pulley station, a mid pulley station, an ab crunch feature, functional pulleys, and a low pulley station with seated row capabilities, a leg developer with multiple functions, and more.

I like the Powerline P2X Home Gym because all adjustments are accessible. Changing the function of the press arms and leg developer is straightforward. You insert a simple pin where you want it to change weights in a snap.

The Powerline P2X Home Gym has a very comfortable seat that is well-padded and features a vinyl coating. Moreover, the seat is very convenient because it adjusts height and position. In addition, the backrest can adjust forward or backward slightly. Overall, the Powerline P2X Home Gym is very comfortable, thanks to lots of padding and grip wherever needed.

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Body-Solid G2B Bi-Angular Home Gym | Featuring Six Workout Stations

One of the most asked questions about the Body-Solid G2B Bi-Angular Home Gym is “What is Bi-Angular motion”; what is it supposed to do for me, and does it work? Bi-Angular action is a fancy term meaning a wide range of movement. When users are free to stretch their arms, they can work out more muscles and spend less time working out without compromising their workout benefits.

With this in mind, the BiAngular motion feature mimics dumbbell workout motions, eliminating the need for expensive, space-consuming dumbbells. The Body-Solid G2B also features an impressively small footprint compared to the 40+ exercises users can perform.

The Body-Solid G2B Bi-Angular home gym also features incredibly fluid motion thanks to the SmoothGlide bearing system that reduces unnecessary friction during workouts. In addition, the G2B comes with 160 lbs of selectorized weight stack resistance adjustable in 10 lb increments; users may purchase an upgrade boosting weight resistance to 210 lbs.

Built with a heavy-duty 12 gauge steel frame, the Body-Solid G2B Bi-Angular Home Gym remains stable during workouts. Additionally, it has a powder coat finish to reduce damage from weather and scratches. The 4.5″ pulleys have 2,200 lb tension strength, military spec, aircraft cables, and are fiberglass, making them impact resistance and designed to last a lifetime.

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Marcy MWM-990 Home Gym | Perform 30 Gym-Quality Exercises

The Marcy MWM-990 Home Gym comes with multi-position high and low pulleys. They connect to a 150 lb adjustable selectorized weight stacking system that offers smooth and controlled body exercises without loading and unloading weight plates.

The Marcy MWM-990’s upper pulley targets your core while performing ab crunches, and you can control the resistance by adjusting the selectorized weight stack. The high and low pulleys allow for both upper and lower body exercises. In addition, the Marcy MWM-990’s overhead lat station helps work the back, while the adjustable preacher curl pad helps tone your abs and triceps.

The Marcy MWM-990’s dual-function Leg Developer works your lower body muscles and features foam roller pads for added comfort. In addition, it properly aligns the knee joints for valid leg extensions and leg curls.

This all-in-one home gym provides over 30+ strength training exercises for the total body. This complete gym system is constructed from heavy-duty steel and offers various functions for an entire workout. It features a 150 lb selectorized weight stack, a dual-functioning press arm, an adjustable preacher curl bicep pad, and comfortable roller pads.

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Marcy Smith Cage Workout Machine | Provides Training Versatility

The Marcy Smith Cage Workout Machine MD-9010G home gym features a 14 gauge steel tubing frame with highly sturdy construction. Some bars are chrome coated with a “diamond” finish, while others have an anti-corrosion enamel.

This particular Smith cage system offers a mid-range weight capacity. In addition, it includes an adjustable bench with leg development attachment, a low pulley station, a crossover station, a pec fly station, and of course, the chest press bar featuring linear ball bearings.

It works for all major muscle groups safely and efficiently, including adjustable bar catches, safety stoppers, and “Ultra-Glide” linear bearings. In addition, unlike your average smith machine, the Marcy Diamond Smith Cage system offers pulley functions with an independent motion system accentuating each precision exercise executed.

The Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage System will serve you very well if you are serious about weightlifting. Aside from buying free weights, this item is affordable, considering a high-end model. In addition, it comes with quite a few accessories and workout options, making for an excellent weightlifting tool.

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BodyCraft Galena Pro Home Gym | Offers Six Distinctive Workout Stations

The frame on the Bodycraft Galena Pro Home Gym Strength Training System is heavy gauge steel tubing, making it both durable and sturdy. The single stack gym also has two adjustable seats for users of different heights so that you can achieve a more comfortable seating position.

The dual-function pec deck lets you perform both traditional flys and dumbbell-style flys. In addition, using this patented station, you can also perform rear deltoid flys, making it a varied weights-based workout machine for your home fitness space.

The Galena Pro Strength Training System incorporates press/pull and low-pulley stations. With these, you can accomplish a decent range of strength-based exercises such as bench, incline, and shoulder presses, plus rows, arm curls, and leg kicks. Altogether, this makes Bodycraft’s Galena Pro a very accomplished gym to build muscle at home and increase your strength.

Although it doesn’t come as standard, it is undoubtedly a must if you want a complete home gym. The leg press gives the ability to use a lower-body compound exercise and train your calf muscles. This option is comfortable, space-saving, and provides 300 lbs of resistance. In addition, the footplate is adjustable for the convenience of any size user.

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Body-Solid G6BR Home Gym | 25% More Muscle Interaction

The Body-Solid G6BR Home Gym’s Bi-Angular press arms guide you through an optimal natural range of motion while simultaneously applying resistance from two directions. This smooth, fluid, multi-directional resistance system automatically produces 25% more muscle interaction by eliminating the ability to rest your chest muscles.

Thus, you increase the exercise intensity through a full range of safe, convergent, multi-joint, multi-plane movement patterns. Now you can enjoy the benefits of Bi-Angular® Technology when doing chest presses, incline presses, and shoulder presses. It’s like working out with free weights.

The Body-Solid G6BR home gym also comes with the Perfect Pec™ Station. Equipped with swivel arms, adjustable range of motion, and designed for unilateral and bilateral movements, you get the maximum stretch for deep muscle toning and the most incredible upper body development possible.

The G6BR is jam-packed with exercises. Lat pulldowns, triceps presses, concentrated curls, leg abductions, and abdominal crunches. If you’re looking for a home gym and love the feel of free weights, then you’ll want the consumers’ choice, Body-Solid’s G6BR.

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Body-Solid StrengthTech EXM2500S Home Gym | 30+ Exercises

You don’t need to be an expert to understand why leading consumer reports rave about the Body-Solid StrengthTech EXM2500S Home Gym. This home gym option gives you a perfect mix of functionality and affordability.

The Body-Solid StrengthTech EXM2500S has many exercises; it is stable and durable, has a few comfort features, and is comparatively small for a high-end home gym. The exercise options include a chest press, pec station, leg extension/leg curl, lat pulldown, seated row, ab crunch, and many more.

Maximum performance, simple design, and a minimum price are the blueprints for developing this top home gym. In addition, Body-Solid stands behind its home gym with an unbelievable lifetime warranty.

The StrengthTech EXM2500S Home Gym comes fitted with a 210 lb weight stack and can perform your most demanding strength routines. In addition, each precision-built, biomechanically designed station provides muscle growth and definition much faster than other home gyms. Therefore, it is more than worth the investment.

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BodyCraft Xpress Pro Home Gym | Sets the Standard for Home Gyms

The BodyCraft Xpress Pro Home Gym comes with over 50+ exercises to start you on your way to achieving all of your fitness goals. With all of these exercises, you can easily modify your workout, whether your goal is to lose weight, train for sports, or recover from injury. Standard activities include chest presses, leg lifts, seated rows, lat pulls, press arms, and leg curls.

The BodyCraft Xpress Pro was the first home gym to incorporate Adjustable Cable Arms. This innovative feature opened up hundreds of new home gyms, including Dumbbell Training, Functional Training, Core Training, Sports Specific and Rehabilitation exercises.  Virtually every home gym manufacturer has adopted adjustable Cable Arms in the business. The XPress Pro is the standard; copied but not duplicated!

Its pulley and cables bring about unrestricted, entirely natural, and correct biomechanical movements. The Xpress uses a 200lb weight stack for resistance. It has a double-up cable feature that increases the 200lb available weight stack up to 400 pounds for the bench press.

The BodyCraft Xpress Pro, while pricey home fitness equipment, proves much more functional than many other core lifts and free weight training options. It’s much more compact than other models and still maintains its versatility in providing a full-body workout.

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BodyCraft GXP Home Gym | 6 Workout Station Strength Training System

The Bodycraft GXP Home Gym with Graphite Acrylics is a high-quality piece of smooth, stable equipment and offers an exceptional ergonomic fit for any size user. In addition, this Strength Training System offers pro-style workouts, a heavy compact frame and comes backed with a lifetime warranty that covers parts and cables.

Dramatically reduced the required space and addition of a variety of aesthetic and biomechanic upgrades. As a result, this system offers hundreds of available exercises, from traditional strength training to functional training, core training, sports-specific, and rehabilitation exercises.

The BodyCraft GXP integrates 30 pulleys; 27 are 114m in diameter, while the other three are 90mm. They’re all made of fiberglass-reinforced nylon and combine sealed bearings to provide a smooth motion. The cables are steel ropes rated for a weight capacity of 2,000 lbs (907 kg); they are all nylon coated and lubricated.

The machine includes several accessories. First is a standard lat pulldown bar with curved grips. There is also a short bar with an extension chain, an ankle cuff, two D-handles for attaching to the side adjustable arms, an ab harness, and a bottle holder with a bottle.

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