Sunny SF-E3914 Elliptical/Stepper Machine | Pro Cardio Climber

The Sunny SF-E3914 Elliptical/Stepper Machine combines all the benefits and advantages of a traditional home elliptical machine with a stair stepper’s small footprint and intense workout potential. The 10-inch vertical, 5.5 inches horizontal, and 11.5-inch overall stride length create a unique climbing motion that maximizes workout efficiency.

The smooth motion of the SF-E3914 puts users in a rhythmic whole-body calorie-burning workout. Isolate and target your lower body muscles by cranking up the resistance to focus on your hamstrings, glutes, quads, and more! Engage your upper body for a full-body exercise experience with the upper body motion arms.

The Sunny SF-E3914 Elliptical/Stepper has a fitness monitor with an LCD that keeps track of time, distance, total distance (ODO), calories burned, speed, pulse, and goals. Unfortunately, the pulse reading function is grip-only. It cannot read your pulse from a heart rate chest strap or other devices.

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XTERRA Fitness RSX1500 Recumbent/Stepper | Low Impact

You can use the XTERRA Fitness RSX1500 Recumbent/Stepper in your home gym for fitness enthusiasts of any skill level who want a low-impact workout. Seated steppers are ideal for those with disabilities or mobility problems, as they are easier to climb than upright ellipticals. In addition, it is a medium-duty machine, capable of handling user weights up to 300 pounds.

The RSX1500 recumbent stepper uses 24 Magnetic Brake resistance levels utilizing an eddy current brake (the best type). Magnetic resistance has the advantage of no friction, reliability, little to no maintenance costs, and quiet operation.

The XTERRA Fitness RSX1500 fitness monitor features a large, easy-to-read blue and yellow backlit LCD screen that displays everything from speed and distance to calories and heart rate. The 24 motivating programs include 13 Preset, one body fat, 1 watt, four custom, one target heart rate, four heart rate control (55%, 65%, 75%, 85%), and manual.

The RSX1500 high-quality seating features a contoured mesh back support and a high-resiliency foam seat pad – designed for long-lasting comfort and support while the mesh back keeps you cool and comfortable. In addition, the seat handlebar features convenient heart rate sensors, and it pivots back out of the way for easy entry/exit.

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Sunny SF-E3911 Cardio Climber | Get Toned and Burn Calories

The Sunny SF-E3911 Cardio Climber with Climbing Motion takes full-body home gym machines to the next level! Get explosive calorie-busting workouts in a space-efficient and optimal home exercise elliptical. Focus on your lower body muscles – quads, glutes, and hamstrings or go for full-body training using the swinging upper body handlebars.

The SF-E3911 features an extended vertical and horizontal stride length, producing a fluid climbing motion to engage your whole body—Fine-tune the intensity level of your workouts to align with your fitness goals. You’ll get toned and burn calories with this full-body home gym fitness machine.

The Sunny SF-E3911 Cardio Climber has a fitness monitor featuring an LCD that tracks your exercise sessions and measures time, speed, distance, calories burned, and an odometer. Secure your smart device onto the device holder and follow along with your favorite Sunny Health & Fitness workout videos.

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Body Power StepTrac BST800 | More Than Just a Cardio Machine

Step up to the Body Power StepTrac BST800 Elliptical/Stepper Trainer with Curve-Crank Technology for the ultimate workout. This machine delivers a smooth exercise with the ease of an elliptical and a vertical stepper.

Curve-crank technology allows for a more efficient motion, which means you’ll get more out of your cardio workout. With dual-action handlebars and an elliptical and vertical climber motion, this machine can exercise both leg and arm muscles for a total upper- and lower-body workout.

More than just a cardio machine, this stepper provides a full-body workout in the comfort of your own home. It features different resistance levels to customize any training to your ability level. In addition, an ergonomic resistance knob positioned conveniently on the center of the bike’s body allows you to quickly and safely adjust the resistance level while still exercising.

This machine includes a 12-minute workout video displayed on the machine’s LCD screen. In addition, this fitness monitor LCD screen also displays the distance, time, speed, RPM, calories burned, and pulse heart rate. Pulse monitoring is via the integrated HR pulse sensors on the fixed handlebars.

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Bowflex Max Trainer M3 | 14 Minute High-Intensity Cardio Training

The Bowflex Max Trainer M3 is the most affordable option in the Max Trainer line. It doesn’t have all the features and programs of the M9, but it still offers zero joint impact and burns many calories in a short workout.

The M3 is a superior alternative to an elliptical and achieves that goal in many respects. For example, an independent study found that people working out at the same intensity for the same amount of time burned 2.5x the calories on the Max Trainer than on the elliptical.

The Bowflex M3 has two workout programs, Manual and Max Interval (for automatic interval training). The machine also allows you to choose from 8 resistance levels to adjust the workout’s difficulty. As you build up your stamina and get in better shape over time, you can gradually crank up the resistance to keep reaching higher levels.

The display is well-designed and includes easy-to-read indicators for calories burned and your burn rate (a good measure of intensity). In addition, you can monitor your heart rate with the included chest strap. However, it’s less convenient than having the machine automatically measure it for you through the contact grips. In addition, wireless HR chest straps are also more accurate.

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Sunny SF-E3919 Cardio Climber | Perfect In-Home Cardio Machine

Climb to the top of your fitness routine with the Sunny SF-E3919 Cardio Climber. This premium in-home cardio machine combines the best of a step machine and elliptical to engage your lower and upper body muscles. Enjoy long-lasting climbing and striding sessions when you exercise on the steel climber frame with a maximum user weight of up to 260 lbs.

The SF-E3919 machine combines the best of stepping and striding in one intense movement. Climb to a vertical height of 9 inches and trek a horizontal distance of 7 inches. Engage your upper body to work synchronously with your lower body each stride as you grasp onto the full-motion handlebars.

The Sunny SF-E3919 Cardio Climber features eight magnetic resistance levels, allowing for easy workouts when you want them or challenging when you need them. Switch up the intensity to boost or lower your challenge based on your comfort level. Engage the 14 lb inertia-ready flywheel to perform challenging strides and climbs efficiently.

Use the SF-E3919 multifunctional fitness monitor to track important activity details, including time, distance, RPM, speed, calories burned, and pulse. The monitor also comes with a preinstalled calendar, thermometer, clock, scan, recovery mode, BMI, and body fat percentage calculator.

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ProGear 9900 Stepper/Elliptical | Helps You Torch Calories Faster

The ProGear 9900 Stepper/Elliptical is an affordable machine that can help you burn more calories faster than many other models on the market. That’s because this design combines elements of both an elliptical and a stair-climber. The 8” vertical and 9” horizontal stride path provides a significant amount of fixed incline.

Beyond the aggressive incline, the ProGear 9900 also helps you torch calories with its eight different magnetic resistance levels and 29 lb flywheel. Compared to fan-wheel models, magnetic wheels provide a smooth and ultra-quiet ride.

The 3.5” LCD provides you with workout statistics to keep you on track. With the free MyCloudFitness app, you can set workout goals, track your workouts, and more. So train hard and get the results you want with the ProGear 9900 Stepper/Elliptical Trainer.

Its compact design is perfect for limited space while still providing a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout. In addition, the ProGear 9900 has pulse sensors, eight magnetic resistance levels, and a 29 lb cast iron exposed flywheel, allowing you to burn calories in a shorter time.

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Inspire Fitness Cardio Strider CS4 | Improves Health/Burns Calories

The Inspire Fitness Cardio Strider CS4 comes with unique linear path pedals that offer simple back and forth reciprocating leg movement that minimizes hip rotation and reduces knee stress while engaging your glutes and leg muscles.

The CS4 provides an effective cardiovascular workout by combining upper and lower body flexibility and coordination into one impact-free motion and is easier on your joints. In addition, regular use of elliptical trainers will increase heart and lung capacity while improving your health and burning calories.

The Silent Poly V Belt Drive System provides quiet operation. The Inspire Fitness Cardio Strider CS4 uses 20 levels of ECC eddy current magnetic brake resistance. Also, magnetic resistance has the advantage of no friction, reliability, little to no maintenance costs, and quiet operation.

The Inspire Fitness CS4’s console is straightforward to use and features a bright blue backlit LCD that’s easy to view in both low light and bright light. The CS4 allows up to 10 user profiles, and the LCD screen displays motivating workout stats, including time, speed, distance, calories, and heart rate.

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