Sunny SF-B2916 Air Bike – Experience a Full-Body Workout!

Breathe new life into your cardiovascular routine with the SF-B2916 Air Bike by Sunny Health & Fitness. Start your ride when you sit on the 4-way adjustable bike seat that can accommodate a wide range of riders (leg inseam range: 27 inches to 37 inches).  Feel stable and confident during enduring workouts with the maximum user weight capacity of 265 lbs.

Experience an incredible full-body workout as you use the cycling features combined with the resistance handlebars. Engage your core, shoulders, and back while exercising with the full motion handles. The full-motion arms on the Sunny SF-B2916 allow for a full range of motion while pulling against the resistance.

The SF-B2916 air bike has dynamic resistance solely based on the user’s fitness level and desired intensity. Moreover, the harder you push, the more resistance you’ll feel. The incredible fan design reacts to the amount of speed and forces applied so your workout can remain challenging and effective throughout your fitness journey.

Use the onboard LCD on the Sunny SF-B2916 to track your speed, distance (kilometers and miles), time, ODO (odometer), and calories burned. Also, use the set mode to create goals for workout time, distance, and calories burned.

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Sunny SF-E3919 Cardio Climber – Combines Stepping/Striding!

Climb to the top of your fitness routine with the Sunny SF-E3919 Cardio Climber. This premium in-home cardio machine combines the best of a step machine and elliptical to engage muscles in your lower body and upper body. Enjoy long-lasting climbing and striding sessions when you exercise on the steel climber frame that has a maximum user weight of up to 260 lbs.

The SF-E3919 machine combines the best of stepping and striding in one intense movement. Climb to a vertical height of 9 inches and stride a horizontal distance of 7 inches. Engage your upper body to work synchronously with your lower body with each stride as you grasp onto the full-motion handlebars.

The Sunny SF-E3919 features eight levels of magnetic resistance, allowing for easy workouts when you want it, or hard when you need it. Switch up the intensity to boost or lower your challenge based on your comfort level. Engage the 14 lb inertia-ready flywheel to perform challenging strides and climbs with ease.

Use the SF-E3919 multifunctional performance monitor to track important activity details, including your time, distance, RPM, speed, calories burned, and pulse. The display also comes with a preinstalled calendar, thermometer, clock, scan, recovery mode, BMI, and body fat percentage calculator.

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Tunturi C55-F Cross-trainer – Discover the Front-Drive C55!

The Tunturi C55-F Cross-trainer is from the “Performance Series” by Tunturi. It is a home use front-driven machine made for losing weight and getting into shape in the comfort of your own home. The C55-F comes with a maximum user weight capacity of up to 297 lbs (135 kg) – so it is designed with some of the most strenuous users in mind.

The C55-F resistance is an eddy current magnetic system combined with the large 61.8 lb (32 kg) flywheel.  Adjusting the resistance by turning the highly responsive wheel located on the console, makes adjustments during your workout as easy as possible.

The 5.5 inch LCD with an LED blue backlight is easy-to-read. It displays your time, speed, distance, calories burned, WATTS, and heart rate. The C55-F has 20 unique training programs that automatically adjust the resistance to deliver a personalized workout for your own needs. Use the Bluetooth connectivity to take advantage of training apps by i-Console+, Fit Hi-Way, and Kinomap.

The footplates can be adjusted to suit your own need, and the C55-F has a large 20″ (50 cm) maximum stride length, so users of most sizes will be able to use it. Also, the handlebars can be fixed or swivel freely, depending on the desired workout.

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Sunny SF-B2630 Upright Bike – Delivers a Unique Workout!

The Sunny SF-B2630 Upright Bike by Sunny Health & Fitness is an excellent entry-level cross-training bike that’s ideal for home use.  It’s a relatively compact size that won’t take up much space in your home, and because the fitness console is battery operated, you don’t have to worry about trying to find an area near an electric outlet.

It’s rare to find a cross-training bike at such a low price point of the Sunny SF-B2630.  You’ll love the unique total body workout this bike gives, allowing you to sit while exercising both upper and lower body for a more effective workout than cycling alone.

The Sunny SF-B2630 features eight levels of magnetic resistance so you can adjust the intensity of your workout for a harder or easier session. This is an excellent way of toning, burning calories, and getting a good cardio workout all in a low-impact way, which means its kinder to your joints compared to many other forms of exercise.

The Sunny SF-B2630 Upright Bike is straightforward and easy to use.  It comes with a simple digital fitness console that displays motivating workout stats, including time, distance, speed, scan, odometer, calories burned, and pulse heart-rate.

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ProGear 225 Folding Upright Bike – Fulfills Your Needs!

ProGear 225 is a compact and folding design magnetic upright bike for a great cardiovascular workout at home, with a dual transmission flywheel for more resistance and challenge and a three-piece cranking system for a smooth and consistent pedaling motion.

The 225 offers eight levels of a magnetic tension control system that lets you vary the intensity of the workout. You can get the experience of cycling in different terrains by changing the tension levels. It has a dual transition flywheel that provides higher resistance workouts with consistent pedaling motion.

There is an LCD that shows the distance you have covered, the number of calories you have burned, the speed at which you are cycling, and other relevant information. Additionally, the ProGear 225 has integrated heart pulse sensors in the handlebars to monitor your heart rate while exercising. However, the console is not telemetric and won’t work with an HR chest strap.

It has an ergonomically contoured seat cushion that is easily adjustable to accommodate users of different heights. Due to the ergonomic design of the seat, you won’t feel any back pain even if you cycle for long hours. The handlebars have a multi-grip design, and each handle has a rubber foam layer to provide you the ultimate comfort.

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