NordicTrack RW600 Smart Rowing Machine | High-Powered Workouts

Bring an unmatched, interactive personal training experience home with the NordicTrack RW600 Smart Rowing Machine. Unfortunately, not everyone has room in their home for a rowing machine. Thankfully, the RW600 smart rower can fold into itself for compact vertical storage that makes rowing accessible to everyone – no matter how much space they have.

Participate in high-powered cross-training workouts designed to move your entire body. Your iFIT Trainer (membership required) will incorporate pulse-pounding exercises that use your body weight and fitness equipment for a well-rounded workout.

Stream your choice of Studio Class or Global Workout directly to your rower’s immersive 10″ HD touchscreen. Swipe to see your stats, browse the iFIT Library, and more! However, the use of the iFIT app is not necessary, though. Once the free 30-day iFIT family membership expires, you don’t have to renew it.

The NordicTrack RW600 smart rowing machine features a custom-molded seat designed to easily glide along a steel rail with a maximum user weight limit of 250 lbs (113 kg). As a result, every stroke will be smooth, quiet, and consistent. In addition, lock your feet into position and create a stable foundation for every stroke, thanks to adjustable foot straps.

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Sunny SF-RW520008 SMART Rowing Machine | Heart-Pumping

Brace for the exhilarating and heart-pumping gust of wind with each row from the Sunny SF-RW520008 SMART Rowing Machine. Featuring a unique dual resistance system and a 300-pound maximum user weight limit, the SF-RW520008 lets you work out the way you want. Get a high-intensity connected home gym full-body workout.

Dynamic air resistance adjusts on the fly with each stroke. This dynamic resistance is a more consistent 16-level magnetic resistance system. Rowing with two different resistance mechanisms produces a unique workout experience and endless ways to adjust and tailor your workouts.

Concentrate on the rhythm of your strokes and let the SF-RW520008 onboard digital fitness monitor stay on top of your metrics. It tracks Calories, Count, Time, and Total Count and has a Scan function that periodically rotates these metrics.

The all-new SunnyFit app takes your Sunny workouts to the next level as you tour the world with real location maps. Row with Sunny Health & Fitness expert trainers on the SunnyFit app and explore 100+ workout videos that fit your schedule and goals. Compare your results on the rowing leaderboard, share your fitness experiences, get workout tips, and much more!

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Sunny Hydro+ SF-RW5809 Rowing Machine | Water/Magnetic Resistance

The Sunny Hydro+ SF-RW5809 Rowing Machine turns your living room into your personalized regatta. The 16 hydro blades paddle through the water to produce hydrodynamic resistance that adjusts to the intensity of your strokes.

With magnetic resistance, you can add more resistance to a dynamic and challenging workout. This 16-level magnetic and water resistance combination produces a unique rowing experience that will push your performance to the next level.

The feature-packed Sunny Hydro+ SF-RW5809 rowing machine makes your workout more comfortable and your sessions more productive. The cushioned, oversized seat gives users a comfortable rowing experience. While the pedals pivot for absolute stability and comfort, the Hydro+ uses velcro straps so that you can adjust to the width of your feet.

The SF-RW5809 has an advanced fitness monitor featuring a swivel design that tracks Time, Time/500M, SPM, Distance, Strokes, Total Strokes, Calories Burned, and Pulse. It also includes a Racing function. Place your mobile device on the device holder and follow along to your favorite Sunny Health & Fitness training videos or stream your favorite TV show.

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XTERRA ERG700 Folding Rower | Air & Magnetic Rowing Machine

The frame of the XTERRA ERG700 Folding Rower is both steel and aluminum. The rail system is made of aluminum for smooth glide motion, while the rest is heavy-duty steel. The ERG700 has a maximum user weight capacity of up to 350 pounds.

With the ERG700 dual air and electronic magnetic resistance, you control your output and resistance. The amount of work you do is determined by how hard you row—row harder to go faster and easier to go slower. In addition, the 16 magnetic resistance levels allow you to quickly adjust the flywheel’s resistance from setting 1 to max setting 16.

The XTERRA ERG700 fitness monitor features a 5.5-inch LCD that displays time, distance, strokes/min, count, calories, heart rate, watts, level, and a program graphic of resistance over time. Access the ten built-in programs from the main menu: Quick Start, Competition Racing, Interval/Tabata, Target Time, Target Distance, Target Calories, Target Heart Rate, and Target Strokes.

The seat has a steel base that integrates three durable concealed rollers attached to the rail for smooth and quiet glide motion. The ERG700 seat’s height at the top end of the frame is about 20 inches; therefore, users can quickly get on & off the rower without hassle.

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Stamina DT 397 Rowing Machine | Tone Upper and Lower Body

Rowing is an efficient, effective way to burn calories, tone total-body muscle, and improve cardio. The Stamina DT 397 Rowing Machine comes outfitted with all the features you need for an effective rowing workout. So, if you want an easy way to burn calories, tone muscle, and boost heart health, look no further than the Stamina DT 397 Rowing Machine.

Unique dual-technology resistance combines the power of dynamic air resistance and adjustable magnetic resistance into one system. First, pull harder to engage the air resistance if you want more of a challenge. Then, adjust the tension knob to any eight levels of magnetic resistance for increased intensity.

Take your potential a step further on the Stamina DT 397 rowing machine and track time, count, distance, calories burned, and total count on the large, easy-to-read LCD fitness monitor. Upgrade your workout potential and follow with müüv, the free smart audio coaching app.

The DT 397 has several features designed to enhance comfort and convenience, such as a padded, molded seat, padded rowing handle, textured footplates with adjustable straps, built-in wheels, and a bottle holder. The rowing machine also stands on end for easy storage.

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BodyCraft VR200 Rowing Machine | Mild Gliding Rowing Stroke

The BodyCraft VR200 Rowing Machine is a great compact rower with excellent resistance! Complete with both air & magnetic resistance; the dual resistance technology allows users to adjust to meet all fitness levels and goals! It also allows them to grow stronger without ever outgrowing the machine. In addition, tight space users love the compact design and easy fold storage.

The BodyCraft VR200 Rowing Machine has eight levels of adjustable resistance. The first level is 100% air, while levels 2-8 are air and magnetic. The combination makes it great for many users and is perfect if multiple people want to row on the same machine.

The VR200 comes with heavy-gauge, powder-coated steel leg supports and a high T13 aluminum seat rail. This durable build quality allows for a sturdy, firm rowing stroke that can handle a lot of physical abuse. In addition, the profoundly contoured seat sits on top of ultra-smooth, industrial-grade bearings housed inside friction-free rollers.

Aside from having excellent build quality, the VR200 Rower also has exceptional comfort. The rowing stroke is smooth and quiet, with nothing feeling unstable. A well-padded contoured seat is comfortable enough for long rowing sessions, and the precision bearings allow for a mild gliding rowing stroke.

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Stamina DT Pro Rower | Quiet Hybrid Air-Magnetic Resistance System

The Stamina DT Pro Rower’s key features are a sturdy aluminum beam, a quiet hybrid air-magnetic resistance system with eight strength levels, and a programmable workout monitor. In addition, it has preset workout routines for heart rate targeting, endurance, strength, and fat burn, to name a few.

The DT Pro uses a combination of smooth air resistance and magnetic resistance to deliver full-body workouts. The magnetic brake offers eight distinct tension levels. Like any rowing machine, it helps improve heart health and overall strength at once — and unlike a treadmill or spin bike, it’s gentle on your hips, knees, and ankles.

Stamina’s DT Pro monitor’s feedback is on Time, Distance, Calories, Count, Strokes per Minute, Watt, and Pulse. The preset programs are Rolling, Valley, Fat Burn, Ramp, Hill, Mountain, Interval, and Target Heart Rate. Each has a default running time of 30 minutes.

You can also save four programs on the fitness monitor. The format for these is ten intervals for which you can set the time and resistance level. Then, you can press the “Recovery” button for insight into your cardiovascular health at the end of any workout session.

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Sole Fitness SR500 Rowing Machine | Achieve Your Desired Goal

I feel Sole Fitness has been successful with the release of the Sole Fitness SR500 Rowing Machine. It provides excellent dual resistance technology with excellent build quality and comfort. The SR500 is a rowing machine that will give you a complete total-body workout.

The Sole SR500 is a dual air and magnetic resistance rowing machine. This powerful eddy current magnetic-air system allows for “the best of both worlds” resistance. The combination of excellent high and low-end rowing resistance provides a remarkable rowing stroke that’s smooth and natural.

The Sole SR500 Rowing Machine has 16 levels of adjustable resistance. In addition, the rowing machine adds more magnetic resistance as you change from level 1 to 16. Therefore, it is a great feature that allows users to find a suitable resistance to achieve their desired workout. Users of any age or fitness level should have no problem finding the perfect resistance.

The SR500 features a 5.5″ LCD that lets you choose from 12 exercise program modes. These include time, distance, and interval workouts, plus custom-made conditioning and one with tension controlled by your heart rate. Built-in Pulse receiver; however, the chest strap is sold separately.

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