Sunny ASUNA 4100 Indoor Cycling Bike | Stands the Test of Time

The Sunny ASUNA 4100 Indoor Cycling Bike comes with a 40lb chrome flywheel. This is a heavy-duty flywheel that will stand the test of time. The heavier the wheel, the smoother the ride, and 40lbs are among the heavier flywheels available. Sunny Health and Fitness have also made the flywheel a funky, vibrant color!

The resistance mechanism uses a small felt pad against the flywheel to increase or decrease drag.  This felt pad is relatively sturdy but will probably need replacement at some point (can be ordered direct from the supplier).

The pedals provided with the ASUNA 4100 are reversible. If wearing cleats is your preference, there are SPD clips on one side of the pedal. If, however, you prefer to wear regular trainers, an adjustable foot cage comes on the other side of the pedal. These options reduce the risk of slippage when cycling and help improve power output.

The Sunny ASUNA 4100 indoor bike comes with a fully adjustable seat, adjusted up and down and forward and aft. This allows most users to experience the most comfortable seating position throughout their workout.

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MaxKare Indoor Cycling Bike | Delivers a Smooth Spin Workout

The MaxKare indoor cycling bike offers the same range of features as the Ancheer B-3008. It’s a bike made for home use and spin workouts. It’s an affordable trainer and can make a decent alternative to any spin bike, especially if you want to train at home.

Yellow MaxKare indoor cycling bike is a compact and comfortable bike efficient for cyclists looking for an indoor cycle that provides good cardio for an affordable price. The bike has friction resistance (not magnetic). The MaxKare Yellow indoor cycle comes with armrests for a comfortable triathlon bike position.

The Yellow MaxKare stationary bike is a compact spin bike with 2-way adjustable handlebars (not 4-way adjustable handlebars). Therefore, it has a limited user inseam capacity. It is perfect for rides from 4’9″ to 6’4″ tall. As far as the seat goes, it is 4-way adjustable so the riders can enjoy the fast and easy bike set up for a comfortable exercise.

The bike features a quiet and low-maintenance belt drive and heavy 44 pounds flywheel; the Yellow MaxKare exercise bike can provide a smooth workout and consistent pedal stroke. The MaxKare indoor cycling bike yellow comes with a primary computer. It is not backlit, but it does help you stay aware of your speed, time, distance, calories burned, and pulse.

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3G Cardio Pro Runner Folding Treadmill | Gym-Quality Construction

The 3G Cardio Pro Runner Folding Treadmill comes with a folding design that is convenient and easy to use. 3G Cardio offers quite a few well-built treadmills for gym and home use. The Elite model that I reviewed a while ago is the gym model, while the 3G Cardio Pro Runner model that we’re going to focus on here is one of the models intended for home use.

However, even though it’s for home use, the 3G Cardio Pro folding treadmill still features gym-quality construction, offering a medium range of features. For under $2,000, users can get this super reliable treadmill that also comes with the Ortho-Flex Shock(TM) Suspension System for added comfort.

Furthermore, the orthopedic running belt runs on large 2″ rollers for a smooth, quiet experience, and users can comfortably incline to 15% and run speeds up to 12 mph. And to adjust speed/incline, users can easily make changes with the One Touch speed/incline keys via the console.

The 3.0 HP continuous-duty motor keeps this treadmill running smoothly and can withstand weights up to 350 pounds. Its dimensions are 74” long, 35” wide, and 58.5” high, and after being folded, its dimensions change to 40” long, 35” wide, and 65” tall, so it is perfect if you are a bit tight on space.

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JOROTO X1S Indoor Cycling Bike | It’s Rock-Solid and Built to Last

The JOROTO X1S Indoor Cycling Bike has a modern professional design and a rock-solid build for your cardiovascular workout in the comfort of your home. JOROTO X1S can carry a maximum user weight of 280 pounds on its AV-type frame, which is plenty for most adults. You can use it sitting down and standing just like you can on any spin bike.

It is a chain-driven bike that runs smoothly and feels consistent and stable with the felt pads when you’re riding the bike, thanks to the decent size 35-pound solid flywheel. There is a tension knob in the middle that lets you change your exercise’s challenge or intensity with the simple twist of a knob to burn more calories and reach your targets faster.

You may adjust its large and comfy seat four ways- forward and backward and up and down to accommodate people at different heights. It’s adjustable for proximity to the handles and the height, so you remain comfy during your long workouts. Your feet shall stay in place on the textured and caged anti-slip foot pedals.

It has a multifunctional LCD monitor that shows your speed and calories burned, distance, and time. So that you stay motivated on your way to your goals, there is a tablet holder just between the two handles, and you can watch movies, read an e-book or listen to music during your workout.

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Is the BodyCraft ECT400g Elliptical a Smart Choice For You?

The Bodycraft ECT400g Elliptical delivers better value than ever. Get the same movement inside your home as you do outside in a gym with a Bodycraft elliptical. It’s a smart choice for those who like to run but with a lesser impact on the joints.

Some top performance specifications are adjustable 23″ stride, a 19-pound flywheel with smooth magnetic resistance offering 20 levels, and moving and stationary handlebars with comfortable grips. Smooth and silent, the Bodycraft ECT400g has a streamlined design. The heavy machinery has got the wheels on, hence extremely portable elliptical.

The Bodycraft ECT400g Elliptical provides more comprehensive workout programming and even better workout feedback through its advanced console and technology. As compared to competing brands, they have superior construction for higher performance, stability, and durability.

Bodycraft ECT400g Elliptical is one of the best home ellipticals of 2019 for those looking for a toned body without making many efforts in the gyms or health clubs. It’s an excellent choice for beginners new to body shaping workouts.

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Nautilus T618 Treadmill Machine | Head-to-Toe High Quality

The Nautilus T618 Treadmill Machine is the new top model in the Nautilus Performance Series, a collection of affordable home treadmills for runners. Because the T618 costs just $1,299 at full price, I was surprised by its head-to-toe high quality.

Elements that help make it an excellent value for runners include a large workout area, advanced cushioning, and a 3.5 CHP motor. Additionally, the console comes with interactive training programs, and the treadmill frame features soft-drop folding technology for secure storage between workouts.

Virtual outdoor training immensely helps this treadmill stand apart from competitors. The T618 is programmed to integrate RunSocial over its Bluetooth connection. With RunSocial, you can virtually walk or run through scenic locations worldwide, solo or with other trainees.

Besides the standard treadmill feedback, you’ll get Pacer, Compare, and Fitness readings to push you further. A second benefit of the Bluetooth connection is the quick syncing of workout data. The T618 Treadmill can wirelessly connect with fitness apps such as Google Fit, MyFitnessPal, and Nautilus Trainer.

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