Total Gym APEX G3 Home Gym | Lose Weight and Build Muscle Fast

The Total Gym Apex G3 Home Gym is one of the best home gym equipment you can get when strengthening and toning muscles. The Apex G3 can help out anyone looking to lose weight, sculpt and build muscle and get and stay healthy. It’s a great piece of equipment for people of all ages and genders, no matter their current fitness levels or experience with exercise.

It does more than help you lose weight; it helps you transform fat into lean, healthy muscle, which helps out all kinds of things. Moreover, it helps raise your metabolism, allowing you to burn calories more efficiently. It can help regulate blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels.

One of the best features of the G3 is that it provides you with eight different levels of resistance. This means you can use the equipment no matter where you are on your fitness journey. Even better, becoming healthy and more toned doesn’t mean you “outgrow the machine.” Instead, you go up to the next level of resistance for a more strenuous workout.

The main features of the G3 are its glideboard, wing attachments, cable kit, and pulley system. With these, you can perform 70+ different exercises to work other areas of your body. These exercises – and so many more – can be found either in the exercise guide, flipbook, DVD, or the Total Gym TV site.

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Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE Home Gym | Gives A Great Full-Body Workout

Are you looking for a total body workout, but you’re on a budget? The Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE home gym includes a two-position adjustable lat tower, a four-position lower pulley squat station, and a no-change cable pulley system. These components will develop strong legs, flat abs, toned glutes, and sculpted chest and arms.

It’s a versatile trainer with 70+ exercises and numerous enhancements, including 310 lb and 410 lb Power Rod upgrades. Perfect for users looking to get tough or buffed. The workouts concentrate on problem areas such as triceps, biceps, wrists, hips, calves, and lower back muscles.

There is also an ab crunch shoulder harness to give a more exceptional workout to your abdominal muscles. If that’s not enough, stay motivated, thanks to the lat tower with an angled lat bar and 4-position lower pulley/squat station. Whew! It truly is an entire gym crammed into a single home machine.

Bowflex’s Power Rod technology also provides all of the benefits of free weights without the risk of joint injuries. And because the Power Rods are the highest quality composite material, the rods will never wear out (or at least you will wear out long before the rods do).

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BodyCraft HFT Functional Trainer | Offers Nearly Unlimited Workouts

BodyCraft HFT Functional Trainer Workouts are nearly Limitless! One of my favorite home gym manufacturers of all time is Bodycraft! Their focus on delivering nothing but the utmost quality is a signature of the Bodycraft. It’s something that you’ll find in both the Bodycraft Xpress Pro and the more exclusive HFT Functional Trainer.

One of the most prominent standout features of the HFT Functional Trainer is the ability to neatly tuck away your home gym into any corner of your basement, garage gym, or room. It is, in other words, one of the most functional, versatile, and space-saving home gyms you’ll find today.

The best aspect of this feature is that it doesn’t compromise the space you have in your home gym. It gives you plenty of room to comfortably fit other pieces of home gym equipment, which is very important when attempting to build any gym within your home.

So if you’re looking for a high-quality gym with a somewhat more significant focus and emphasis on upper body workouts, you may prefer going with the HFT Functional Trainer, which also gives plenty of room for lower body workouts as well.

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