Powerline BSG10X Home Gym – An Excellent Machine!

The Powerline BSG10X Home Gym is a resourceful weight stack home gym for those beginning to play around with this type of exercise equipment. With this in mind, the Powerline BSG10X is reasonably priced, offering a fair number of exercises and weight stack resistance.

Additionally, the Powerline BSG10X features 40+ exercises, an adequate number of options considering the price paid. Unfortunately, the Powerline BSG10X maxes out at 160 lbs resistance, therefore, making it a little weak for strength trainers looking to reach the “next level.”

The compact Powerline BSG10X Home Gym sports a stable platform and multiple seat adjustments accommodating all shapes and sizes. The base of the home gym feels firm, and confidence of the trainer shows in limited 10-year coverage on the frame. The 11-gauge mainframe construction assures maximum strength, function, and durability.

A typical customer complaint in regards to fitness equipment is the amount of time and energy it takes to assemble a trainer upon shipment. If you can relate, you will appreciate that the  Powerline BSG10X is 90% pre-assembled upon delivery and ready to use after installing nine bolts.

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Merax S500 Indoor Bike – Offers Reliable Performance!

While the Merax S500 Indoor Bike may appear to be one of those flashy bikes designed to attract you with their aesthetics, its nothing of the sort. The Merax S500 indoor bike offers reliable performance, which will prove to be challenging even for seasoned users.

The S500 has a 22 lb chromed solid flywheel that helps simulate the momentum and feel of biking on the road. The wheel keeps the bike steady and securely weighted down while pedaling. The pedals are caged and counter-balanced, which makes it very easy to mount up and start cycling.

Switch up the intensity of your workout with the convenient tension knob. With a simple twist, you can increase or decrease resistance so your workout can remain challenging and effective throughout your fitness journey.

Tracking your progress is simple with the S500 Multi-functional Digital Monitor! It displays your time, speed, distance, calories burned, and scan, you will be able to see your results to keep you motivated and on pace.

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TRUE Performance PS300 Treadmill – Stands the Test of Time!

The TRUE Performance PS300 Non-folding Treadmill is a gym-quality machine from TRUE Fitness. This treadmill is as durable as they come, designed to take a pounding from multiple users without skipping a beat. This model also has an orthopedic belt and large running surface (21″x60″), making it more comfortable to use than most home gym treadmills.

This unit’s 3.0 horsepower motor supports a top speed of 12 mph. The motor has a 30-year warranty. The motorized incline is adjustable by up to 15%. Using a slight incline (1%) mimics the effects of outdoor track running. Steeper slopes bring dramatically fast results in terms of toning and calorie burn.

The crisp 8.5″ backlit console screen is easy to use. Workout programs can be adjusted easily with Quick Speed and Quick Incline buttons. The console displays speed, time, distance, calories, and heart rate. A water bottle holder and reading rack complete the package.

Programming on the TRUE Performance PS300 is similar to that of a standard club treadmill. Its nine preset workouts include weight loss, speed training, heart rate control (two programs), rolling hills, and more. There’s room to save four user-designed exercises as well.

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ProForm Endurance 520 E Elliptical – A gym Quality Machine!

The ProForm Endurance 520 E Elliptical is an entry-level elliptical in terms of power and durability, but it’s superior to other affordable ellipticals in terms of workout variety. This is one of the best options for a low fitness budget. The front-drive ProForm Endurance 520 E is designed to help beginners stay motivated and reach goals efficiently with help from pro guidance.

The 520 E has a 19” elliptical path. This stride length is a good fit for most adults, although not for those who are unusually tall. For stride variation that helps shape your muscles, the machine also has several manual incline options. The max incline setting is 20 degrees.

The 520 E arrives with 18 workout programs designed by a certified personal trainer. By controlling the duration and resistance of each exercise segment, these programs take the time and guesswork out of planning smart workouts.

The default display for this elliptical is a 5” LCD, but the console can hold your tablet computer at eye height for use with other apps. For unlimited training variety, the 520 E is compatible with iFit Coach, a subscription service that allows unlimited workout downloads among other advantages.

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XMark XM-7618 Lat Pulldown – The Best Lat Pulldown Tower!

The XMark XM-7618 Lat Pulldown and Low Row Cable Machine features both high and low pulley stations. Therefore, a multitude of exercises, including lat pulldowns, low rows, bicep curls, triceps presses, and shrugs that target the upper back, shoulders, and arms.

It sports an 11-gauge steel 2 inch by 3-inch mainframe construction coated in a baked scratch-resistant powder coat finish with bolted-on skid resistant feet. Additionally, nylon-coated aircraft quality cables that have a 2200 pound tensile strength rating and a 400-pound maximum load capacity.

This XMark Lat Pull-down and Low Row Cable Machine was constructed using high-quality materials. With this in mind, it is a reliable multi-function strength training machine that performs smoothly and looks as good as it feels to use.

Included are two 14 inch chrome-plated Olympic sleeve adaptors and a chrome-plated lat pulldown bar and low row bar with texturized rubber handgrips. This machine also has a flip-up footplate for use with the low row bar.

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