If you’re looking for an indoor cycling bike that mimics the realistic feel of an outdoor bike, then the Schwinn AC Performance Plus with Carbon Blue Belt Drive is the bike for you. The Schwinn Fitness AC Performance Plus is well-built with a rust-proof aluminum frame.

Also, the Carbon Blue Belt Drive technology that the Schwinn AC Performance Plus Bike utilizes offers an authentic outdoor ride feel and is virtually maintenance-free (belt drives don’t require oiling like chain drives). This Schwinn indoor cycle features a carbon fiber reinforced belt with teeth for maximum durability and an authentic bike feel.

Also, this Schwinn indoor cycle incorporates Virtual Contact Resistance Technology, which means that the magnetic brake doesn’t come into contact with the flywheel, thus eliminating the friction and wear that you get with other types of bikes.  Furthermore, the 6-Magnet brake system gives the cyclist a smooth ride and allows for consistent control.

The Schwinn AC Performance Plus indoor cycle features a micro-adjustable seat and incorporates lightweight performance handlebars with ErgoLoop, aero bars, and 12-degree incline.  Also, the Schwinn AC Performance Plus comes with double-link pedals with SPD and toe-clip combination.

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The Sole F85 is a high-quality folding treadmill for home use. It builds upon the bestselling F80 with even hardier components and more horsepower. This cardio trainer has commercial parts such as a multi-layered track and 2.75” rollers, and its tech integration is better than ever.

Along with the other Sole treadmills, the F85 has a 10-item program menu. Included are manual mode, two heart rate controlled workouts, two programs created by the user, and five classic treadmill workout programs: Cardio, Fat Burn, Hill, Interval and Strength.

Workout progress displays on a 10.1-inch graphics screen with an adjustable angle and an improved shelf for a tablet computer or smartphone. The new F85 Treadmill can also use a Bluetooth compatible mobile device to display workouts, store workout stats, and share fitness data wirelessly.

The Sole F85 has a 22” x 60” tread track and is multi-layered for durability and moves over high-quality 2.75″ rollers to minimize noise and wear. For the extra challenge, the F85 has 30 ramp settings up to 15 degrees. The incline adjusts by programs, with monitor controls, or with buttons based on the handlebars.

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I like how the Marcy Air-1 Fan Bike features durable rectangular steel as well as tubing made of steel. The frame of this model is quite sturdy, and it can hold up to 300 pounds in user weight without fail. There is also the fact that the Marcy Air-1 Fan Bike comes with stabilizers so you can adjust the legs to be even on uneven ground.

Another thing that I like about Air-1 is that it comes with mobile handlebars. Most other exercise bikes only focus on your legs and the cardio side of things. However, these mobile handlebars allow the Marcy Air-1 Fan Bike to give your arms and upper body a workout as well.

The Marcy Air-1 Fan Exercise Bike comes with an oversized and extra-padded seat. This will help keep your bottom comfortable and prevent it from getting sore while on your ride. Moreover, the seat is also highly adjustable to suit users of various sizes.

Although it’s not an exercise bike with the full range of bells and whistles, it’s perfect for home use, offering the possibility to perform a wide range of cardio exercises. It also includes an exercise console, which can show time, distance, RPM, speed, and calories burned at the same time.

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The Schwinn Airdyne AD7 is a top-rated fan bike for home gyms. This model is an extraordinary value, as it’s light commercial quality yet priced around $899. The AD7 can handle heavy use, adapts for all strengths and workout intensities, and adjusts to let almost anyone train comfortably. It holds up to 350 pounds and fits riders up to 6’ tall.

Of the three Airdynes for home use, the AD7 is most advanced in various ways. It’s the only model with a powder-coated frame so that it can look new for longer. It sports an extra-large fan wheel for smooth air resistance, and it’s the only Airdyne with multi-grip moving handlebars to optimize upper-body exercise.

The Airdyne AD7 is the only Schwinn home air bike with workout programming beyond manual mode. Its LCD monitor lets you select from nine options that include interval workouts, heart rate zone monitoring, and riding for targets of distance, time, and calories. These programs can’t control the bike’s resistance or speed, but they show feedback to guide your exercise intensity.

It’s rare to find a club-quality trainer like the Airdyne AD7 for under $1,000. Exercise bikes that use air resistance fall into this category, but most other types of fitness machines can’t deliver the same quality in this price bracket.

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The Sunny SF-B1509C is basically the same bike as the SF-B1509. However, there are three main differences between these two models. First of all, as the “C” in this model’s name suggests, the SF-B1509C has a chain drive. Second of all, it has a higher weight capacity than the 1509 model, and third, the C model features a gray finish.

Burn off those unwanted inches in time for swimsuit season with the Sunny SF-B1509C Chain Drive Premium Indoor Cycling Bike. This convenient indoor stationary bike is a great way to stay in shape in the comfort of your own home. A comfortable seat and adjustable handlebars ensure you stay healthy as you pedal away.

A chain-drive and 40lb flywheel provides smooth, quiet operation while a micro-adjustable resistance lets you increase the intensity of your workout as needed. It is constructed from a heavy-duty steel frame and durable crank, providing for a maximum user weight of 300 lbs.  This spin bike indeed ensures high endurance against long-standing use.

Sunny SF-B1509C comes with combination pedals (click/caged). It provides you with dual functionality of SPD pedals as well. In all, it’s an indoor cycling trainer designed for spin workouts, perfect for in-home daily cardio training.

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